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Royal Occasions The Event Designers Specialists, will convey to the community at the Kingdome of Lebanon a new challenge to the event be aftering market and industry by unifying old values with new moving ridges, walking the excess stat mi, and following cutting edge event-planning schemes.Royal Occasions will endeavor to going the primary resource for any sort of event by concentrating on the mission behind it ‘s ‘ vision that will take the laminitiss, proprietors & A ; employees attempts to go one of the top event planning specializers in the Arab World and produce the same quality consequences every clip.

Through consistent predictable professionalism, Royal Occasions an equal chance concern, doing its typical expertness and sole merchandises available will help its clients fix their events, aid ease their juncture planning load and supply a dream event at a sensible monetary value.

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1.2 Mission.

One-stop dress shop

Royal Occasions ‘ mission is to go one of the top bring forthing companies in the industry by supplying the highest quality service to all clients. Entire resources include venue hunts, amusement rate & A ; contract dialogue, every bit good as complete construct, planning and on-site direction of events and air hose aid. Staying tuned with the market, using cutting-edge engineering and tendencies, while vouching all clients receive single attending.Royal Occasions becomes a time-saving one-stop dress shop that provides an easy valuable option for its clients, and a flexible work environmentA with just compensation for its laminitiss.

1.3 Keys to Success. Everything is accomplishable

In today ‘s fast-paced, of all time altering universe, success is dogged by smart picks for durable effects.

Royal Occasions will endeavor to carry through its ends and be the best pick of clients by:Making the most out of the sole expertness of its proprietors to offer increased value to its clients by carry throughing their wants.Continual and persevering client prospecting.Keeping same quality consequences at every event.Distinctive & A ; originative nuptialss and events ‘ designs.Supplying high Professional organisation endowments, & A ; on site direction.Search & A ; Management of all sort of Entertainment Programs ( oriental & A ; Hesperian ) including Contacts with pan Arab and international Stars.

Our keys to success include in every measure a committedness to quality by each and every member of our squad.

2. Company

Royal Occasions is the reply to particular event in demand of particular acknowledgment, tailored to run into all the demands of today ‘s of all time changing universe.

The metropolis of Riyadh at the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia will be the first base office with programs to spread out to several subdivisions within the undermentioned old ages in Jeddah and other metropoliss of the Arab World. Royal Occasions will put in the community it resides in by supplying work chances to local Manufacturers, workers and doing usage of local craftsmans ‘ merchandises.

Royal Occasionss

60 % H.R.H Princess Rima

Shares Paid in Cash

40 % Fadi BouSaid & A ;

Charbel AbouJaoudeh

Shares In-kind2.1 Company Ownership & A ; Capital


i?ˆ Her Royal Highness Princess Rima set Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.i?ˆ Mr.

Fadi BouSaid & A ; Mr. Charbel AbouJaoudeh


The Company Capital will be Two million Saudi Riyals [ SAR 2.000.000 ] . Shares will represent the full Capital of Royal Occasions divided as:60 % Shares for her Royal Highness Princess Rima. An investing to the full paid in Cash at the clip of the induction for the Amount of One Million two hundred Saudi Riyals [ SAR 1.200.

000 ] .40 % Shares for Mr. Fadi BouSaid & A ; Mr. Charbel AbouJaoudeh. An investing In Kind consisting of the Know-how of Mr. BouSaid & A ; Mr. AbouJaoudeh for the Amount of Eight Hundred Thousands Saudi Riyal [ SAR 800.000 ] .

2.2 Start-up Summary

Service-based, unlike others concerns, entail smaller financess to start-up ; therefore it is the want of the laminitiss of Royal Occasions to stay a debt-free company.With cautious be aftering on the laminitiss ‘ portion, start-up cost for Royal Occasions will be minimum. It begins with the least overhead disbursals, and so each undertaking event will cover its disbursals plus net income.Net income will be shared harmonizing to initial investing per centum of each stockholder in Company Capital.

2.3 Company Locations and Facilities

Royal Occasions ‘ caput quarters will be situated in an elegant location in the metropolis of Riyadh at the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia where clients see its central offices enabling us to show decently our thoughts for their events. It is ever possible for the undertaking director to see some clients for an debut.

