Robert Frost

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Last updated: November 26, 2019
What were Robert Frost birth and death dates?

Who was Robert Frost?
American poet, who drew his images from the New England countryside and his language from New England speech.

What did Frost’s poetry help do?
Provide a link between the American poetry of the 19th century and the 20th century.

Where was he born?
San Francisco, California

Who were his parents?
William Prescott Frost, Jr., of New Hampshire, and Isabelle Moodie of Scotland.

Who was he named after?
Robert E. Lee

Who was Robert E. Lee?
The commander of the Confederate armies during the American civil war.

When did Frost’s dad die?
When Frost was 11

What did he die of?

Where did Frost first attend collage?
Dartmouth Collage

Why did he withdraw in his first year?
He went to work

When did Frost get married?

Who did Frost marry?
Elinor White

How many kids did the couple have?

How many died young?

What collage did Frost attend from 1897-1899?
Harvard Collage

Did he receive a degree at Harvard?

Why did Frost sell their farm and move to England?
he wanted better literary opportunities.

When did he move?

Where did Frost receive his first literary success?

Who printed Frost’s first book of poems?
The first published Frost approached

What was Frost’s first book of poems called?
A Boys Will

When was it published?

What was his second book of poems called?
North of Boston

When was it published?

Who were the Georgian poets?
group of english writers whose lyric poetry celebrated the English countryside

Who did the Georgian poets include?
Robert Graves, Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, and Edward Thomas

Where did Robert Frost teach literature?
Amherst Collage, University of Michigan, Harvard University, and Dartmouth Collage

What did Frost do at Kennedy’s inauguration?
He was the first poet to ever read a poem

What was the poem called?
The Gift Outright

When did he do this?

What does his poetry mainly reflect?
Life in rural New England

What language did he use?
The uncomplicated speech of that region

What is much of his people concerned about?
How people interact with their environment

Did Frost see the beauty in nature, or the danger it brings?

Did Frost like free verse?

Was free verse popular in his time?

What meter did he use instead of free verse?
Traditional metrical, and rhythmical schemes

What meter did he often use?
Blank verse

What is blank verse?
lines with 5 stresses

Which poems did Mountain Interval include?
“The Road Not Taken”, “An Old Mans Winter Night”, “Birches”, “Putting in the Seed”, “Snow”, and “A time to talk”

Which volume earned him the first of 4 Pulitzer Prizes?
New Hampshire

What longer poems did New Hampshire include?
“Pauls Wife”, and “The Witch of Cöös”

What is Frost’s most well known poem?
“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

What won him his second Pulitzer Prize?
Collected Poems

What were the Pulitzer Prize winners (in order)?
1. New Hampshire2. Collected Poems3. Further Range4. A Witness Tree

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