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Chapter I Introduction Crimes are made by people who are In deep need, Insane, pressured, jealous, disgusted, people physically fit but mentally destructed. Scientifically, crime is defined as an act committed or omitted by a person in violation of public law forbidding or commanding it. In some case drug abuse, peer pressure, abuse at home, environment, content of media and bully at school are the reasons why a person were put into worst and were pushed to do crimes. At the end, after causing all the damages, regret will cover up their mind and heart for they will knew they dad the wrong choice.The researchers ended into a topic entitled “Common Crimes Committed in Divisor (now kooky), Canaan De ROR City in the year 2012”, its for the reason that, the researchers wanted the queries to be answered and so that criminology students can apply the preventive measures someday when in the profession at the near future Inline with the course taking up into. Before this research become successful the researchers conducted some research regarding to the following questions.Since having a research about a crime it is so broad to discuss for, then so that the searcher are just set a focus in a specific area in the City wherein in the Divisor, Canaan De ROR City. The purpose of this research is to aware the people and give more knowledge regarding to the given topic which is the crime commonly committed In Divisor.

This research also alms to educate the people In the community so that they can avoid such Incidents. And also to answer the following questions: 1 . What are the reasons why people commit crime? . Why do this crime commonly happening In Dollars, Canaan De ROR City? 3. How do the police enforcers react and take charge of this matter? 4. How can the community or the people help the enforcers to prevent crime and help maintain the peace and order? Significance of the study: This study Is significance to the Criminology Students.

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Since the Criminology Students are concerned In any crimes that are still present In the near future. That might help them to have a new knowledge on how to deal with a crime that are new for them. Ill.SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS Our research focuses on the study of crimes committed in Canaan De ROR City and o be specific In Divisor’s which was known as a place where people are most likely to crime, tells about why this common crime happening in the said place, how do the enforcers react and give preventive measures on such crime and lastly how can the community help to maintain the peace and order of the society. 2 Chapter Ill Body of the Research On this part of the research it implies to discuss the answers of the statement of the problems.

1. 1 . What are the reasons why people commit crime? According to Luis B.

Rexes, (2001) people usually commit a crime because of its tater, passion, a personal gain, insanity, revenge, and unpopular laws felt by a person. There are also some factors why do people commit a crime, criminal behavior is caused by internal and external factors outside of the individual’s control. Cesar Limbos, (1836) stated that criminality was inherited by and that someone “born criminal” could be identified by physical defects, which confirmed a criminal as savage or atavistic.

This implies that an offender committed a crime because of such reasons of a behavior and some of them are born criminal.There is little doubt that mom commit a crime such as shoplifting out of desperation, especially when food is concerned. Yet the same crime also attracts the attention of organized gangs who steal to order and cost stores hundreds of millions each year.

The same crime but carried for different motives; one for survival, the other to make as much money as possible for as little work as possible. 6 1. 2. Why do this crime commonly happening in this City? The crime that commonly happen in the place wherein in the Divisor, Canaan De ROR City are snatching and thief.Since the researchers have already determined the seasons why an offender committed a crime, it follows that the people in Divisor have some hatred, passion, a personal gain, insanity, revenge, and unpopular laws.

But the most reason why perpetrator committed a crime in the place indicated is Just for personal gain, because some of the residence in the Divisor are in a 3rd level capacity in life, on the other hand their income status cannot yet feed well their siblings three times a day therefore the perpetrator come up with the idea to snatch and steal money to buy some foods that make their siblings to have food to eat. 3. How do the police enforcers react and take charge of these matters? Since those crime commonly committed in the dark places, and low police visibility places, therefore the perpetrator use these chances to perform their plans since the place is something lacking for them to prevent a crime, they come up with the solutions that those dark places should have a light installation that makes the place be lightened up, and to the low police visibility places they assign such enough police officers on this places to guard those posts, and implement the curfew hours starting 1.

. How can the people help the enforcers to prevent crime and help maintain the peace and order? Crime can be prevented through the help of the community, to work with the police officers by giving such exact information’s to those criminals who violate the law. Through those information’s police officers can do their duties in preventing crimes easily and properly.The community can help the rehabilitated person in not doing back the crime that they’ve done before by helping them engage with some activities in the community which will help them get busy, develop their kills and give additional knowledge on how to gain income in a good and positive way.

8 Chapter IV Conclusion and Recommendation Conclusion: Based from the given data and information, the researchers come up to the following conclusions: The most common crimes committed in Divisor, Canaan De ROR City in the year 2012 are snatching and thief. This is based on the record of the Police Station 1 .According to them these crimes are commonly happening in the place last year 2012, it’s because the place is prone to the said crime which is snatching and thief. The people do commit crime it’s for the reason that their income status cannot yet feed well their siblings so there for they come up with the idea to snatch and to police enforcers cited preventive measures such as lightening up those dark places, to the low police visibility places they assigned such enough police officers on these places to guard those posts and implement the curfew hours starting 10:pm-4:Moa, that nobody should be seen on that given time on the said place.Recommendation: Based from the given conclusions, the researchers recommend the following to all he people who can benefit in this study: To the people on the society, in order for them to help maintain the peace and order of the place they will cooperate and aware the enforcers on what’s happening in the society in order for them to be aware of what’s happening so that they can easily take actions on the situation. People must engage themselves in activities which can molds, enhance and develop their skills in many and good ways.This is a reason for them not to think negative things which may come up unto committing crimes and violating laws. 9 Common Crimes Committed in Divisor, Canaan De ROR City in the year 2012 A Research Paper Presented To Mrs.

