Right that aadhaar is unconstitutional. How is Aadhaar

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Last updated: September 6, 2019

Right to Privacy: What Data Safety means to the Aadhaar Nation  Taking into account the current scenario, there is a massive need to maintain the interest of the state and the privacy of the citizens. Indians are fretting over the dire consequences, in case the aadhaar data is leaked in a ‘networked’ world.

 A constitution bench consisting of five judges were set up to draw a clean line between the data collection and its use, because national interest regarding the data privacy raises many questions among citizens.Impact on India’s Data Security: Is it jeopardising Privacy? Wrong data feed and data leak and people might end up dead! There is a huge possibility of a negative impact on the data security of the nation. With the government spending so much on social welfare schemes, there is a huge debate on aadhaar’s constitutional validity.

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But, the data breach points out that it is infringement of fundamental right.Is Aadhaar violating ‘right to privacy”? What is the current status?Government’s Aadhaar-card project requires a citizen of India to provide personal information such as retinal scans, fingerprints so that it can be linked to gas connections, bank accounts, PAN, phone numbers.  Even though the government officials have promised that they will maintain the security and sanctity of Aadhaar and use it in the development of nation, reports from Tribune stated that there was data breach. This was followed by FIR against “unknown” people and also the freedom of press was questioned. There is no doubt that the political jibe has acted as a stimulus in the aadhaar controversy. What is amusing in this case is instead of government’s intervention in finding out how the data was leaked from UIADAI’s data site for 500 INR by hackers; a FIR was filed against reporter Rachna Khaira for bringing the data breach at forefront. Therefore, it is safe for people to assume that aadhaar is unconstitutional.

How is Aadhaar changing the equation between the citizens and the state? How to balance between “right to privacy’ and security?UIDAI has filed FIR against the Tribune reporter which has raised eyebrows.  There is a systematic attack against the journalists and therefore freedom of the press is in danger. Further, the balance between “right to privacy’ and security has been jeopardized. This is a direct negative impact on the security regime of the nation because there is no proper security arrangements made while collecting the data. Out of all the states, only West Bengal has come forward to challenge the validity of the Aadhaar project. There are reports that private companies like Amazon and PayTm have also found ways to incorporate Aadhaar data into their products.

Therefore, in case of the data breach, citizens will live in constant fear of terrorism and money laundering. Needless to say, the political jibe has conveniently created a culture of fear to control the nation.     

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