Robert Frost and Poetry notes

What were Robert Frost’s birth and death dates?

Frost’s poetry linked these two centuries
19th and 20th

What two colleges did Frost attend?
Harvard and Dartmouth

How many children did he and his wife have?

What was the name of the first book of poetry that he published in England in 1913
“A Boy’s Will”

What was the name of the book of poetry published in 1914
“North of Boston”

Define the term “Georgian Poet”
a group of English writers whose lyric poetry celebrated the English countryside

Who were the 4 Georgian poets
Robert Graves, Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, and Edward Thomas

What were the colleges that Robert Frost taught at?
Harvard, Dartmouth, University of Michigan, and Amherst

What was the poem Frost read at JFK’s inauguration ?
“The Gift Outright”

What type of poetry did Frost not like?
Free Verse

What type of poetry did Frost use most frequently?
Blank Verse

For which four books of poetry did Frost receive Pulitzer Prizes?
New Hampshire, Collected Poems, A Further Range, and A Witness Tree

What is Frost’s best known poem?
“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

In what poem does Frost use 2 natural elements to discuss destruction and hatred?
“Fire and Ice”

In what poem does he use a yellow wood to discuss life choices?
“The Road Not Taken”

In what poem does he use an ice storm to make a statement about life?

In what poem does he repeat the line, “Good fences make good neighbors”
“Mending Wall”

In what poem does he use an erratic rhythm and lines to mimic a dream-like state?
“After Apple Picking”

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” is written in what type of metrical form?
iambic tetrameter

In what poem does Frost use the form of terza rima?
“Acquainted with the Night”

In “After Apple Picking” what meter does Frost use?
iambic pentameter

In what poem does Frost use an allusion to Dante’s “The Inferno” referring to life as a pathless wood?

“Mending Wall” and “Birches” both use what type of metrical form?
blank verse

In “Mending Wall” what two literary elements does Frost use?
metaphor and irony

Where was Frost born?
San Francisco, CA

Mother and Father’s names?
William Prescott Frost, Jr.

and Isabelle Moodie

How old was Frost when his father died of TB?
11 years

Where did his family move after his death?

Where did he attend college first?
Dartmouth College

When did he marry and who was it?
Elinor White in 1895

1897-1899 he attended what college?

Early 1900’s he owned what and where was it located?
Poultry farm in New Hampshire

When did he move to England?

What does his poetry mainly reflect?
Life in rural New England

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