Robotics expertise. Adopting AI not only help but

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Last updated: September 4, 2019

    Robotics isthe field that associated with the connection of acuity to action.

  Artificial Intelligence must have a prominentrole in Robotics if the connection is to be intelligent. ArtificialIntelligence help us to answer the important questions like  what knowledge is required in any aspect ofthinking and how that knowledge should be represented moreover how thatknowledge should be used in Robotics challenges AI by allowing it to deal withreal objects in the real world. Techniques and representations developed forpurely intellectual problems, often in toy domains, do not necessarily extendto meet the challenge.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is basically a branch of  science that emphasizes to build theintelligent machines that can act, work and react like humans. This generallyinvolved borrowing characteristic from human intelligent and applying them asalgorithm in computer friendly way. While robot is machine that gatheredinformation from its surrounding and uses that information to do some work. Therobots can act direct under control of human or can be control by programmedcomputers through artificial intelligent in a much better and smarter way.                                         AI plays themajor role in robotics by providing many benefits like offering freshopportunities, improving production efficiencies, and bringing machinediscussion closer to the individual discussion. AI assists can carried out  several built-in problems which have been causingthe trouble to the sector to integration problems, decision complexity, and overburdensinformations, from a lacking of expertise. Adopting AI not only help but also enablescompanies to completely change their procedures.

On the other hand it can alsohelp us by providing fresh ways to automate tasks, we could rebuild the wayhumans and devices socialize and inhabited, to generate an electronic economythat is better, more powerful. As with the passage of time we can see AI isgetting better and it is producing more sophisticated and a smarter robotswhich can help us in daily life AI is basically a deep learning of robots whichcan help them to do things like facial recognition speeding up big data etc .And in today’s generation we can see many applications of AI and robotics likeautomated transportation (self driving car ) Google began testing in 2012 ofself driving car other application are cyborg technology, solving climatechange and many more

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