Namely L. Chaos Professor Capitol University College of Criminology In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for English AAA (Writing and Discipline) Heaven, Jade M. Picot, Force Dave G. Ramose, Cliff Bejewel P.

March 8, 2013 Acknowledgment We the researchers would like to send our warmest gratitude and thanks to the people behind this who have helped us to finish and do all the researches that we’ve made in order to make it successful and knowledgeable. We would like to thank God iris and foremost, for giving us strength and wisdom to make this activity become successful. We would like to thank Him for guiding us in taking our path till the end wholehearted support to pursue our studies and continue giving financial needs in order to buy what we need and want.

We would like to thank them for giving us care and showing us love that no other person can do except them. We owe them a lot. Thank you to our friends who eventually helped us in giving advices and critics on our work to make it more successful and knowledgeable. And last but not the least, to our beautiful teacher Dry. Evelyn Monticello for motivating and giving us information on how to start and on how to end our work in our own knowledge and learning that we can.Table of Contents Chapter I Page Introduction 1 Statement of the Problem 1 Significance of the Study 2 Scope and Limitations 2 Definition of terms 3 Chapter II Review of Related Literature 4 Body of the Research 6 Bibliography 10 Review of Related Literature 9 The Police Provincial Office has declared that crime incidents in the province has dropped for the first six months of this year as compared to the same period last ear. A Philippine National Police report revealed that Divisor’s total crime dropped by 14. 6 percent from 234 crimes in January to June 2012 as against 199 crimes Revised Penal Code) and the non-index crimes (crimes in violation of Special Laws) likewise dropped by 5.

75 percent and 41. 67 percent respectively, equivalent to a 1 One incident in Divisor last year 2012 is that a wanted notorious suspected robber was arrested by Joint forces of the Regional Intelligence Division (RID) and Regional Special Operations Group (ROSS) in a raid at Divisor in Canaan De ROR Sunday ironing.Police Superintendent Remnant Rexes of RID said the suspect, Apple John G. Abaci alias “Tendon,” 24, a resident of Machine, was arrested on Sunday around 7 a. M.

Rexes said the Joint operatives of RID and ROSS were armed with a warrant issued by Judge Jose L. Sobbed of the Regional Trial Court Branch 37 for robbery with violence against or intimidation of person with a recommended bail of IIOP,OHO. Police records showed that Abaci has been tagged as suspect in the series of robbery victimizing motorists at Divisor, Canaan De ROR City.Court record also wowed that sometime in April 2012, Abaci was tagged by a certain George A. Guiana Jar. As the one who allegedly robbed him.

Guiana, along with his wife and kid, were on their way home to Bargain Balling onboard a motorcycle when upon dropping by in Divisor, a group of men allegedly led by Abaci blocked their way. Abaci then declared a hold-up while pointing a knife at them. Guiana reportedly resisted and was stabbed by the suspect. Guiana, a Teakwood instructor, was able to grab and seized the knife, however, Abscissa’s companions allegedly helped him and succeeded in taking several valuable teems from the victims such as cash worth PEP,OHO, SSP worth PEP,OHO, a laptop PEP,OHO and other belongings. The suspects later fled and went on hiding for barely a year. But based on police’s intelligence information, the suspect allegedly planned for another related crime during the fiesta revelry.

With this, operatives of RID and ROSS conducted relentless surveillance and monitoring of the suspect’s whereabouts, which resulted in his arrest.Abaci is now temporarily detained at the Maharaja Detention Cell pending his transfer to the Limbic Rehabilitation Center. Rexes said his case is under the Priority Target List of ROSS and RID on its campaign against robbery and other crimes in the region. Bibliography Book Sources: Criminality’s Handbook on Criminal Investigation Forensic Photography Psychology and Crime Investigators Handbook Internet Sources: http://crime. About. Com/odd/Crime_101 /a/What-Is-A-Crime. HTML http://www. Dips.

Sis. Du/cop_what_is_cop. HTML http://pip. Ova. PH/news/index. PH? Keywords=crime aeratetHTTPS/encrypted.

goGooglecoComewebecEcho http://www. thDefenestrationcoCom0 Definition of Terms allegedly – an exclamation expressing disbelief or scskepticismsage: In recent years it has become common for speakers to include allegedly in statements that are controversial or possibly even defamatory. The implication is that, by saying allegedly, the speaker is distancing himself or herself from the controversy and even protecting himself or herself from possible prosecution.However, the effect created may be deliberate. The use of allegedly can be a signal that, although the statement may seem outrageous, it is in fact true: He was drunk at work. Allegedly. Conversely, it is also possible to use allegedly as an expression of ironic scskepticismHe’s a hard worker. Allegedly.

Crime – is the breaking of rules or laws for which some governing authority (via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Crimes may also result in cautions, rehabilitation or be ununforcedIndividual human societies may each define crime and crimes differently, in different localities (state, local, international), at different time stages of the so-called “crime”, from planning, disclosure, supposedly intended, supposedly prepared, incomplete, complete or having a strong distaste from surfeit; “grew more and more disgusted”; “fed up with heir complaints”; “sick of it all”; “sick to death of flattery”; “gossip that makes one sick”; “tired of the noise and smoke” Preventive measures It’s when there is something you’re trying to stop (prevent) from happening, so you take a preventive measure (do something) to stop the thing you think might happen. 3 Dedication We also dedicate this study to our parents that inspired us to finish our research. To the people who help us during our study and to those people who give advices to us in time of our failure. We dedicate this research to all Criminology students and to the faculty of this university

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