Romantic Period (Exam 5) 1

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Romanticism, as a stylistic period in western art music, encompassed the years

Which of the following is not characteristic of romanticism?
An emphasis on balance and clarity of structures

Emotional restraint
Which of the following is not a characteristic aspect of romanticism in literature and painting?

Of all the inspirations for romantic art, none was more important than

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Which of the following composers is not associated with the romantic period?

Drawing creative inspiration from cultures of lands foreign to the composer is known as; Fascination with national identity also led composers to draw on colorful materials from foreign lands, a trend known as musical

Program music
instrumental music associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene.

The deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer’s own homeland is known as

Composers expressed musical nationalism in their music by
using the rhythms of the dances of their homelands.using their national legends as subject matter. basing their music on the folk songs of their country.

An orchestra toward the end of the romantic period might include close to ______ musicians.

Orchestra In Romantic Period
was larger and more varied in tone color than the classical orchestra.

Not True of Piano
The piano’s range remained basically the same as in the classical period.

Not True of Romantic Period
Romantic musicians often composed to execute a commission or meet the demands of an aristocratic or church patron

The composer whose career was a model for many romantic composers was

Franz Liszt
A romantic composer who earned his living as a touring virtuoso was

A very important musical part of every middle-class home during the romantic period was the

solo voice and piano.
An art song is a musical composition for

The word ___________ is commonly used for a romantic art song with a German text.

was the first great master of the romantic art song.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Schubert was eighteen years old when he composed the song Erlkönig, set to a poem by

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