Romanticism present. It features the man sitting dramatically

was a culture movement during the 19th century that dominated not
only art, but writing and music, as well as reviving Christianity. The main
qualities of romanticism art were the reflection of the artist’s inner feelings
and rejecting all characteristics of Classicism. The Romantics embraced warmth,
emotion, and movement. Caspar David Friedrich is a well-known German painter
that had a variety of famous paintings.

The Dreamer is a painting of a man, who some people presume is
Friedrich himself, sitting in the ruins of a medieval monastery in Oybin,
Germany. Monastery’s are where monks live under their religious vows. The
subject is sitting in the archway with a sunset in the background and tall
trees.  This painting is a romantic painting
because of the emotion that’s present. It features the man sitting dramatically
and intensely. The nature that’s featured, the sunset and the trees, is a focal
point of the painting as well.

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The possible themes and ways to interpret The Dreamer are various, especially
because of the perspective that Friedrich uses. He reversed the typical perspective,
as if the ruins of the monastery are the outside world and the outside world is
what’s beyond the arches. The man is most interested in what’s at a distance –
the sky and the nature. Like many romantic paintings, there are different ways
you can interpret the painting. How he could be looking at something much darker.
There’s such an intense feeling of emotion in The Dreamer, along with other romantic characteristics. It’s truly a
deep painting that can be interpreted in many ways.

Facts about Casper David Friedrich

1.     He grew up in a household of candle-makers and soap

2.     Many tragedies occurred in his life; like his mother
dying when he was seven, his sister dying the year later, his other sister
dying a few years later. The most traumatizing event was when he saw his thirteen-year-old
brother die by falling through the ice of a frozen lake. What’s the most tragic
is that his brother, Johann, was attempting to rescue Friedrich who was playing
on the ice dangerously

3.     The first time he dabbled in art was when he experimented
with etching designs into furniture and woodcuts

4.     He had to limit his painting abilities when he had his
first stroke, giving him minor limb paralysis. He became closed off to only
watercolor and even reworking his older paintings

5.     He was described as a “recluse” when he died. After Romanticism
was overpowered he

6.     His work was associated with Nazi’s. It was used for propaganda,
which took him decades to repair his reputation as someone who wasn’t tied to

7.     His style of painting landscapes is known to the main

8.     He was born in Greifswald, Germany

9.     He was a Professor at the Dresden Academy of fine arts

10.  When he was 42 he married 19-year-old Caroline Bommer


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