The company shall continue the highest professionalism ; all offices must be at least 200m2 to the full equipped with the latest engineering: telephone systems, computing machines, fax machines, package, wireless cyberspace and a presentation room with a Television, DVD & A ; overhead projector.Each Undertaking will necessitate particular equipment that shall be used in events ; some include walky-talkies, portable facsimile machines, cellular phones, and laptops. A large storage infinite ( any suited location will make ) is needed for stuffs used in events and kept as assets for the company to impart in other undertakings.

3. Products and Services

Royal Occasions will be a one in all Company. Our expertness, accomplishments and strategic confederation in all countries of event planning let us to take in charge any event, cater all gustatory sensations and recognize any dream.

3.1 Description

Services & amp ; Merchandises that Royal Occasions can supply to the market are infinite below is a little description.Tailored Weddings:Forming & A ; Event Management of the large twenty-four hoursVenue Search & A ; Booking ( Including particular collapsible shelters rental )Developing Wedding twenty-four hours constructs, subjects & A ; proposal creative activitiesClient Budget PreparationThemed Venue Set-UpTables Set-Up [ Chairs, Tailored Chair Covers, Embroidered tabular array doyleies, Embroidered Napkins, Centerpiece, Show plates, Cutlery, Crystalsaˆ¦ ]Floral Arrangements & A ; ornamentReturn GiftsLighting design & A ; operationAudio Visual & A ; sound systemStill PhotographyVideo shooting & A ; redactingFireworksFine Catering directionAdvanced Wedding CakesEntertainment Selection & A ; contract dialogues [ Dance Shows, Singers, Pan Arab & A ; International Stars, Famous DJs, etcaˆ¦ ]ZaffehDress MakersBridal BouquetsHair Chest of drawerssMake-Up creative personsMedia CoverageHostesssMarrying Invitation/ Calligraphy writing/ RSVP/ Thank you Cards/ Place Names/Floor PlanGuests services: Air line & A ; hotel reserves and transitHoney MoonsSimply, We MAKE the event!B. Private Events: Gala Dinners, Iftars, Wedding Anniversaries, parties, etc…Forming & A ; on-site directionDecorationInvitation Card gamesEntertainment: Acrobats, Dance Shows, Singers, Pan Arab and International Stars, Famous DJs, etcaˆ¦C.

Themed Corporate Events: Merchandise Launches, Public Campaigns, Conferences, Fashion Shows, etcaˆ¦ ]Concept Development: A Concentrating on the stigmatization of the company & A ; be aftering an event that reflects its individuality.Tax return on Investment ( ROI ) Guidance: A MaximizingA corporate event ends & A ; prediction consequencesAttendee Management: Detailing the demands & A ; deliverables to each event attendantEntertainment plans choosing the appropriate event indulgence that will heighten the corporate event plan [ Acrobats, Dance Shows, Singers, Pan Arab & A ; International Stars, Famous DJs, etcaˆ¦ ] .Venue Reservations: A Researching & A ; choosing the location based on clients ‘ demandsDesign & A ; Decoration: Making a expression & A ; an ambiance for the event that makes a durable impact on attendantsAudio Visual: Supplying indispensable connectivity & A ; presentation capablenesssCatering: Choosing providing companies to fit the professionalism & A ; quality level the client demandsForming & A ; on-site directionInvitation Card gamesImperativeness ConferencesDestination Management


2 Rivals

Below a list of Royal Occasions Competitors in the Arab World


AmareyenWeddings R usNeimen AzziSamar KhayatMarrying for lifeCare of EventsE.Com.EventsInfomed International for eventsElevent – the elegant event organisersEvents PlusCaractere Events LebanonNuits de gala LebanonOzone OccasionssGlobal EventsKingdome of Saudi ArabiaHotelsCompaniesXtreme Promo Saudi Arabia Provides event direction, merchandise launches, service launches, event activities & A ; other related services in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Management Association Organizing & A ; pull offing events & A ; conferences in order to better & A ; develop direction & A ; instruction in Saudi ArabiaArab Conferences Company Saudi Arabia Specialized in planning, forming & A ; pull offing conferences in the Arab universeMix Events Saudi Arabia Organizing & A ; be aftering events & A ; exhibitions in Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesWorld of Events by DanataUpscale and PoshLeading Concepts4 Seasons amusement and events DubaiHuda Serhan UAESun Dance Events UAECenter Stage ManagementD’events Company UAE




Emad al-Samhan


Preston Baely ( Very well-known in the Arab World )

4. Market Analysis

The market ‘s dislocation for event planning lies under an umbrella of a broad and diverse assortment of limitless clients and limitless merchandises.


