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Individuals vary among their tolerance towards demands and stress. When an individual is overworked, he/she may rely more on caffeine to get through the day, and tend to make unhealthy food choices and working out becomes a thing of the past. One might become irritable, and the Immune system weakens. An overworked individual may react negatively to his/her family or coworkers, leading to more stress and anxiety, and may eventually become depressed which primarily affect an individual’s performance in his/her will lob.The researchers, being in the field of Medical Technology considers this study to e significant with regards to the field they are currently In to, and for the future work field they will be dealing with. Becoming a worker In a hospital, specifically being a laboratory scientist, requires an individual to be physically and emotionally stable since the patients primarily rely on the laboratory scientist’s Job.

Thus, by getting into this study, researchers believed that they will get information about the different effects that Is mainly caused by overworking towards the laboratory scientists in the government hospitals of Surging City.This study is anchored on the theory of Occupational Stress developed by Dry. Robert Karakas in 1979. According to Dry. Karakas, ‘Workers whose Jobs rated high in Job demands yet low In employee control (as measured by latitude over decisions) reported significantly more exhaustion after work, trouble awakening in the morning, depression, nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia or disturbed sleep than other workers.

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When workers facing high demands had more control, their stress was lower. Therefore, It generally affects the Individual’s physiological, emotional, and psychological being. In relation to this study, the researchers have gathered real- time information about the Job demand of Laboratory scientists/Medical Technologists. The Department of Labor and Employment recently released the list of most In-demand, but hard-to-fall occupations In the Philippines, and Medical Technologist,’Laboratory scientist ranked number 31 over the top 43 high demand jobs as of the year 2014.Hence, since laboratory scientists became one of the most high-demand-yet-hard-to-fill Jobs in the Philippines, there is a big probability that some hospitals may not meet the efficient/needed number of laboratory scientists In heir hospitals which might cause stress and overworking of the few laboratory scientists working in their hospital.

Therefore, basing on Dry.Karakas theory, it points out that workers who have concurrent low decision latitude (lack of control demands (the need to work quickly and hard) cannot moderate the stress caused by the high demands through time management or learning new skills, and so become subject to high stress at work and are at increased risk of disease. It is therefore the constraints on decision making, together with high demands, which produce the unhealthy condition of stress at work, or “Job strain”.

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