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In which qualitative research tradition is a literature review LEAST likely to be done prior to going into the field to collect data?A. PhenomenologyB. Grounded theoryC. EthnographyD. No major qualitative research tradition does a literature review at the outset.
Answer:Grounded theoryRationale: Ethnographers often review the literature on a cultural problem before doing their fieldwork.

In the following bibliographic reference from CINAHL, to what does the “9” refer? Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 2012 Sep; 9 (3): 130:137, (15 ref).

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A. The issue of the journalB. The month in which the study was publishedC. The page on which the report would beginD. The volume of the journal

Answer:The volume of the journalRationale: The reference would be found in volume 9 of Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing.

Which of the following statements is true?A. CINAHL provides bibliographic information (e.g.

, journal name, volume, etc.), but not abstracts.B. With CINAHL, users do not have to use the exact keywords stored in the database’s index to perform a subject search.C. All CINAHL subject headings are substantive/topical ones (e.g.

, pain).D. CINAHL does not allow Boolean operators in the search field.

Answer:With CINAHL, users do not have to use the exact keywords stored in the database’s index to perform a subject search.Rationale: Words that capture the essence of a topic are “translated” into likely subject headings through mapping capabilities.

In displaying bibliographic information for a journal article, which one of the following is NOT included in an electronic database entry?A.

Year study was publishedB. Author(s)C. Title of the reportD. Year study was conducted

Answer:Year study was conductedRationale: The bibliographic citation does not indicate when the study was conducted.

The most important electronic database for nurses isA. CINAHL.

B. Web of Knowledge.C. EMBASE.D. NURSEARCH.

Answer:CINAHL.Rationale: The CINAHL database covers literature in the nursing and allied health fields from 1982 to present.

A search of an electronic database yields a good, manageable list of references if youA. limit (restrict) the scope of the search in various ways.B. search using the name of the key researcher in the field.

C. search in only one bibliographic database.D. search using the Boolean operator “OR.”

Answer:limit (restrict) the scope of the search in various ways.Rationale: Most databases permit the searcher to restrict the search (e.

g., by years, type of journal, language, etc.) so that the most useful references are obtained.

What is a major purpose of doing a literature review?A. Developing critical thinking skillsB. Developing research skillsC.

Developing bibliographic skillsD. Determining the state of existing evidence on a topic

Answer:Determining the state of existing evidence on a topicRationale: A literature review helps to orient nurses (both consumers and producers of research) to the state of evidence on a topic.

Which of the following should NOT be included in a written research review of the literature?A.

The reviewer’s critical appraisal about the quality of existing researchB. Extensive quotes from the original studies under reviewC. A full list of referencesD.

Comments about gaps in the literature

Answer:Extensive quotes from the original studies under reviewRationale: Quotes are not needed to summarize the state-of-the-art on a given topic, and their use suggests that the reviewer has not assimilated the reviewed material.

To a nurse seeking knowledge on a topic, a literature review article in a journal would be consideredA. a descendant in the descendancy approach.B. a secondary source.C.

a primary source.D. bibliographic database.

Answer:a secondary source.

Rationale: A secondary source is a description of previously completed studies-studies usually completed by different people than the one writing the review.

Which of the following statements is true?A. CINAHL and Medline searches will yield identical results.B. There are no wildcard codes that can be used to search the MEDLINE{ database.C. The MEDLINE{ database can only be accessed through a commercial vendor.

D. The MEDLINE{ database uses the controlled vocabulary called MeSH.

Answer:The MEDLINE{ database uses the controlled vocabulary called MeSH.Rationale: Bibliographic entries in the MEDLINE{database are indexed using Medical Subject Headings, or MeSH.

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