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Advertising is one of the many career choices open to the marketing student. It involves promoting the product/service of a company. Some of the responsibilities of different advertising positions include creating the artwork, presenting ideas, securing the media space and coordinating the production.Advertising requires specific skills. The number one skill required is good oral and written communication.

Being able to clearly state opinions, facts and ideas and to argue persuasively is very important. Advertisers should be mature, highly motivated people who can make decisions and be highly energetic and resistant to stress. They should be imaginative, creative and have the ability to visualize a problem to a winning end. Flexibility and adaptability are key assets in advertising.

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An advertiser must possess strong “people” skills and be tactful in his/her dealings with others.He/She must use common sense and exercise good judgment in his/her decisions. Reliability and honesty are further assets that serve advertisers well. Leadership and management abilities are key elements to success in the field. Prioritizing the workload in order to meet deadlines and devoting whatever time it takes to finish a project is crucial to an advertiser. Advertisers must be able to think laterally and linearly. They should understand details and visualize the broad scope of a situation. Planning and problem-solving skills are important assets.

The ability to work with a variety of individuals with different backgrounds is important. Although speaking more than one language is not a requirement, it serves as an advantage. In Canada, especially in Quebec, fluency in English and French is almost always a requirement.Advertising employers prefer candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism. Optimal courses include marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales and communication methods and technology.

Visual arts, such as photography, are also pertinent courses. Employers prefer individuals who have knowledge in these disciplines.Completing an internship during school or summer is recommended.

Computer skills are essential, particularly being familiar with word processing, PowerPoint, Flash, Internet and Web design.As mentioned earlier, advertising is promoting the product/service of a company. Advertising firms organize the advertisements for other companies. Positions in ad agencies involve people working under pressure, working long hours (40-70hrs/week) and traveling considerably.

Different divisions include different responsibilities and job functions.Other job functions in advertising include managing ad campaigns, helping in the creative process of the campaign and performing target market research. Identifying a client’s objectives, writing management reports and presenting proposals, research reports and data are also tasks performed by advertisers.

Furthermore, advertisers prepare and evaluate print ads and TV ads, prepare effective Web sites and assign media space.Assisting an Account Executive, Media Buyer or Traffic Manager is an entry-level position in the advertising field. The Account Executive acts as a link between the art/production departments and the client. He/She is responsible for understanding the advertising needs of the customer and planning and creating a successful campaign. The Media Buyer is responsible for selecting the communication media and purchasing the ideal media time and space. Media buyers must research information on certain demographics that will affect the type of media they choose. They also negotiate billing.

The Traffic Manager interacts with the whole process of advertising. He/She organizes and manages the different tasks and ensures they are executed on time. All three positions require a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Advertising. The Media Buyer position also requires a background in statistics.There are entry-level positions in the creative department of an advertising firm, such as the Assistant Art Director. The Art Director, although not an entry-level position, is in another division of advertising.

It is the art directors and their assistants that come up with the rough sketches of the ads (layouts, storyboards, cartoon style summaries) and then present their pitch to the client. They are involved in the filming of television commercials and photo sessions. The art director needs a background in art and experience as a graphic or commercial artist. Assistants do not need a Bachelor’s degree but are required to have at least a two-year degree from an art/design school.Three key advertising firms in Montreal and Toronto are Leo Burnett, Cossette Communication Group and Armada. Leo Burnett is one of the largest agencies in the world. It has offices in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Leo Burnett offers direct, database and interactive marketing, sales promotion and public relations qualifications to its clients.The agency’s goal is to build brand awareness. Five hundred of the world’s leading brands have been created by Leo Burnett’s advertising campaigns.

Some of its clients include AOL Canada, Hallmark Cards, Kellogg Company, Zellers, Walt Disney Company, Nintendo, The Gap and Heinz Company.Leo Burnett offers an internship program for current or graduate students. It believes in giving individuals a chance to learn how an agency works and the opportunity to learn the steps needed to make a great ad campaign.

