Robles hurt them it makes them get anger and

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Robles 1Robles M. JesusEnglish 4- 4(B)Mrs.

Martinez5th December 2017Why You Should Never play Violent Video Games           Violent video games weakens the brain of young people and put them on greater risk of Dementia in later life. Weather videogames are bad for the community because they hurt the teem mentally and physically, and if all the teens and children are inside they will be doing nothing and they will be overweight and that is bad for the community, it does it just hurt them it makes them get anger and cause aggression. It is well established the violent video games increase aggression. There is a great evidence of short-term effects from violent video games then the long-term effects.

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Many of these causes could be such as parents not following the ratings and letting their children play violent video games. Some of the outcomes can be very bad such as violent video games make children and teen make bad decisions such as doing a violent things or committing a crime and videogames are not really good at all because teens and children are inside doing nothing just playing, and it is making them be overweight and antisocial. It eats up most of their  day by not doing anything. Many teens and children are played by the videogames in this causing them negative effects. Anybody exposed to high-level violence frequently it becomes normal to.        Robles 2     Teens are inside playing violent video games and are not being active and are making them antisocial. There are hundreds and thousands of hours put too many video games by many teams all around the world.

The average amount of time spent by a person playing video games has been recorded at 18 hours a week, in the number of hours are seeing a steady rise over the last few years. Violent video games are making teens antisocial they’re not learning anything and it’s making them make poor decisions it is a problem to this Society. There are a big amount of primary games many children are you doing anything, and it is making them be overweight.

“The average time that teens are supposed to play video games is 1 hour”( how long to play video games)( Science Daily). It’s better off for teens and children to do physical activities and stay inside and doing nothing. If this keeps happening “there is any truth that in the statement that next Generation children could be the ones that have the lack of social skills”( video games antisocial)( TNN). That means that if the numbers keep having a higher rate that next Generation children will be mostly antisocial. That is not good we need children to interact with other people and not be antisocial, there are many problems due to videogames (violent video games).

Children and teens should be focused and putting more physical activities such as playing many sports or going outside and playing around, it doesn’t just help them physically but mentally too.Robles 3          Violent video games can be designed to have an educational and physical benefits for players, but other hand that can also cause aggression to children and teens. Nevertheless when a person is exposed to high levels of violence frequently it can becomes very normal to them. This is the reason that many crimes have been reported due to violent video games, because it becomes normal to teens and children; it’s something that they look up to. They look up to it like if it was something important to them more like a role model. ” it has been established by (Bandura) that exposure to Violent Role Models increases aggression in children in comparison to those children who were exposed to non-aggressive role models or no role model at all”.

If a children looks up to something that is violence they will want to do the same thing, and if they look to something that is non-violence they will like that and they will look violence a different way; and it is the same way to not having any role model you still find violence wrong. ” violent video games muggy make you aggressive but even though you’re inside playing you’re not being active and that can lead to you gaining weight”( anger management)( British anger Association). Violent video games lead to many children and teens being very violence and making them do wrong decisions and since they’re inside doing nothing they’re usually just gaining weight. A teen or child has anger issues it is a bad idea to buy violent video games because do too many things that happened in the game. It should not make them more Angry it should help them not get angry.

If parents have a children or a team that has anger issues they should think twice before buying them a violent video game, if they are going to buy them a violent video game their child or teen should be able to control their anger; and at least be able to manage itRobles 4          Violent video games cause anger issues it is well established that violent video games increase aggression there is a great evidence of short term effects from the violent video games of long-term effects. The more you play the more violent you get the less you play the less violence you get so it’s better off plane less than playing a lot. ” violent video games increase aggressive behavior or days”( anger management)( British anger Association).

The more you play the more anger that you will get in. The less you play the less anger you will have, it’s better to not play a lot and better to play less or not play at all. ” it also depends on the gender males have a higher temper than females have”( anger management)( British anger Association). It also depends on the male and female because men seem to have a higher aggression than female have.

Parents should let their children or teens make your decisions once they’re older. At least when they are 18th they can make the decision to expose themselves to violence where is if you allow your child to grow up playing these games becomes normal to them, in violent video games do appear to those with anger issues as these individuals need an outlet for their anger. It is never okay to have anger that’s why scientists say that by the videogames are bad teens and children should be exposing themselves to lower violence in video games. It could also depend on the type of violence that the game has such as shooting, fighting, knifing, and killing. You can all come down to one of them that makes you commit something violenceRobles 5           It has been said that violent video games (video games) make you smarter, in the article ( 10 reasons why gamers are smarter) ( Jordan Atkins) stated that “many individuals that played Angry Birds have a great memory, in the ones that played Super Mario had 64% and 12% increase of memory”.

Yeah it might make you have a great memory but it is also found that there is evidence showing that games can increase aggression, and making them make poor decisions; in that can lead them two more anger. It is also stated that “violent video games lead to decrease self-control and increase cheating” ( violent video game mounts) (Tom Jacobs). Violent video games can decrease your self-control if playing too much can lead you to not having control of yourself, and it can increase you to cheat. It may not be just in the game but at school  too such as in tests or quizzes. It is never okay to cheat and you should be able to control yourself in any way. In the same article it was also stated that ” a test was put out on two different types of people each one of them played a normal game and a violent video game they gave them Eminem’s to see how the body would react when playing normal video games they had no sense of trying the Eminem’s and when playing violent video games iy made them eat more Eminem’s”.

