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Last updated: December 15, 2019
wrote a poem while listening to a bird in his garden
John Keats

died while fighting for greek independence
Lord Byron

this poem was written during an opium dream, allegedly
Ode on a Grecian Urn

a poem written while looking down on a ruined church
Tintern Abbey

contains the lines, “if winter’s here, can spring be far behind”
Ode to the West Wind

was the most socially conscious of the romantic poets
Percy Shelley

this poet wrote a satiric response to his critics,” english bards and scotch reviewers”
Lord Byron

contains the line “i fall upon the thorns of life/ i bleed”
Ode to the West Wind

contains the phrase “already with thee/ tender is the night
Ode to a Nightingale

a poet who was also known for his lectures on Shakespeare

this poet was the most like the 18th century in his gift for satire and wit
Lord Byron

considered a “pre-romantic” this poet wrote a poem celebrating his cat “Jeoffrey”
Christopher Smart

this poet wrote a poem the abuses of child labor in “the chimney sweep”
William Blake

this poet’s wife wrote a novel about creating life in the laboratory
Percy Shelley

this poem mentions the battle of Trafalgar and the armada
Apostrophe to the Ocean

this poet married eloped with his beloved while still married to someone else
Percy Shelley

the youngest of the romantic poets to die: he is buried in Rome
John Keats

he wrote poems about both a lamb and a tiger
William blake

which phrase best summarizes the predominant theme of “lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey”
the renewing and uplifting power of nature

“lines composed..tintern abbey” is a poem that celebrates the power of

which lines contain both alliteration and assonance
while with an eye made quiet by the power

in the context of the poem “my heart leaps up when i behold” Wordsworth’s paradox ” the child is father to the man” expresses his wish to
retain his youthful intimacy with nature

the tittle “my heart leaps up when i behold” captures a key element of romanticism its emphasis on
spontaneous emotion

which of the following is a favorite subject of the romantics and is most evident in “Kubla kahn”
the faraway and the exotic

the form and content of “Kubla kahn” and the circumstances surrounding its composition all reflect the romantics interest in poetry that was
spontaneous and personal

in which of the following lines is alliteration the dominant sound device
five miles meandering with a mazy motion

the final image of “Kubla kahn” is that of the
poet feverish with inspiration

which of the following characteristic romantic interests is most prevalent in “the rime of the ancient mariner”
the magical and the fantastic

which of the following lines from “apostrophe to the ocean” contains alliteration, assonance and consonance
time writes no wrinkle on thine azure brow

in “apostrophe to the ocean” images such as “like a drop of rain” and “as the snowy flake” help support Byron’/ theme of
humans’ pettiness and unimportance

which of the following lines from “apostrophe to the ocean” is an example of personification
thou dost arise/ and shake him from thee

a central them to “apostrophe to the ocean” is the ocean’s

Don Juan is Byron’s version of a poetic

shelley’s sonnet about “ozymandias” emphasizes the theme that
earthly fame and monuments do not last

which king is Shelley referring to in his sonnet “England in 1819” as “an old, mad, blind, despised and dying king”
king George lll

the descriptions of the west wind in the early sections of ” Ode to the west wind” are
violence, death, decay and burial

most of the stanzas in “ode to the west wind” are

which of these lines from “ode to the west wind” contains a metaphor
to which this closing night/ will be the dome of a vast sepulcher

in “ode to the west wind” shelley refers to the role of the poet as

for the speaker in “ode to a nightingale” the nightingale itself symbolizes all that is

which of the following images from “ode to a nightingale” appeals most directly to the sense of smell
nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs/ but in embalmed darkness guess each sweet

which of the following images from “ode to a nightingale” appeals to the sense of hearing
thou light-winged dryad of the trees/ in sone melodious plot/ of beechen

for the speaker of “ode to a nightingale” the idea of death is full of
relief and ease

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