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Last updated: December 7, 2019

rhetorical poetry
poetry using artificially eloquent language; that is, language too high-flown for its occasion and unfaithful to the full complexity of human experience

rhetorical stress
in natural speech, as in prose and poetic writing, the stressing of words or syllables so as to emphasize meaning and sentence structure

any wavelike recurrence of motion or sound

The repetition of accented vowel sounds and all sounds following them in words that are close together in a poem

rhyme scheme
any fixed pattern of rhymes characterizing a whole poem or its stanzas

rising action
That development of plot in a story that precedes and leads up to the climax.

romantic comedy
a type of comedy whose likable and sensible main characters are placed in difficulties from which they are rescued at the end of the play, either attaining their ends or having their good fortunes restored

round character
this character is fully developed – the writer reveals good and bad traits as well as background

run on line
a line which has no natural speech pause at its end, allowing the sense to flow uninterruptedly into the succeeding line

bitter, caustic language that is meant to hurt or ridicule someone or something. It may use verbal irony as a device.

witty language used to convey insults or scorn

The process of measuring verse, that is, of marking accented and unaccented syllables, dividing the lines into feet, identifying the metrical pattern, and noting significant variations from that pattern.

scornful comedy
A type of comedy whose main purpose is to expose and ridicule human folly, vanity, or hypocrisy.

Unmerited or contrived tender feeling; that quality in a work that elicits or seeks to elicit tears through an oversimplification or falsification of reality

sentimental poetry
poetry that attempts to manipulate the reader’s emotions in order to achieve a greater emotional response than the poem itself really warrants

six line stanza

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