The agency provides individuals with the chance to learn how clients interact with the agency, and how the agency helps overcome marketing challenges clients may face.The agency employs people who are sharp, dynamic, witty, restless and strong-willed. There is a lot of teamwork involved in the agency, so being a team player is mandatory. Leo Burnett offers endless opportunities for individuals; currently, a full-time Account Executive position is available.

Cossette Communication Group is an agency that offers “one-stop communication-marketing.” It has offices in Canada and the United Sates. The agency is made up of seven divisions, Cossette Communication-Marketing, Blitz, Optimum Public Relations, Impact Research, Grapheme, Nucleus and Cossette Interactive. Each division focuses on a specific field.

Cossette Communication-Marketing specializes in the advertising part of the agency. It creates creative ad campaigns, deals with strategic planning, media planning and buying. It manages the advertising and marketing needs of companies like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Bell Canada and Nike Canada.

Cossette Communication-Marketing believes in original ideas. It aims to be different, which sometimes means it takes risks. When assigned a campaign, Cossette Communication-Marketing strives to get the best results possible.Cossette Interactive, another division, manages interactive communications and the Internet. It does not only provide a Web site for its clients and potential clients, but it also offers services such as online promotion events, media planning and advertising development. It offers an e-mail newsletter, Cossette Express, which keeps people informed about the agency and what projects it is involved in across Canada and the United States.Cossette Communication Group also specializes in ethnic marketing through the Vancouver firm, Koo Creative.

Cossette has formed an acquisition with Proximi-T, an information technology firm. Together, they strengthen their role in the media, the Internet and Customer Relationship Marketing.The agency employs more than 1,300 employees and serves more than 400 clients. Currently, there are job opportunities in Montreal and Toronto for various advertising positions. Account Executive and Media Buyer positions are currently available in the Toronto area.Armada advertising agency is located in Montreal and has 13th place in the Quebec agency rankings.

The agency employees 37 people who are energetic and enjoy their work. Some of its clients include Gaz M�tropolitan, Canadian Public Health Associations and Info Crime.The Canadian Newspaper Association accredits Armada. Armada is also a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasting, the Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies and the Institute of Canadian Advertising.

Armada offers its time, talent and resources to worthwhile causes involving the social and business environment.Armada’s portfolio includes ad campaigns that have been featured on the radio, television, on billboards, through direct mail and print production. Armada is always hiring, however, currently there are no available openings. The agency prefers talented, enthusiastic and bilingual employees.Publicit� Club de Montr�al (PCM) is one of the Advertising Associations located in Montreal. It is a non-profit organization that is run by elected members. Today, it is the most important communications association in Canada. It has about 1000 professional members from the marketing industry and offers membership to students.

There are many advantages to being a member of the PCM Association. Members have access to all-important information the PCM provides and get up to 50% rebate on major events. Those who join PCM make important contacts in the field of Public Relations and Advertising. The PCM offers a card, La Professionelle, to its members, which enables them to have rebates such as 20% off skiing at Mont-Tremblant.

L’Echo du PCM is a newsletter that the association e-mails its members on a regular basis in order to keep them informed about their activities.PCM regularly highlights studies in the marketing industry in conjunction with the Quebec government. The results are available to its members. PCM holds different activities throughout the year. One of the activities it holds is advertising film presentations, such as Les gagnants des films publicitaires du 49e Festival International de la Publicit� de Cannes. PCM also holds various festivals, debates, conferences and opinion tribunes. One event is Volet Interactif, which allows members to take part in creative competitions where a jury judges the creative pieces.

The theme is usually around “our changing world”.The Association Marketing de Montreal (AMM) is a branch of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and is found in Montreal. Its mission is to gather all marketing professionals together, both locally and internationally. The AMM helps its members keep up-to-date with the marketing field by providing them with information and training tools and by giving them a chance to meet other people in the same field.

