Response to Literature Essay Format

Topic: Literature
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Last updated: May 8, 2019
Intro. Paragraph
Include the title and author in the first sentence. Next, use a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention.

Write a thesis statement – Remember the thesis reveals what the entire essay is about and should include the main idea / message of the author.

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Body Parapraph #1
Supporting paragraph where you will use direct evidence (quotations from the literature) to support your thesis. Give clear examples to support or explain your thesis.

Body Paragraph #2
Further supports your thesis. Remember the thesis reveals what the entire essay is about.

Briefly summarize your main points. Analyze the author’s message or theme of the literature.


Important to remember for your essay
You should be organizing your interpretations of the literature around clear ideas or images; and justifying these ideas with specific examples from the literature.

Transition words
You must use transition words:

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