Roman Empire and Imperial Spirit

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The Imperial spirit is all about the need to dominate and rule over everything, the need to conquer or be conquered. 2. What is a republic? How does it work? A republic is a society ran government system. Sometimes decisions are made in a vote but usually decisions are made by elected leaders in the idea that they would look after the true needs of those they are leading. 3.

What Is the difference between the Plebeians and the Patricians?Plebeians were he poor citizens that were looked at as a filler to the population, hence their nickname pleads meaning to fill up. Patricians were the wealthy upper class. Other than class distinction, the Patricians had more upper hand: Plebeians always had less rights to property and social rights, then were not even allowed to vote. 4. Why was Julius Caesar assassinated? He was a roman emperor who had a lot of power.

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Many emperors have been murdered in Rome, some due to others’ greed, others because the emperor was owing wrong.Some stories say that those assassinating were looking to have power, others say they had good intentions trying to rid the world of a power hungry man. 5. How did Octavia try to make Rome a better more moral place? As emperor, he had the power to reform the nation and he used It to set out new polices to bring about the ancient values that he held dear. He started with restoring churches and monuments and focused his attention to monogamy, chastity, and virtue.

He had even castes his only daughter into exile for her adultery in order to achieve his goals. 6. What does It mean to use sculpture as propaganda? What Is an example of this? Propaganda Is the use of art to form opinions to fit a view. Sculptures are a form of art that could portray an event or Idea in a dramatic perspective to have opinions of viewers to change to the desired view point. An example of this would be the sculpture: Augustus of Appropriator. 7. Define: forum, basilica.

Forum Is the town center market place.The basilica Is usually close to the forum and Is the court house. 8. What was the Pantheon built for? What Is the culls? The name “Pantheon” literally means “Common to all gods”. It was originally a smaller building meant for all of the roman gods to be worshiped. The culls is an opening in the roof representing an eye, similar to the opening of vases. 9.

What was the role of the Paterfamilias In the ancient Roman household? The paternally Is the oldest living male In the family.

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