Romantic Poets and Characteristics of Poetry

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Last updated: December 7, 2019
William Blake
The TygerLondon

WIllima Wordsworth
A ComplaintI Wander Lonely As a Cloud

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Lord Byron
She Walks in BeautyApostrophe to the Ocean

Samuel Taylor Coleridge poems
Hymn Before SunriseKubla Khan

John Keats poems
When I have Fears That I May Cease To BeBright Star

Percy Shelley poems
Mutability Ozymandias

Characteristics of Romantic Poetry

Nature2. Emotion3. Common Man4.

Individualism5. Imagination

What historical events inspired these poets?
The French and Industrial Revolution

Willian Blake bio
Studied the artsHad an interest in the BibleOther poets thought he was strangebelieved in individualism, radicalism, inspired by religion, Gothic art, and rebellion

The Tyger (theme)
Blakegood and evil have a purpose in the world, but it is a mystery. The poem shows that creation of a creature that is powerful and beautiful but dangerous. Described as a metal machine being created.

William Wordsworth bio
supported the French Revolution, developed radical political viewsconcentrated on nature, hated Industrial RevolutionHonored by many colleges.

I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud
Wordsworth`Nature teaches about humanity. Human should appreciate the beauty of nature.

The World is Too Much With Us
WordsworthThe Industrial Revolution is destroying the world. We should revert to nature.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge bio
suffered from depression and bipolar disorderaddicted to opium which inspired many of his poems, died of overdoes

Kubla Khan
Coleridgeabstract and passionate, mysterious.Written after an opium trip which gave him the words.

Lord Byron bio
came from a wealth familywas the first “celebrity” romantic poetlived an eccentric life, had many affairsdied of a fever

She Walks in Beauty
beauty is not just superficial, but from within.innocence is beautifuldark and subtle details are more beautiful than gaudy

Percy Shelley bio
born to large, wealthy family, inherited grandfather’s fortune.expelled from Oxford for writing “Necessity of Atheism”politically driven, passionate about nature, time passingdrowned in 1822

people and their reputation will eventually fade away, but nature will always remain.

John Keats bio
surrounded by death, many of his family died of TB.

trained to be a surgeonpoetry has sensual imagery, renaissance.

When I have Fears That I may Cease To Be
live life to the fullest, and with love because you only have one life

T: Title- without reading the poem, hypothesize what it is about based on the title of the poem.P: Paraphrase- After reading the poem, describe it in your own words. Use as many words to define as are in the poem.C: Connotation- write detailed notes on the poem and its deeper meaning.

Not key devices, meanings, beliefs, etc.A: Attitude- describe the tone of the poem, what emotions is the author trying to convey.S: Shift- identify the shifts in emotion of the piece, where do thoughts end?T: Title- After reading the poem, now think about what the author meant in the title.T: Theme- What is the overall meaning of the poem in one sentence?

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