1 Market cleavage

Persons every bit good as organisations demand the assorted services we provide all twelvemonth long. For us to supply sustainable trust worthy information, we have broken down market sections into persons, private and public organisations.PersonsRoyal Occasions chief focal point would be the private patronage.

Majority of VIP ‘s maps private parties will fall under this section such as nuptialss, engagement parties, Gala dinners, DJ parties, etcaˆ¦Private Organizations and BusinesssPrivate organisations will do up a big part of Royal Occasions ‘ client base. Private organisations, viz. concerns and corporations, host most of their events on a larger graduated table ; therefore, such events generate bigger grosss per each event.Public OrganizationsGovernment ministries host many events every twelvemonth. Royal Occasions hopes to buoy up the force per unit area of such event planning for the public recruits. The public sector, being the 2nd largest section, can assist salvage money and pay back its community.

Those events are reasonable in graduated table and have middle/low gross coevals. Emphasis is placed on the visibleness of the event for public screening.

4.2 Target Market Segment

Our mark markets range from center to upper category to VIP households, persons, and Organizations private and public. Those groups are able to afford our expertness, necessitate our particular input in their of import jubilations and necessitate small clip to save when it comes to event planning.

Overwhelming inside informations needed to be after large events are a large of a restraint to put on people non holding been trained in the countries of event planning.

4.3 Service Business Analysis

Royal Occasions will achieve a typical place in competition. We will go one of the first companies of its sort in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, viing against event contrivers coming from abroad both on a big and little graduated table.

The wage and drawbacks of our rivals compared to the services we will offer will barely be a lucifer in monetary value and quality.Royal Occasions will set up a outstanding repute, and a major client base. Our chief advantage, handiness to the client, office based in the metropolis with squads present throughout all major stairss of planning, and during & As ; after all events.Our rivals lack a systems-based concern intended to manufacture consistent results, do non hold back uping merchandises to market event planning services, and concentrate on specialised events instead than all events.


Scheme and Execution

As discussed earlier our client base is broad and diverse, Royal Occasions scheme would be to market expeditiously by providing to the demands of the market and guaranty first-class consistent consequences at all times, while viing candidly utilizing all available resources at the lowest cost possible.

5.1 Selling

Throughout the will of the laminitiss & A ; squad, its incorporate selling program and strategic confederation with Vissionnaire_ Lebanon, Royal Occasion will corroborate that Great Things Happen by:A typical Corporate IdentityElegant HeadquartersUse Visionnaire Archive, as a start-up, for clients to hold an thought about the excellence in Creativity & A ; Production.

Market research: Significant Customer Database, Customers profilingFirst Event at the Kingdome will go the talk of the town ; people will be interested to cognize who was in chargeIntensive meetings with chief Corporations national & A ; international, Ministries and EmbassiesDegree of Competition and Industry Analysis on a quarterly footing to detect Dominant Players, Presence of Conglomerates and Detect New Entries to the market.Highly designed Website, with presence on major hunt engines.Ad Campaign in all medias including Website addsPR and gross revenues directionGross saless Force ratingDirect MailingAddition Market Awareness to new and possible clients utilizing Press Releases and Media InterviewsIncentives for gross revenues Rep

5.2 Gross saless

By get downing on a smaller graduated table, Royal Occasions will hold the penetration to thrive at a fleet gait to maintain up with the market ‘s demand. We hope to keep a solid rate of gross revenues growing ; however, we realize that gross revenues of merchandises and services vary in different seasons and months.When selling to persons, it is of import to guarantee a worry-free event. Our publicities are chiefly under a word of oral cavity selling or ocular connexion with major events that those persons have attended or participated in.

When selling to Private and Public Organizations, it is ever approximately efficiency and professionalism. Large groups prefer non to cover with problems that might originate due to their inadvertence. If we guarantee a worry-free, error-free event at a cost benefit to them, there truly appears to be no better pick.

