Restrictions Of Successful Communication In Social Care Social Work Essay

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Communication is the exchange of information, or the usage of a common system of symbols, marks, behavior, etc, ( The New Penguin English Dictionary 2001:278 cited in David and Woods 2003:83 ) . In today ‘s society communicating is associated with the exchange of information through a assortment of methods. Exchange occurs through speech production, composing, usage of images, diagrams, and computing machine generated images, each one dependant on the information to be exchanged. The diverseness of methods used for information exchange are frequently normally associated with the usage of machines or electronic AIDSs.Each method of information exchange has value in single state of affairss such as personal, household, societal, educational or concern. Communication takes topographic point all the clip in a assortment of contexts-it is the methods used that differ. There are many barriers that can curtail successful communicating, such as limited verbal communicating, being unable to read or compose, non talking the same linguistic communication ( David and Woods 2003:83 ) .

Example ; in a Social Care puting where a Service User came from a different civilization with a different female parent tough, illiteracy issues, because of this grounds, they will happen it really hard to pass on their issues with other people in the environment though they know what to pass on but how to show it in the general linguistic communication. By holding a cardinal worker would play a immense impact in their lives because the cardinal worker will work one on one with them in coaction with other inter bureau who will guarantee that possible cause of their issues are identified and device a strategies/intervention to run into their demand in those countries.Share & A ; Lalor ( 2009 ) identified skills a Social Care Practitioner should hold to be able to pass on efficaciously with Service Users ; they are as follows: Empathy, when you are empathic to Service User, i.e. seeing things from their ain position non what you want to hear or believe, so you will esteem their values, beliefs, and your attitude you automatically change. Active Listening, Service Users must be paid attending at all times when speaking or explicating issues to the practician, i.e.

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by halting whatever you are making and pay attending to what they have to state. Empowering, practician shall authorise Service Users to by learning Service Users how to make things themselves to go more independent. Culture Awareness, professional must be cognizant of diverseness in the Social Care Puting the occupation entails working with Service User from different civilizations and minority group, besides know that what is acceptable in one ‘s civilization differs from civilization to civilization. By making so, Service User, values and beliefs will non be neglected.Through the experience of life in societal environments we learn a broad scope of societal cues and behaviors.

Watzlawick et Al. ( 1967 ) argue that although we communicate all the clip, we have small witting consciousness of the communicating regulations that we are seting into pattern. We know how to make it, but our behavior is taken for granted and goes unexamined ( Watzlawick et al, 1967 cited in Koprowska, 2008:7 ) . Bourdieu, cited by Thompson ( 2003:21-22 ) , uses the term habitus to donate all the ‘taken for granted ‘ facets of civilization, including our ways of thought, feeling and communication. He went farther to explicate that we tend to go cognizant of our ain habitus when we encounter person whose habitus differs.

This account shows that regulations does non regulate merely our communications/language with others but besides a wider scope of our communicating and behavior which issue unwittingly. The procedure of larning new communicating accomplishments necessitates a greater degree of ego consciousness, and it is arguable that as a Social Care Practitioner, we should retain a degree of ego consciousness that is non needed in mundane minutess of life as we are woring with new people, and covering with the unexpected ( Bourdieu, cited Thompson in Koprowska, 2008:7 ) .With respects to the above account, we as practician should non hold a bias or serotype against any civilization of a Service Users we work with because the behavior will impound the rapor/relationship or kineticss we have with the Service User. We should besides be aware of cultural difference of where they came from such as beliefs and values. However, we should be a brooding practician to enable us measure ourselves, actions and behaviors which we are non witting of even though we think we are on the right path, illustration would be a non-verbal cues such as facial look.Harmonizing to Hargie ( 2004 ) , before we open our oral cavities to talk our physical visual aspect conveys a great trade of information about our age, sex, business, position ( if a certain uniform is worn ) and personality. As a manifestation of physical attractive force, the powerful effects of visual aspect on favorable opinions of such properties as intelligence, heat, friendliness and societal assurance are good documented ( Smith and Mackie 2000, cited by Hargie and Dickson, 2004:45 ) .For case, if a practician wants to decide an issue with two teenage Service Users, the Service Users will non merely pay attending to what the practician has to state but besides observe any non-verbal motions of the Practitioner ‘s face and organic structure in general.

