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Last updated: May 2, 2019
who is the writer who “cast in poetic form the doctrines of Epicurus”?

who wrote the Stoicism-informed essay On Anger?

who is the author of he novel that is “the only complete specimen of this genre that survives in Latin”?

who is the author of “the earliest Roman literature survives”?

who is the poet whose “116 poems that have come down to us present a rich variety: imitations of Greek poets, long poems on Greek mythological themes, scurrilous personal attacks on contemporary politicians and private individuals, lighthearted verses designed to amuse his friends, and a magnificent marriage hymn.

He also wrote a series of poems about his love affair with a Roman woman he calls Lesbia but who may have been Clodia, the enchanting but complex sister o done of Rome’s most violent aristocrats turned political gangster”?


who is the author of the poem, “meant to be a national epic for Augustan Rome,” that “combines the themes of the Odyssey (the wanderer in search of home) and the Iliad (the hero in battle)”?

who is the writer whose “influence on the poets and artists of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and beyond was massive, second only, if all, to Virgil’s”?

who is the author of the work that “can be seen as a critical response to Virgil, even an anti-Aeneid”?

who is the author of “the satiric masterpiece” in which “the pragmatic, materialistic attitude Christianity was to supplant is most clearly displayed”?

who was “perhaps the most original genius of Latin literature”?

who is the author of the Gospel that “has a jewish public in mind; one of its main concerns is to convince its readers not only that Jesus was the legitimate heir to the throne of the royal house of David but also that Jesus was the king, the Messiah, announced by the Hebrew prophets”?

who is the author of the Gospel that “is clearly written with a Gentile audience in mind and paps particular attention to the needs of the Roman readers translating Aramaic words and even explaining that the courtyard into which the Roman soldiers took Jesus after he was condemned was the place the Romans called the praetorium”?

who is the author of the Gospel that “is obviously addressed to cultured Greek readers; it makes very few references to the Hebrew prophecies and is in fact dedicated to a Greek named Theophilos”?

who is the author of the gospel that “draws on different sources and also has greater theological density than the other three”?

who is the writer who “created new forms and renewed Greek literature in a late age even while he made affectionate fun of it” and whose “eighty or so works that have survived under his name exerted a considerable influence in the Renaissance and ager, both as vehicles of the transmission of Greek culture and as literary creations in their own right”?

who is the author of the work that “is, as far as we now, the first authentic ancient autobiography”?

who is the writer whose “description of his childhood is the only detailed account of the childhood of a great man that antiquity has left us”?

who is the writer whose “account of his conversion in the garden at Milan records the true moment of transition from the ancient to the medieval world”?

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