Rollo me because of how joyus it is.

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Rollo Dilworth was born in 1970 in St.Louis Missouri.

Dilworth is currently the associate professor of choral music education at Temple University Boyer College of Music in Philadelphia. He also conducts the University Chorale. Before working at Temple University he was the director of the music education program and the director of the choral program at North Park University in Chicago from the years 1996-2009. He has a bachelor of science in music education from Case Western Reserve University, a E.Md.

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from University of Missouri St.Louis, and a D.M.

A. from Northwestern University. Dilworth has conducted 43 all state choirs at various levels including elementary, middle school, and high school. He has also conducted 6 regional honor choirs and 4 national honor choirs.

Recently he has had choir festivals in Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Ireland, and China. Rollo Dilworth is currently on the National Board Chair for Chorus America. He is also active in American Choral Directors Association, National Association for Music Education, National Association of Negro Musicians, and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Dilworth currently has written/arranged over 150 choral pieces. The first song I am going to talk about is No Rocks a Cryin.

I picked this song because it is one of my favorite choral arrangements that I have done. I got to sing this song at Carnegie Hall and the director just made it so much fun to sing that it became one of my favorites. This piece stands out to me because of how joyus it is.

This piece comes is SATB and SSAA. The only instrument that was played in the recording was a piano, and nothing else was listed. When I looked it up on Youtube though it sounded like a full band with percussion instruments, saxophones, and other band instruments. This song is pretty fast and has a happy sounds.

This piece is also in english. Sheet music and recording: https://www.jwpepper.

com/No-Rocks-a-Cryin/3295401.item#/submit The second song I am going to talk about is Take me to the Water. I picked this song because everytime I looked up Rollo Dilworth this song popped up and I assumed it must be a piece he is well known for. Rollo Dilworth has a common sound in all of his music that is enjoyable to listen with all the harmonies.

This piece comes in SATB and SSAA. Again in this song the only instrument was the piano. This song is slower compared to the first song, but still is happy sounding. This song is in english.Sheet music and recording:

Wlam2juMCi4 The third song I am going to talk about is Didn’t it Rain. I picked this song because it was a little different than his other ones that I picked out. This song has a baritone solo throughout the whole piece which I think made it more interesting to listen to. This song tells the story about Noah and the flood, so when I heard this song that is what it reminded me of.

This song comes in SSATB. Piano was the only instrument in the background. This song is pretty upbeat and happy like most of Rollo Dilworth’s pieces. This song is also in english. Sheet music and recording https://www. I really like the three songs that I picked out. I tried to pick ones that sounded different from each other which was kind of hard because Rollo Dilworth has a similar sound in all of his songs. Most of his songs are upbeat, happy, and include a lot of swing.

The first song I picked out was really upbeat with a lot of good harmonies and changing of tempo. The second song I picked was happy, but not as fast as the first one. The third song I picked was upbeat and had a soloist telling a story and the rest of the choir joining him on the chorus. Even with all of his songs having a similar tone, they all seem to be a little different in their own way. In an interview Rollo Dilworth said that he was exposed to music at a young age when he was in school choir, church choir, and taking piano lessons. Listening to his music you can tell that his time in his church choir influenced him back then and today in his choral arrangements.

 Rollo also said that it was his choir teacher who helped him find his passion for composing music. He said that during and after choir he would play around with notes to make different chords and harmonies and ask his teacher if they could try the different notes and play around with the pieces they were doing in choir. With over 150 different compositions and arrangements in print I would say that Rollo Dilworth is a very accomplished composer. His songs are upbeat, fun to listen to, and make you want to sing along. I really liked getting to listen to some of his other pieces and I hope that I am able to sing more of his songs in the future.

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