Religious and Ethnic Diversity

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For this assignment I have decided to pick for religion Jehovah Witness and for race I picked Blacks. I pick Jehovah witness because there are many people that think of them as a bother, a cult more than a religion.

I know there have to be more to that religion that all the negative things that I continue to hear. I picked blacks as my race because I feel that is one race that I can best identify with because have gone through some of the same things over the years.Many times people say negative thing about the blacks that I found is untrue and may have been said only because they are often misunderstood. Jehovah Witness unlike other religions they don’t celebrate Christmas, Birthdays, and Easter.

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The reason for them not celebrating them is because they are considered a pagan holiday, meaning that they are a man made holiday. They value and celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and when Christ was resurrected. The Jehovah witness believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that is who they worship and teach as well.They go by only what the word in the bible said which means that if it is not the written word they don’t do it or celebrate it, teach it, or practice it.

Jehovah Witness have had to deal with many negative things said about them such as that they are a cult because of what they don’t celebrate but if you look in the bible it never said to celebrate birthdays, or gives an actual date of when Christ was born, or to celebrate Easter. When the Jehovah Witness go out to spread the word by giving there literature called The Watchtower or Awake by going door to door.There have been many times people have cursed them, slammed doors on them, let their dogs out on them, and many other things. In many communities they have asked to build a bigger church but have been denied due to them being Jehovah Witness or have had communities try to get them out of the community all together.

The Jehovah Witness has contributed to the American culture by allowing not only them but all religions to have freedom to practice any religion. The Jehovah Witness has won many court cases in the freedom of religion. Many people don’t know that and of course do not give them they credit that are due for it.

The Jehovah Witness have changed the mentally of many criminals and people addicted to drugs or many other things to change their lives and accept Christ in their lives. Unlike many other religions they pay their taxes with no problems, they are not known for legal activities such as stealing money. They are normally the first people to a disaster scene to help the people and rebuild with never asking for money. Jehovah witnesses have faced just everything especially when it comes to them going door to door to spread their word some people can be flat out rude and disrespectful.There was a time when it was in the Gazette newspaper on November 3, 1979 and the title was “Jehovah Witness Face Discrimination”.

The small article talked to husband and wife that are current Jehovah Witness and talks about how people can be very unpleasant when they open the door to them and there have been many times that they were mistaken for sales people. The husband and wife go on to talk about all they want to do is help people get closer to Christ, and know the bible. The wife stated that when they deal with people that are have a lot of emotion they leave in peace, and continue with a smile on their face.The sources for the Jehovah Witness were the weekly newspapers, the news aired on television. The coverage was little to none but the Jehovah Witness never made a big deal about getting this put out there because all they want to go is get the word out and make sure that someone sees the good in them and they are not looked at as sales people.

The Jehovah Witnesses are people that are peaceful and always see a positive out of a negative. There are not many Jehovah witness stories that make it out publicly because they are not respected as they should be.I must say that I have gained a new respect for Jehovah Witness and it is because of what I have learned from this essay. I had only heard of all the negativity of Jehovah Witness but now I see a new them in a new light and how they really help instead of out here asking for money, being put in jail for fraud, or worst because they are doing illegal things. Instead they do as they are supposing to and follow the rule never cutting corners.

I really hope that one day they are given the credit that is due to them. Racial/ethnic groupBlack race (African American) is different from other culture because like the many other races the Black race has a bigger impact on the American culture starting from way back in history. The black cultures started in Africa but after coming to American and with how big slavery was at that time they were unable to practice their values, beliefs, and cultural traditions. In the eighteenth century African Americans had started to practice the Islam religion. Some of the languages that they spoke are English, Gullah, and Louisiana Creole French.Elaborating rituals and ceremonies were big this to the African Americans and that is even to this day.

The Black race(African American) has been known to stick together among the same kind there have been times were they may sometimes hang out with different race such as Hispanics or with races that are mixed in example a white person that is mixed with black. I think the reason for them sticking together so close nit is because in the hard times such as when slavery was going on they only had their own kind that was there no one else.This is what they grew up knowing to only stick with their kind because there was no one else to trust. The Black race has contributed to the American Culture in many ways one very popular way was when the famous Dr. Martin Luther King had his “I have a dream” speech. His speech was not meant for only his race but for everyone because he wanted people to come together as one and now there children, and adults that play, hangout with different races there is no division to what race can do this but what other race can’t do this. When Dr.

King gave that speech he did not only bring out his own race to hear him speak but he brought out every race that is under the sun. The Black race has faced a lot of prejudice or discrimination starting from back in the slavery days, to only being able to use certain thing that had “for colored” on them, to getting prejudge for their race, noting getting a job because of their race. One Particular time that I can think of is back in December 2006 in Jena, Louisiana there were six teenagers being charged for aggregated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery.This case was known as “Jena Six” the reason the six black teens were being charged was because that had gotten into a physical fight with a white male at Jena High School. The white male had some of his injuries treated at a local “ER”. Shortly after the white seek an attorney for what had happen. In the process of waiting for trial a number of things had happened such as nooses being hung on the high school property, physical altercations between the blacks and whites. This is when activist began to get involved, and news people began to cover what had happened.

The sources found for this case can be found anywhere on the internet, newspapers, magazines, TV, activist, etc. This was a case that got really nasty and ugly very quickly and before any knew it people were coming from all over to come and support the Jena six such as going to Louisiana to protest, and people were wearing all black to show support if they could not go to Louisiana. I have learned a lot about the black race especially that they have been through a lot to be where they are now, meaning to have the first ever black president in the white house.I see how my cultures and the black race have a lot in common and that could be why I get along with them so well. They have had many people that have done great movements to allow the black race to have the freedom they have now. By doing the research of both Jehovah Witness and Black race I was able to see how prejudice and discrimination are almost the same with both of them because the Jehovah Witness have to face discrimination and so does the black race, people are prejudice to the black race and also to Jehovah Witness too.They both share a lot in similarities such as being prejudged and having to deal with people being rude to the, just because of what or who they are.

They have their differences by not dealing with the same amount of prejudice or discrimination, for example the black may deal with more prejudice than the Jehovah Witness do and the Jehovah Witness make deal with more discrimination than the blacks do. The conclusion about discrimination for both Jehovah Witness and the Black race is that they both deal with discrimination, different types of discrimination but they both deal with it. They also both handle it differently.

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