The AMM allows students to join and provides novices with informative programs and activities to better their skills in marketing. In January 2003, the AMM will offer a Mentor Program that is aimed to guide beginners in the marketing field and provide them with further information, support and advice. Other activities include dinner conferences with guest speakers and workshops. These activities allow members to exchange information and knowledge and meet key people in the field of marketing that can serve as professional contacts in the future.The Segmented Express is a newsletter that is either faxed or e-mailed to members twice a month. Members of AMM post the latest news, special events, announcements and advertisements that relate to marketing. There is also a magazine published by the AMM called Marketing News.

This magazine is published 24 times per year and provides information about the latest developments in marketing.Being a member of AMM allows one to have rebates on certain marketing publications, such as the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. Members have direct access to the most important sources of marketing information in North America. The Association provides books, documents, research reports, conference reports and softwares.

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) is the largest Marketing Association in Canada. It is located in Toronto. Its members include companies such as Bell Canada and Microsoft Canada, and students. The CMA’s primary goal is to make consumers more aware of the marketing industry. It helps them build more confidence towards the industry by addressing their complaints and concerns. The CMA offers its time and resources to societal issues. It deals with business practices, ethics privacy, telemarketing fraud and marketing to children.The CMA enables its members to gain more knowledge about the marketing industry and better their skills by keeping them up-to-date with changing practices.

It provides education through a network of special interest councils. These councils present opportunities for members to meet contacts, obtain knowledge and share expertise with other marketers. The CMA offers conferences, seminars, career days, and a national convention and trade show to further educate its members.Students are encouraged to join the CMA for it ensures them receipt of up-to-date information on marketing events and issues through its newsletter, Communicator, and through access to the Members’ Corner of CMA’s Web site.

It allows them to have access to resources that can help in their marketing studies. Also, the CMA provides students the opportunity to meet professional contacts that could serve as important resources in the future. Student members get discounts on CMA events and get free subscriptions to Canadian Direct Marketing and Target Marketing.The John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA) provides Concordia University business students with information, tools and networking opportunities. Throughout the year, it holds different events for business students. JMMA offers company tours (even advertising agency tours) that offer students direct contact with the company. Furthermore, students are able to experience a company’s daily routine and determine if that is the type of environment in which they wish to work.

JMMA also hosts Networking Cocktail and Wine and Cheese events. These events enable marketing students and business people from companies to interact both socially and professionally. The association also takes part in an event called Marketing Happening.

Marketing Happening is an annual marketing competition in which 11 Eastern Canadian Universities participate. Universities compete in marketing cases, advertising pitches, social and sport categories.The Journal of Advertising provides texts from various authors providing advertising theories that pertain to advertising practices today. The Journal of Advertising Research is published bimonthly.

It offers information about actual field research and topics that concern advertising.Multichannel News Magazine deals with programming, advertising, marketing, finance, technology and government activities. SAM Magazine (Sales, Advertising and Marketing) is available bimonthly. It is intended to bring allrelevant information dealing with the world of sales, advertising and marketing into one magazine.Brandweek Magazine provides information on marketer/retailer relationships, successful media strategies, agency/client relationships and global marketing. It also publishes news briefs, consumer trends, new campaigns and new-product news.

Brandweek delivers worldwide; anyone can subscribe to it. Mediaweek Magazine provides advertisers with media stories and informs the readers about news briefs, pricing news, cost comparisons, demographics, trends, and ad opportunities. Anyone can also subscribe to this magazine.

Target Marketing and Advertising Age are two other magazines that provide advertisers with marketing, media advertising information and latest news of the field. Topics such as up-selling, cross-selling and Customer Relationship Management are discussed.Employment for advertising is expected to increase quickly, but competition for jobs will also increase. The availability of jobs is concentrated in major cities, especially New York and Toronto. Advertisers may be employed in marketing departments of companies or advertising agencies. They can work for the media, such as television, magazine and radio selling. Advertising agencies are globally expanding and overseas job opportunities are developing.

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