Resource: people soon realize that the once bright

Resource: Air; Country: Mexico; Activity; Manufacturing & Transportation

The aim of this essay is to describe
and analyse the impact of Manufacturing & transportation on the air quality
in Mexico and the affects that it has on the biophysical and socioeconomic
environment, as well as to identify any possible actions that should be (or
have already been) put into place to control these impacts.

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Mexico City has been the face of air pollution for many years dating
back as far as the 1950’s. Many see Mexico has a warm climate destination and
an escape from harsh winters. However, these people soon realize that the once
bright blue skies of the Valley of Mexico have turned dark grey. The reason for
this discolouration can be attributed to the ridiculous amount of pollution
that enters the air on a daily basis. The main cause of this pollution is the sheer
number of vehicles in use within the city. With one of the world’s largest
populations, Mexico City is struggling to contain the amount of traffic that
flows into its streets every day. With more than eight million residents and 3
million vehicles, it is inevitable there will be copious amounts of toxic
chemicals being released into the air. A solution that has been in place since 2002
is the environmental contingency plan. What it aims to achieve is to
dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions by setting a restriction on manufacturers
output of these chemicals by 40%, while also limiting the amount of vehicle use
during the time of activation.            Perhaps
the most destructive element of the environment in Mexico City is their
improper waste management system.  There
are massive mounds of waste sitting in the streets and forests surrounding the
city, which inevitably leads to the destruction on the biophysical environment
by polluting the habitats of many local species. The amount of waste and manufacturing
runoff that is open to the air is enormous.

So much sewage and chemicals in the
streets emitting massive amounts of sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides, thus
leading to a considerable concentration of acid rain. To prevent this from
happening, it must be dealt with at the source. If there were a complete and appropriate
waste management program in place, then this would dramatically decrease the
effect on the biopsychical environment. While also providing hundreds of jobs
which in turn, heavily benefits the socioeconomic environment. There are Plans
in place currently for Veolia, an environmental service company to construct
and run a massive energy facility that will convert physical tons of waste into
energy.  The final problem is the overall
destruction of animal habitats within Mexico. As stated before, there has been
a rapid decrease in tourism within the Mexican capital, which is in direct
relation to the air quality. The solution to this problem is a combination of
the previous solutions, as well as an intelligent media campaign that raises awareness
for the effectiveness of the waste management systems and the environmental contingency


W. Davis. University of California Berkeley. Plan to reduce air pollution chokes in Mexico City, Scientific Reports (February 2, 2017)

The report describes the activities in place to try and help with the
air quality problems within the city of Mexico. It pertains to this proposal because
of the topic of the vehicle ban during certain times of the day of which people
are allowed to drive.

Laurent Obadia. In
Mexico City, Veolia will build and operate the first Waste to Energy facility
in Latin America, municipal waste (May 22, 2017)


This press release is the formal statement from Veolia regarding their
commitment to building the innovative energy facility. It relates to this proposal
because it is the solution to the waste problem Mexico is facing. 


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