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Last updated: July 26, 2019

AbstractMillion people die every year in healthcare services during treatment as well as doctors faces lots of challenges in the process of helping the patients.

The purpose of the study was to assess the types of problems encountered in healthcare services. We conducted our study by interviewing 40 people both patients and doctors to get the conclusion of the survey.

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Healthcare research method of data collection

1. Through interviewing both the doctors, healthcare workers and patients in the hospital2. Use of questionnaires3. Through observation4.

Using ethnographies and case studies5. Use of documents and recordsObjectives of the study1. What are the most common difficulties, which faces doctors during their work?2. To identify the external factors which affect healthcare services?3. To determine what causes a rise in the number of deaths in healthcare?4. To investigate challenges facing patient when accessing health services?5. To identify if Healthcare is equipped with the appropriate equipment?

Health care research conclusion

After the data collection, we established the following concluding observations.

1. Most of the doctors have been faced with extreme work due to an insufficient number of physicians.2. Inadequate government support has been a major factor facing healthcare.

3. Lack of adequate medicines and drugs necessary to support patients.4. Most patient lack adequate finance to access healthcare services.

5. The majority of hospitals lack essential equipment that should be available in every healthcare.Recommendation1. The government should encourage people to engage in learning medical activities in universities and colleges to increase the number of healthcare workers.2. Organizations should work together with government to provide finance that will equip the entire healthcare with appropriate instruments.Differences in factors such as some health care workers, availability of resources and funding affect the quality of medical services and patient results.

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