This brings me to the point that playing violent video games or any type of video game can lead you to being overweight or even obese. This is the reason why buying videogames are bad children and teens should be outside doing physical work such as playing a sport or running around. In this could lead to as parents letting their children play these types of games parents should be able to follow the rating in a game due to the type of violence it has or doesn’t have.

Robles 6          Many parents don’t really seem to fall the rain going to videogames. It was stated in the article and had a chart that “45% of parents say videogames are a positive part of their child’s life” games/view/tabid/4210/article/15098/what-parents-really-think-about-video-games-and-esrb-rating-aspx. The chart had a graph that stated 45% of parents did not follow the video game ratings. And 35% of parents do.

There is a 20% that depends on the game what type of game they’re playing if it has too much violence or it doesn’t have that much violence.  There could be many reason why a violent video games goes into that category, it could be drugs, weapons, sex, fear, violence, or even the type of language that it has. In the article (video games and violence) by (Andy Robertson) stated that “The age rating is expand upon by description on the back of the box of every video games, for language.

drugs, gamboling, or discrimination. These signify a different severity on the relate page (PEGI Pan-European Game Indicator (6). These are the some of the many types of reason why violent video games is put into its category. The PEGI)is the one that put video games into its place, it could be everyone, teens, or mature 17. Parents should be aware of every video game that they buy, even though some parents don’t  check the rating it is the law That the seller or cashier tell the buyer that the games could have sex, drugs, violence . So they can be aware of what they are buying. That could be one of the problems why parents don’t really know what they are buying.

But it was stated that 45% of parents don’t seem to follow the ratings in a video game but it was also stated that violent video games help eye in hand coordination.Robles 7           Violent video games or any type of videogame can improve hand-eye coordination, but can later damage your eyesight and you may have to use glasses. Not only that really overdoing videogames also could affect other important stuff, like friendship and how well a kid does in school. “Video games can also lead to the long-term television watching this can lead headaches, blurred vision, in sightedness. They need to take a break and let her eyesight rest for a little while”(how video Games affect vision)(Rebuild your vision) so playing video games to be the same effects as watching TV they can both lead you to having a blurry vision in the future you will need glasses, and not just only that you’re not doing nothing so what’s happening to you is you are gaining fat making yourself be overweight due to the fact that you are inside playing and not getting enough activity outdoors. ” many researchers have been studying many types of video games and all the type of video games can lead to obesity and being overweight.

Due to the fact that you are playing and you are not paying attention to what you are eating. Many people tend to eat and go lay down again.”(well I played video games makes you fat) ( John Gaudiosi).

Not just violent video games can lead you to being obese and fat it’s all the type of video games since there’s not any activity that is being done to the human body. Remember that the human body at least needs one hour of exercise every single day. Yeah that might not be in love but it at least helps you a little bit by not being fat. Since you are not doing anything. Anything you’re only putting even more fat in your body, and it’s not only that you are also putting even more violence into your brain which can lead you to doing crimes.Robles 8                    Violence and shootings affect hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people every year. There have been many shootings around the United States and around the world and many of these shootings have been cause by a person mind that has violence, it could be about violent video games violent movies.

“Killers have been hooked to violent video games to get a sense  to make it look like real life” (CharismaNews). There are many crimes that have been committed due to violent video games, and many of these crimes have been different due to the fact that there is different type of violence in many different video games they could be shooting, stabbing, explosives. It all depends on how bad the violence on the games is. There are many people that killed due to the fact that in some video games there is blood and some of them are addicted to seeing blood. ” the average time a teen plays a video game a week is 6.3 hours” (TIME)(Doug Aamoth). Play too many video games is bad for you. Especially if they are violent, because as you keep playing you keep thinking that violence is something normal to you; and that is not right.

It should at least be cut down to two hours a week. Playing a lot can even damage your mind more. Due to the fact that it can make you even more psychotic in making you think more that violence is going to be something normal to you.

Violence is not okay violence is bad many people have been affected due to violence. it’s not just shooting its many type of violence whatever type of violet the video game has any violence is wrong and even if it’s fighting, shooting, stabbing.Robles 9          The average time that a teen plays a violent video games is 6.3 hours that is just for the teen people more older like 18 year olds and higher the average time they spend playing is 18 hours a week that doubles the. ” teenagers keep playing the same amount of hours everyday when they are by the age of 21 day will have 10,000 hours played in video games” (Kid’s and video games) ( Shannon younger). That is many hours spent in video game imagine what little kids or teenagers could have been doing during those hours. They could have been doing exercise playing with their family doing something physically, and it’s all gone away just for one simple game. The time that the average teenager plays a day is 6.

3 hours. The average game played by a teen or an adult is action and adventure in games such as fun or family or last violent video games are played more than other regular games all around the world”(most popular games) (statista). So it is known in many different countries that the types of games such as family games or child games are the ones that are not being played often. It’s more the violent games that have adventure or are fast-moving. Any type of game is bad it is better off doing physical activities. Playing to much can affect you mentally and physically.

Violent video games should not be for little kids they should be for grown ups and people that are mature in for the type of people that don’t play too much people that at least played one hour a week and that’s it but like the ones that are addictive and play 18 to 20 hours a week.Robles 10          

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