This goes to state that the practician ‘s facial look might convey a different thing from what the practician is verbalising, although, the practician might non be cognizant of these non-verbal cues, so it might take to misconception. It is really of import that a Social Care Practitioner undergoes a self contemplation at least every hebdomad and supervising to enable them reflect on their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours contact/work with their Service Users for a better working relationships/dynamics.System theory has its beginning in the 1920s, when persons working independently of each other in a scope of different Fieldss began to turn away from a classical scientific attack. System theory takes it focus non merely the single parts, but the relationship and the interaction between them to understand how they work together as a whole. Its premiss is that things can non be understood in isolation, but merely through their relation to each other ( Koprowska, 2008:8-9 ) .Example of a System Theory in a Social Care puting ( Residential ) with a scenario is ‘ Ann is a 13 twelvemonth old miss who sustained a femur hurt on her leg while playing Rugby with her squad, due to the hurt Anna stopped traveling to school until she recovers.

Meanwhile Anna has being to the infirmary for an X ray and the consequence was that Anna ‘s Quadriceps musculuss were lacerate apart as a consequence of the hurt, so she is now utilizing clasps to back up her mobility. Angela is Anna ‘s a cardinal worker who have being working with Anna since she was ten, Angela ‘s mission is to do certain that Anna recovers every bit shortly as possible to enable her get back to school and to her games ‘ .Angela has to affect a physical therapist and occupational healer to help Anna in recovering her mobility and there should be inter-disciplinary coaction between Angela and the other professions. In this state of affairs Angela as Anna ‘s key-worker must affect and portion relevant information with the other professionals because communicating must be cardinal in order for advancement as it is really of import from both professionals as to cognize what has happened with the Service User since the Physiotherapist and occupational healer visited. This will assist in better planning and delivering of the service to the Anna ( Share and Lawlor, 2009 ) .In Social Care profession, we work with different types of people from different background and civilization, runing from the Travelling Community, Homeless people, people with rational disablement, to call but few ; practician should be cognizant of communicating accomplishments in other to be an effectual communicator both on a professional degree and in working with the Service Users.Information theory was developed by Shannon and Weaver ( 1964 ) , it is a mathematical theory in which, in mundane linguistic communication, states that the opportunities of all information in message being received addition harmonizing to how complete, yet unlittered and indispensable its constituents are.

At one terminal of communicating is a sender, which sends information to a receiving system and the more noise there is in the transmittal, the lupus erythematosus of the message gets through ( Von Bertalanffy, 1971 ; Agazarian, 1997, cited in Koprowska, 2008:10-11 ) .Associating this theory to pattern, practicians should be able to pass on to a Service User in a contributing environment, e.g. when there is a conversation/discussion between professionals or Service Users themselves which concerns their wellness and well-being, the treatment should be held in a quiet topographic point without the telecasting and wireless turned on in other to hold on the information as this theory suggest, otherwise noise from the telecasting and wireless might interrupt the treatment.Value is a individual ‘s rules or criterion of behavior.

