Romantic Literature

Romanticism Literature
-Return to Nature-Rediscovery of artist-Nationalistic Pride-Exaltation of senses and emotions-Works turned into mini series and movies-1757-1849

William Blake
-Works are CRAZY-Mad man-High regard by critics later-WEIRD

The Tyger
-Slightly archaic-exotic beast-Metaphor

Sir Walter Scott
-Novelist, Poet-Toryism (republic)-Worte Democratic words-1st English Author, international-Novels & Poetry still read

-After end of 3rd Crusade-Robinhood-Cheery, noble, outlaw

Rob Roy
-Frank-Getting revenge from Dad-Brutally realistic, Rob Roy is *NOT* main character.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
-Suspension of disbelief-Neuralgial (Bipolar)-Opium, became addicted

The Rime of Ancient Mariner
-Mariner returned from long sea voyage.-Personification & Repetition

Kubla Khan
-A vision in a dream: A fragment-“Where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measurelessness to man down to a sunless sea.”-Opium Induced dream

Washington Irving
-Short Stories-Lost of historical figures (biography)-U.

S. Minister to Spain-American

Sleepy Hollow
-Ichabod Crane, superstitious-Wants hand of 18 yr old Katrin Van Tassel-Headless horseman, to get Ichabod

Rip Van Winkle
-Winkle wife is annoying-Goes to mountain, ghost playing 9 pins-Drinking liquor, woke up in future

Percy Bysshe Shelley
-Romantic Poets-Classic anthology verse workds-Mary Shelley (2nd wife) Wrote Frankestein

Prometheus Bound
-Prometheus free, Zeus overthrown-Closet drama, not to be acted out.

-Sonnet, most famous short poem-Virtuosic diction-Suppose to be Napolean

Victor Hugo
-French, the push in France, polymath-Conservative then liberal-Republican (Opp. of America’s Republican)

Lés Misérables
Lés Misérables

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
-Crowning of Pope of Fools-Frollo torn between lust and rules of church-Quasimodo

Nathaniel Hawthorne
-Changed name to Hawthorne added “w”-Judge during Salem witch trials

The Scarlett Letter
-Most Famous-Committed adultery and had baby w/ Pastor-Husband came back-Made her stand holding the baby

Short Stories
-Young Goodman Brown-The Ambitious Guest-The Man Adamant-Dr. Experiment

Edgar Allan Poe
-Short Story, Science Fiction-Focus on death-Depressed, drank, drugs

The Raven
-Poem-Talking Raven-Lover, Lenore

Short Stories
-Black Cat-The Cask of Amontillado-The Masque of the Red Death-The Murders in Rue Morgue-The Pit & Pendulum-The Tell-Tale Heart

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