Rodeika this time was the Interstate Commerce Act.

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Rodeika S.

fearon   Mrs Mislan Us History 1 6 November 2017            Economy’s effect on society The definition of economy is the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. A society revolves around its economy. American society is affected by its changing economy, the economy’s constant change improved American society.               One of the ways a changing economy helped American society was during the time when industrialization took place.  This is the period of social and economic change that changed the country from an agricultural society to a industrial society. This helped a lot of immigrants to get jobs in the oil industry and the coal industry.

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Immigrants were able to work in factories instead of working on a plain planting crops. The Standard oil Monopoly was a great business that helped improve American society. Also one of the biggest things they did during this time was the Interstate Commerce Act. This allowed the U.S government to regulate railroads, it also prevented railroad companies from charging high rates for shipping and transportation.

 From the earliest stage America has been a nation of immigrants.  Some of Americans first settlers came to America in search of freedom and faith. The reason why they came here in search of freedom is because they were not allowed to have a certain believe in their own country.

Immigrants worked in factories.  By  them working in the factories it helped to make more materials to export good so that the economy would make more money.             Progressive era is a time of political reforms across America. During this time period they were trying to get rid of problems caused by industrialization , urbanization and immigration.

They also tried to get rid of monopolies (trust busting) and companies through the antitrust act. Teddy Roosevelt was one of the president during this era and he filed 44 suits to bust trusts under the sherman Antitrust act sued northern securities Company over its RR trust countries in ways that no other country has ever experience. For examples when America had the Spanish American war they  helped other countries . American imperialism helped to organize American’s society. American imperialism is the economic ,military and cultural philosophy which states the either directly or indirectly. These influence are often closely associated with expansion  into foreign territories.Homestead act is a act that had to do with providing land for immigrants. The homestead law was passed on May 20,  1862.

After this act was passed a lot more people were able to have there own house and land. By being able to buy your own house and owning your own land life eventually had gotten better for everyone. David Reese  helped the economy by giving them places to live so they would not have to be in poverty. At this time a lot people lost their jobs and they were negotiating to get a low payment not to lose  their job. According to the book “how the other half lives ” he explained all of the problems that they had in that era. In the book he found pictures to explain each of the 6 examples: Crime , water, housing , fire,sanitation, transportation.

Housing was one of the biggest issues back then  because not having any where to live they are automatically become poor.Immigrants were having trouble adapting to the new culture because where they lived there culture were totally different. They also have different languages so it was really difficult for them to fit in.

According to  The  great depression         In conclusion the economy change was the a great thing to  It also helped people with getting a houses and lands. They also fit in with the new culture , also it helped with providing jobs. Saying this to say that changing the economy helped the country a lot. Work Cited

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