Ones opinion about what is of import in life ; ( as in ) they internalize their parents ‘ regulations and values ( New Oxford Dictionary of English, Revised Edition 2002, cited in Maynard & A ; Beckett, 2005:6 ) . Maynard and Beckett ( 2005 ) highlighted that a value determines what a individual thinks he ought to make, which may or may non be the same as what he wants to make, or what is in his involvement to make, or what in fact he really does. Value in this sense give rise to general criterions and thoughts by which we judge our ain and others ‘ behavior ; they besides give rise to specific duties ( CCETSW, 1976:14 cited in Maynard & A ; Beckett, 2005:7 ) .Example ; when I was eleven old ages old 16 old ages old back in Nigeria, I went for a vacation for three months to see my Godmother in a different metropolis, My Godmother was a Protestant and I am a Catholic. I was brought up in a Catholic Church with the remainder of my siblings and I have a strong value about my faith ( Catholic Church ) , I was told by my Godmother that I have to travel to their service ( Protestant Church ) with them as everybody goes to the same church. I ne’er wanted to divert from my faith, but had to because I did non desire to disobey her, besides she would peal my parent and state them a different narrative and they will give out to me. Although sometimes I would lie to her that I was non experiencing good so I can get away a Sunday, still I was non happy because my religious demands were non met while I was at that place.

Mentioning this to a Service User who was forced to alter their faith due to ‘the bulk goes to a peculiar church ‘ that is to state that his/her religious demands is being ‘deprived ‘ of him/her, in other words ‘not meet ‘ . So I can now understand where they are coming from, besides be conscious/aware when working with Service Users who has different values in their faith and esteem their opinion/view.Beliefs refer to the mode in which persons compile their position or world, what is existent and what is unreal. Beliefs are prerequisite to alter, personal development, and the grasp of a wider position of life and values of others.

Beliefs, attitude, and values affect persons self esteem, assurance and self worth, which in bend influence both our interpersonal ( with others ) and personal ( with ourselves ) communicating ( Baines & A ; Jindal, 2003:168 ) .Example ; I was one time an Athletic individual, I did all types of athleticss e.g. I played football, I did sprint running including relays, I ever come 1st in all my dash tally.

I was still in secondary school, at first it was non a large trade for me but as clip goes on I had the beliefs that I am much better than other misss that I do the athletics with and at some point, it was demoing on my behavior. Example, if we are holding some conversation, you could see it behaviour in me because I think and believe that I am better that them and sometime we would reason. I could see that my character towards them was doing them to experience that they are worthless but ne’er shoed compunction. Reflecting back to my early old ages had thought me lessons, non one or two but I was able to gain my errors and travel on.Associating my adolescent experience with adolescents in residential attention with mild, moderate, terrible, and profound rational disablement. I will ever reassure the Service Users that they are deserving something even when they feel they are worthless, possibly they were told by other pupils with respects to their academic public presentations. Because it could take down their ego regard, confident and self worth as the definition stated.

It is really of import that we set aside our ain personal beliefs about people and concentrate on acquiring the occupation good done instead than leting our ain bias to take control of our emotions.Attitude organise our societal universe. They allow us to rapidly categorize people, topographic points, and events and figure out what is traveling on.

They are like notebook splitters or label we use to categorize our Cadmium aggregation. Attitudes besides influence behavior, they guide our ideas and actions and maneuver us in the way and behavior is valued ( Perloff, 2003:41 ) .Example ; the premise that people with rational disablements are really slow scholars is non needfully the instance, non until my arrangement in 2nd twelvemonth that I was able to witness that myself. I have ever thought that they ever depend on Social Care Practitioner to make things for them. But in world, they are the funniest, dependable friends you could be and work with.

Prosecuting a Social Care Carer was truly an oculus opener for me for better apprehension of what a disablement was. Besides we should non allow our attitude guild our ideas because we are working with people from different background i.e.

Travelling Community, Asylum Seekers, Homeless people, people whose households are affected by drugs and intoxicant e.t.c.Share & A ; Lalor ( 2009 ) states that any practician in residential Centre must be cognizant of what they bring as persons to residential work – their ain biass, beliefs and values. They feel they have something to offer the immature people they work with ; practicians in residential attention must ever retain an unfastened mentality and see each immature individual as person who will respond otherwise in a assortment of similar state of affairss ( Share & A ; Lalor 2009:301 ) .

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