5.3 Pricing

In Event Planning Business depending on Concept, Project and Budget invoices a per centum will be charged on entire Event Cost as Production Fees & A ; Agency Fees.

Production Fees will be between 10- 20 % as a grade up on Production Cost

& A ;

Agency Fees will be between 15- 25 % of Entire Event Cost.Upon subscribing the Contract client will pay 50 % of Total Estimated Event Cost. Before the event 2nd payment of 25 % will be made and Last payment will be due after event decision and Final Invoice issued. The Undertaking director will explicate with a follow-up phone call, one twenty-four hours after the event, entire costs, entire figure of attendants, and the charge information.Individual parties of any age group are placed on a charge rhythm. Bills will be sent one twenty-four hours after event and will be due immediately.

Private and Public Organizations ‘ Bills will be sent straight and be due after 15 yearss.Feedback signifiers will be included with all bills to guarantee that clients are served as they consider suiting. Thank-you cards shall follow each bill colony and event.


Management Drumhead

Royal Occasions ‘ precedence would be to reasonably counterbalance its ‘ employees, proprietors and laminitiss while endeavoring to supply conventional and qualified working environment to force its ‘ squad to a higher degree of professionalism by a consistent and accurate fulfilment of the client ‘s wants.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Royal Occasions squad will be little in the beginning ; enlisting on a full clip footing for staff will be minimum while the major working force will be hired on a contract footing upon the demand of every undertaking.In a team-work, one ‘s public presentation affects that of others, hence Royal Occasions direction, full clip squad and portion clip undertaking squads shall work as one entity with uninterrupted communicating done through hebdomadal staff meetings, electronic mails, message boards, and on-sites trips.

Should Royal Occasions turn more specialised personal will be recruited.

6.2 Management Team

As laminitiss of Royal Occasions Mr. Fadi BouSaid & A ; Mr. Charbel AbouJaoudeh will pull off the company without bear downing any fees. They will be present in Riyadh ‘s office most of the times although their presence in Lebanon and other states is important for cost production decrease and quality control.

One of them at least will be at manus for every undertaking, in planning, for presentation & A ; contract subscribing with clients, several yearss before the event for concluding touch ups and existent events for visual aspects. Under their supervising every undertaking will hold a Undertaking Manager and an Architect in instance of several undertakings with least clip difference more will be hired.

6.3 Forces Plan

Estimated forces needed for Royal Occasions ‘ first office will dwell of:A Primary that plans events, contracts with caterers, interior designers, DJ ‘s, sets and so on,A Public Relations associate, for client contact services & A ; Gross salessAn Executive Secretary with minimum impression of accounting for day-to-day payments, cheques composing, and junior-grade hard currency disbursals enrollment.A reliable Driver that can follow-up documents with authorities bureaus & A ; embassies.

7. Fiscal program

Service-based concerns need little financess to make, and as they expand and grow, fewer financess to retain.

Royal Occasions Start-up costs will ne limited to nominal equipment and wages. There is small full clip staff to pay at first, and contracted companies shall take attention of any extra demands for Events.Royal Occasions merely encumbers at foundation at the Kingdome to pay for Legal induction cost, Office Rent, Office Furniture & A ; Equipment and monthly wages. As mentioned earlier each undertaking will cover its disbursals plus a net income. After Each Event ‘s completion Auditing will be made to finalise payments due to contractors, Review Client Contract for rapprochement with related disbursals and Calculate Project Net Net income.

Auditing will be conducted by both parties_ her Royal Highness Princess Rima and Mr. Fadi BouSaid & A ; Mr. Charbel AbouJaoudeh.

Upon her discretion, her Royal Highness Princess Rima will name an Hearer from her side and Mr. BouSaid & A ; Mr. AbouJaoudeh will name Salloum Auditors Beirut, Lebanon, to be their Auditor & A ; Consultant.As a Conclusion Royal OccasionsA will offer destinationA direction services throughout the land of Saudi Arabia, non merely Riyadh, and will convey a new genius to the market given its alone combination As a Company with a signature, a One-Stop Boutique and Everything is Accomplishable.Royal Occasions will go in the close hereafter a really good reputable company for its excellence and differentiation and have offices in metropolis all over the Arab universe.

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