The religious and moral issues concerning care for the environment, danger of pollution

A religious issue is in some way to do with God and what God says what’s right and wrong. In Islam it is believed that the universe was created by God and there is a unity in all God’s creation. Therefore this means the Muslims must respect the natural world and maintain the balance of nature by keeping the earth in unity, as it is a gift from Allah. Muslim’s believe this because of the teachings of the Qur’an and the principle belief of Tawhid. Tawhid is to do with the oneness of Allah and how nothing is comparable or equal to him. A moral issue is an issue to do with what is right and wrong. This does not necessarily have a reference to include God. However in Islam it would generally include reference to the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) who is the perfect example to all Muslims.

The religious issues concerning care for the environment are, firstly that it should be cared for and conserved for future generation because the Muslim believe the creator of the world is God and God had made humans stewards and not owners of the world. Muslim believe the world was a gift for trusteeship, God has trusted a religious person to keep the world safe. As the quote expresses ,

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“for the Muslim, mankind’s role on earth is that of a ‘Khalifah’, vice-regent or trustee of God. We are God’s stewards and agents on earth. We are not masters of this earth; it does not belong to us to do what we wish. It belongs to God and He has entrusted us with safekeeping…”

The quote basically covers the Muslim belief that God’s trustees are responsible for maintaining the unity of his creation, the integrity of the earth, its wildlife and natural environment. The good Muslims care for the environment, as they will begin persuading people to throw litter in the bin or tying to recycle renewable sources. Yet other Muslims carelessly affect the ecosystem by killing off trees with pollution like, acid rain. They mess up one part then affect the rest by their actions. Humans need oxygen to survive, human beings give carbon dioxide and plants and trees are the only living things that can give us oxygen in return, to allow us to survive. This means they are not keeping it in unity and they are simply abusing the creator (God).

A moral issue concerning care of the world is that it should be cared for because it is wrong to destroy a thing of which is the beauty for our enjoyment, inspiration and for future generations too. A second moral issue, is us as ‘users’ who do not properly care for the environment. For example the rainforest, where potential medicines can be discovered. it is wrong to use the world for personal or corporate (business) for money. The world should not be used selfishly to make money. Example of this selfishness is depositing nuclear waste in less developed countries, because they are in need of money and are basically suffering from poverty. This also acknowledges us to see they are exploiters too. On the whole the planet should be cared for and not destroyed by the world’s population.

The world should not be polluted because this is destroying the work of Allah and is abusing his creation. This is not being a good Muslim for God, this is an action which Muslim believe you will be held accountable for on the Last Day known as Judgement day. What will he think of this action of not preserving the unity of the world? The moral issue is the fact that pollution affects people’s health. As people are doing things such as exploiting waste to third world countries who are in need of money and their health may suffer as a result. As this can lead to developing diseases and health problems in poor countries. Problems such as, asthma, taking in toxic waste from factories, air pollution and excepting these nuclear waste from the first world could all lead to major health problems. This is wrong because Muslim believe everyone is equal and someone should not have more power because the only person who can, is Allah (God). It is also morally wrong to pollute and destroy the homes of possible existence of wildlife because beautiful, aesthetic and unique sites are basically vandalised. As when acid rain eats into trees and oceans, which destroys the wildlife and because of their habitats have been vandalised animals loose their homes and unfortunately die, which is also cruelty.

A religious and moral issue concerning the proper use and conservation of resources are the fact that, it is selfish to use finite resources irresponsibly so that future generation will not benefit. Using finite resources such as coal, oil and natural gases, making them named as ‘users’ not conserve’s. Acid rain contaminates the waters and fishes, which finally comes down to destroying the food cycle. It is the same or even more damage with oil spills and dumping waste. Another big problem is wildlife being over-fished or over-hunted and which then eventually affects human beings. Another example was over-hunting, as buffalo’s were hunted down to extinction. This just shows how greedy and cruel some humans can be. Islam teaches that no one should ever hunt just for sport. Also killing animals for luxury goods is forbidden, as it is basically destroying God’s creation. The Hadith quote shows how animals should be only killed for food or a useful purpose,

‘If someone kills a sparrow for sport, the sparrow will cry out on the day of Judgement, “O Lord! That person killed me for nothing! He did not kill me for any useful purpose!” who use cheap finite resources to make their money an kill animal for luxury goods; Muslim believe they are the ones the sparrow will cry out to. They do not use renewable resources such as tidal, wind, solar energy etc., because it is more expensive then finite resources. This all shows how greedy they are for money.

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