Retailing consumers as the extent to which people

Topic: Genetically Modified Food
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Last updated: April 24, 2019

Retailingof foodstuffs has developed since 1997, when the main outlets of organicfoodstuffs were stores and stalls.

(Dimitr and Oberholtzer, 2009). In the analysis of Yiridoe et al.’s (2005) consumer choices motives in the aspect of food withoutharmful and poisons ingredients that specially effects on health of human,situational factors and protection and security is also as a key factor oforganic food to increasing the consumer purchase intention.

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Because consumersdo not have awareness and enough knowledge that using to evaluate the true qualityof organic foods ( Ford et al., 1988 and Janssen and Hamm, 2012).Acceptance of the effective goods that is not used in the production of organicfood is those attributes that consumers cannot known or find out even duringpurchase or after consumption of the product (Ford et al., 1988).In consumer decision, many of researches explained thatorganic food choice motives that have a positive and significance impact onpurchase intention regarding purchase of organic foods, which in considerpositive attitude of purchase intention as well.(Honkanen et al.

, 2006, Michaelidou and Hassan, 2008 and Pino et al., 2012).Closelylinked with food-related person’s identity traits may be nourishment involvement,which need as of late gained addition consideration in the nourishment intakeliterature. (Bell and Marshall, 2003, Candel, 2001, Poulsen, 2000, Olsen, 2001 and Rozin et al., 1999). Food involvement is described as the level of importance offood in life of consumers as the extent to which people busy in enjoyactivities that is related with food consumption all along the five stages ofthe life cycle of food comprising possession, composition, cooking, eating, anddisposition, talking about food and purchase intention. (Goody, 1982). Assuch, the prospective of irregular or lack of information increase consumer uncertaintythat may diminish their organic buy choice motives.

(Choe N. et al., 2009, ;Giannakas, 2009).

Consumersinitiate uncertainty which may have the technical skills and other expertise tomanage the fundamental needs of OFs, especially harmful pesticides in theproduction or growth of food. (Jahn et al., 2006).

In the literature, some studies disclosed that biodiversity preservation is oneof the major challenges, and many conventional farming systems have beenregularly affected from these poisonous and unhealthy organic food problems.(Aertsens et al., 2009, Meyer-Höfer et al., 2015 and Annunziata and Vecchio, 2016). Therefore,consumers are usually believed on intermediary party confirmation, such as USDAlabels of organic food, for foods purity, freshness and healthy to makecustomers satisfied and loyal to increase their purchase decision. (Moser, Raffaelli, & Thilmany-McFadden, 2011). 1.1.

Research ProblemThere is no more specific market in Bahawalpur fororganic food. Regardless the agricultural land there is low awareness fororganic food consumption. There is a greater need for companies to formulatestrategies for increasing the level of involvement of consumer purchaseintention of organic food by including these factors of consumption motives i.e.,Health Consciousness, ecological motives, food safety concern, personalconsumer traits and situational factors.”You don’t have to cook Fancy or Expensive – JustGood Food from Pure and Fresh Ingredients”, Julia Carolyn. Companies should make proper setups byconstructing outlets for introducing the organic food because customer’sattention is rapidly diverting from fast food towards organic food.

Being anagricultural area Bahawalpur has a wide capacity to grow organic food relativeto other developed cities such as Karachi, Islamabad.Mediator is the key factor1.3 ResearchObjectiveThe aspiration of this study:1.     To explore theeffect of HC, environmental motives, food safety concern, personal consumertraits and situational factors on CI.2.     To analyses theeffect of HC, environmental motives, food safety concern, personal consumertraits and situational factors with PI.

3.     To evaluatemediation of CI between HC, environmental motives, food safety concern,personal consumer traits, situational factors and PI.1.

4 ResearchQuestionThe following research questions are formed:1.     What are theeffect of HC, environmental motives, food safety concern, personal consumertraits and situational factors on CI?2.     What are theeffect of HC, ecological motives, consumer’s food safety concern, personalconsumer traits and some situational factors with PI?3.     Does consumerinvolvement of organic food mediate between HC, environmental motives, foodsafety concern, personal consumer traits, situational factors and PI?

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