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Last updated: April 6, 2019

A trailer is a short series of clips from the film it is advertising .Each clip in the trailer is a short depiction of a scene from within the film.

Overall the trailer is a representation of the whole film having an emphasis on the action or whatever appeals to the widest audience. Usually the trailer shows all the best and most exciting bits of the film and all the necessary dialogue needed to represent and explain it. Some trailers cover all the main features of the film in short quotes, using jokes and near death experiences to represent humour and action.This particular film is mainly represented by action therefore there is not much dialogue except for vital one liners to let you know there is a plot, to leave you in suspense and to make you want to watch the film. The world is not enough trailer covers most famous Bond characteristics such as gadgets, chases, Bond girls, famous sayings and the notorious “gun barrel” scene.There are a lot of fast, quick clips of action, sports and sometimes the odd sex scene nearer the end, including many explosions and gun fights.A Bond formula is a set of guide lines that all Bond films supposedly follow.

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Having seen and made a Bond formula I believe that The World is not Enough follows the formula very closely and that all other Bond films follow it just as close, even though they are all completely different. The trailer also goes by the formula, I believe they do this so that it is an accurate representation of the film and so that the viewers will be given a rough idea of what to expect in the film.This trailer has all the characteristics of a classic bond trailer with an updated feel bringing it into the present day, all these things appeal to a wide audience including all ages. The music from the trailer is the perfect example of this as it has a modern drum and bass sound to it which is definitely updated from Shirley Bassey or Duran Duran from previous trailers, this new tune will appeal to a much younger audience. The classic gun barrel scene has been completely redefined into a computer animated version which includes the double-o-seven logo. All Bond trailers feature the silhouettes shown at the beginning of the films except for this one therefore making it more accessible to a younger audience.I believe the trailer is very well edited as the special effects are very well linked with the short clips. There is a computer animated globe spinning above the flaming title, this is very eye-catching therefore appealing to a wide audience.

The trailer uses roughly one hundred and twenty short clips from the film, most of which are action, which are usually shot from a high view, the dialogue clips are shot from the normal angle. The clips show action from many parts of the film, there is no specific order for them to go in. The modified music is playing throughout the whole trailer and any dialogue is played over the music, it creates suspense in the main scenes which is very attractive to a lot of people as it is a dramatic piece of music.There are many varying locations in the trailer from the millennium dome in central London to a ski slope somewhere in America or from the bleak grey skied city of Moscow to a secluded army base in the idle of nowhere, a lot of people are interested in this and it will persuade them to watch it.There are numerous different kinds of chases in the trailer. Speed is the most essential ingredient in all the chase scenes even though there is such a wide variation of vehicles used in these chases.

Many people will be attracted by the well sort after machines used in the trailer.Bond girls are an essential part of the Bond formula, they are always very attractive and vivacious women, especially appealing to the male audience, as is Pierce Brosnan to the fe-male audience. In the trailer there are two main fe-males that are seemingly close to bond, one of the women is shown helping Bond out of a near-death experience whilst the other is seen working with the villain “Renard”. This is both enticing and exciting for the viewers as it is the classic “good girl”, “bad girl” Bond story but they know the circumstances will be completely different.In the trailer there are three main subject areas. The first subject area giving a brief outline of the plot through informative dialogue from the film and the narration at the beginning of the trailer, giving light on the villains intentions and how Bond might stop him and putting ideas into the viewers heads making them want to know what will happen.

The second subject area is the use of speech in the trailer, even though there is a small majority of dialogue clips, they are what covers about half of the essential genres needed to represent a Bond film. It shows a lot of the famous slogons from the bond films such as “the names Bond, James Bond” or “shaken not stirred”. The narrating in the trailer is very informative as in under three minutes I know that the villain Renard was shot in the head, somehow making him not able to feel pain, also he intends to take over the world.

Narrative hooks are used a lot in the dialogue to make viewers curious about the film and make them want to watch it, “he has everything to gain nothing to lose” is the perfect example of a narrative hook used in the trailer.The third and final subject area is action. Action scenes make a very high majority of the overall number of scenes.

Action is the most essential part of a Bond trailer as it appeals to the widest audience of people, in some parts the trailer is non-stop quick action clips making it very dramatic and appealing to a lot of people. There is every action scene imaginable shown on the trailer all out to excite the viewers and make them want to see more.The final face off between the villain and Bond is unusually not an essential part of the trailer.

In fact there is only one couple of second clip from the scene although the clip has a narrative hook (“the world is not enough”) so is very noticeable to viewers.I believe the trailer is very successful as it fulfils all the necessary points of a trailer as it entices viewers to watch the film without giving away the story line. The trailer encourages viewers to watch the film by using a very appealing action sequence and leaving a lot of unanswered questions for the viewers.

A lot of people going to see the film will have a rough idea of what to expect in the film as it has quite a well known formula therefore the younger audience will not know what to expect in the film

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