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The social, economical and political situation of other countries is far better than Pakistan so it is to be expected that the youth of Pakistan might want to switch to there countries initially for studies and ultimately for permanent residence. The core advantage of this research would be that an estimate of brain drains from Pakistan to other country. The research conducted would be from the capital city of the province of Kinds that is Karachi. In defining the limits of the study, the research areas are addressed.A careful review of those areas led to the following research objectives: I. Factors influencing to study abroad.

I’. Factors influencing to study locally. Ill. Preferences of the most desirable country to study. Lb. Purpose for studying abroad that either to settle there or to come back. Operational Definition: I. Brain drain: Brain drain, or human capital flight, describes the departure or emigration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge from organizations, industries, or geographical regions.

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2.Research Design The survey research method would be the basic descriptive research design. Each sample would be given a questionnaire. The questionnaire is expected to be filled with three minutes to five minutes. 3. Sample Design of this research.

A sample of 100 students would be selected on non-probability quince from all the universities in different societies of Karachi. Eligible sample would be an adult that is above 18 and should have completed his intermediate or relevant 12 years of study and now be eligible for his Bachelors Program. . Data gathering The field workers of the consulting organization will distribute the questionnaires to the students in different universities. The questionnaire would be filled after 30 minutes of distribution and without any supervision of anyone so that students can fill it honestly. 5. Data Analysis and Evaluation Standard editing and coding procedures would be utilized. Simple tabulations and cross tabulation would be utilized to analyze the data using SPAS version 17.

6.Report Preparation A written report would be prepared and an oral presentation of the findings will be made by the research analyst. 7. Budget and Time Schedule I. Budget: Subscription Charges of consulting organization Salaries of Research Analysts Printing Cost of Questionnaires Total it.

Time Schedule: RSI. 12000 Research Proposal Approval RSI. 6000 RSI. 1000 1 5 days Searching of the best consulting organization RSI.

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