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Last updated: April 18, 2019

Reading Festival, sponsored by Carling the brewer, is a three days long alternative music festival, every year on the last weekend of August. It is based in a huge camp site in the town Reading, which is west to London. Campsite safety is extremely important for the audience to enjoy the weekend, hence support the event again the year after.There has been over 500 crimes reported last year, and one 18 years old boy was dead during the festival.

One audience even had part of his ear cut off; one 35 years old man was arrested. Police did a random search and found 164 people in possession of illegal drugs, although majority of the crimes reported were theft (from tent) and deception (people selling fake tickets).There are many hazards threatening the safety of the audience at the campsite, especially when large amount of alcohol is usually consumed during the festival. There is list of agents of harm:* Camp fire* No fence to separate the camp site* Glass bottles* Ropes on the tents* Portable gas cooker* Drugs (syringes, tablets)* Electrical Products* Sun burn* Alcohol* Metal objects (chains, rings, spikes)* Plastic bags* Promotional products* ChildrenOnly 3 years ago, Reading Festival allowed camp fire, which enabled audience to enjoy themselves even at night, but this can also lead to tragedy. After the influence of alcohol, especially after consuming a huge quantity, people can fall on the fire, or to burn harmful substances (such as plastic or even drugs) in the camp fire, or even worse, if the camp fire is getting big it could even cause a huge fire.If someone falls on the fire, depends on if anyone around pull him away from the fire, it could be minor burnt on the skin to seriously burnt. If people start burning plastic and such, the smoke it causes might make people feel ill, but usually nothing too serious. If they keep adding wood to the camp fire, causing the camp fire to grow and start burning viciously, that could lead to a huge fire, causing major damage to personal belongings and death is very likely.

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The Festival has fire engine patrolling 24 hours in case anything happens, so if any on the above do come in reality the fire engine should arrive in no time to minimize damage.FenceThere are no fences to separate the camp site from the woodland area near by, which can be dangerous especially for female. Although it didn’t happen in Reading Festival 2003, but in previous years there had been girls that got dragged into the woodland and raped. Wild fox from the woods can also come into the camp site, although it is not likely but there have been report that fox attacking human.There are security guards patrolling the camp site area 24 hours, police vans going around the camp site, and also there are many watch tower located throughout the camp site to stop these from happening.Glass bottlesAfter alcohol, some people might become more aggressive, in a festival there has 60,000 audiences violence is sometimes unavoidable. Every year people have bottle smashed over their head, both in the camp site or in the arena, causing serious harm to the person.

Even if nobody throwing glass bottles or be attacked by someone using a glass bottle, the bottle itself could also be a hazard. People can trip over them, or if there is a broken bottle on the ground people can cut themselves by accident.Tripping and minor cuts can be treated easily at the ambulance van, which is located at the entrance of the camp site. But if someone is hit by a bottle over the head he might need to be sent to hospital immediately for treatment.At Reading they do ask for volunteers to pick up rubbish and glass from the camp site, and these people will be rewarded with alcohol in the arena, this can stop people from tripping over glass or stepping over broken glasses. And security guards are patrolling to stop people getting into fights or throw bottles around.Ropes on the tentsRopes on the tents are often being tripped over, especially at night when it is hard to see, although no major damage is caused by the hazard event, unless there are sharp object on the ground as the person is tripped over.

There are foot paths that cut across the camp site, so people don’t have to go around the tents as much, but there is not sufficient amount of foot paths.Portable gas cookersMany people bring gas cookers with them so that they can cook food such as noodles or boil water. But at night when visibility is poor, especially after consuming alcohol, using a gas cooker can easily cause minor burnt or if dropped on grass, can cause fire.There are many food stances at the festival, and most of them open 24 hours, therefore people shouldn’t really need to bring any gas cooker with them in the first place. And if anything does happen, fire engine should get there within minutes.DrugsDrugs are a huge problem at Reading festival, when police did random search last year 164 people found possession of illegal drugs.

When people do drugs such as pills, when they leave pills around and children can get access to them easily, which is extremely dangerous. Also if they use needles, leaving needles around can also cause harm to those who step over them. Not only to others, but doing drugs do many damage to the person him/herself, if the person is over dosed that is highly dangerous.If children get access to pills, that could cause sickness and if the amount is high, can be fatal. Needles can cause minor cuts, but if it went in deep inside someone, will need immediate treatment. And if people over dosed on drugs, they either need immediate treatment or it can also be fatal.Electrical productsMany people bring electrical products such as portable stereo with them, which can be a hazard during rainy days. If water gets into the electrical product it can electrocute the person using it, but the likelihood of this and the damage caused by this is very small.

There is no restriction or warning sign about electric goods at the festival.Sun burnThe festival is based on a huge camp site, which means audience will be exposed to the sun during most of the time, especially when the time of the festival is in August, the chance of sun burn is extremely likely if no anti-sun lotion is used.There are anti-sun lotions for sale at the site if audience forgot to bring any.AlcoholAlcohol is dangerous if not careful. If drink too much it can cause alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal. It is also a flammable liquid, so if people throw it in the camp fire it can cause fire hazard.Unfortunately there is no restriction and limitation on alcohol, since it is one of the main incomes for the festival. The ambulance van at the entrance should be able to take care of alcohol poisoning patient for a period of time before proper treatment is available.

Metal objectsMajority of the audience are alternative music listeners, and these people tends to wear a lot of metal objects on them, such as chains, spikes, and pointy rings, which can be used as weapons. Also since there are no searching before entering the festival, people can bring in knives very easily, which can cause a lot of damage if the person in possession of it is aggressive.When listen to alternative music, audience tends to jump against each other, which called a mosh pit, which is dangerous when people are wearing metal spikes and metal rings. Every year at Reading Festival there are audiences that cut by other people’s spikes and piercingReading Festival currently has no search against carrying weapons into the festival and has no restriction on wearing metal decoration.Plastic bagsMany people go to the town centre in Reading to buy food and alcohol; hence there is large number of plastic bags lying around the camp site. They can cause people to slip, especially at night when people cannot see, although tripping over would only cause minor injuries. Bags can suffocate young children and baby, which can cause fatal damage if it happens.

As before, the festival has volunteers to collect rubbish from the camp site to keep it tidy.Promotional productsDuring the festival, many companies give out free product sample to the audience, such as shampoo and other daily products. However, some people use these products to threw, or even play golf, at the camp site, which is extremely dangerous, since a small bottle of shampoo if it hits someone on the head it can cause serious damage.Promotional products are one of Reading Festival’s incomes; therefore there are no restrictions on giving out promotional products.

ChildrenThere are many children attended the festival, which they could be exposed to alcohol, sex and drugs during the festival, which is harmful to children. Although they must be accompanied by member of over 18 years of age, but they cannot ensure the safety of children throughout the whole 3 to 4 days of the festival.Risk ValueI will assign number 1 to 10 for both likelihood and consequence, and the risk value for each agent would be the multiple of the likelihood factor and consequence factor. I would assign below 20 is acceptable, 21-35 is tolerable and over 35 is intolerable.The likelihood factor, 1 to 3 would be very unlikely, 4 to 7 to be happens occasionally and 8 to 10 for happens regularly.

As for the consequence factor, 1 to 3 would be small injuries up to first aid, 4 to 7 would be serious injuries, whereas 8 to 10 could cause fatal or multiple fatal damage.

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