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Last updated: August 25, 2019

Running head: Helping the Disabled         Helping the DisabledAmanda ChesserJackson College Helping the DisabledHealth insurance agencies, laws and the courts discriminateagainst the disabled population because they think they are costly, think they’rediseased, require special or specific services, covering only services thatwould improve their disability, not covering it because it’s not considered a disability,even if it hinders their disability more; they will limit their benefits, denyingwellness plans, not covering basic needs such as wheelchairs, stereotyping andstigmas, Blake (2017).THE WHY Despite the importanceof access to healthcare for the disabled, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)has made little inroads in reducing disability-based discrimination by healthinsurers in the United States.

One reason is undoubtedly the ADA’s insurancesafe harbor, which explicitly permits insurers to discriminate on the basis ofdisability in health insurance so long as the differential treatment issupported by actuarial data and is not just intended to disadvantage thedisabled. While the safe harbor’s harms are somewhat limited by the advent ofthe Affordable Care Act (ACA), they are not entirely neutralized. This articleargues that there are both practical and principled reasons for amending theADA to remove the insurance safe harbor. Practically speaking, the ADA couldprove a useful tool to challenge aspects of the ACA that place the disabled ata disadvantage, but the insurance safe harbor limits this reach in meaningfulways. From a more principled or philosophical lens, the insurance safe harboris a law that perpetuates stigma against the disabled and that no longerreflects the views of American society. For these reasons, and many others, arethinking of the ADA’s insurance safe harbor is necessary and timely, Blake,Abstract, (2017).Examples and Explanations I found out while at my clinical today at Lyle A. TorrantCenter that insurance coverage is the hardest and biggest issue right now there.

They were so excited to use the right kind of chair that doesn’t strain the children’snecks and technology equipment that can help the children improve their disabilities.I witnessed how much they improved with the simple yet costly equipment in amatter of minutes. A single mom that has a disabled son comes there to workand she mentioned how hard it was to get her insurance to cover simple thingslike a tube connector even though the insurance pays for the equipment that youplug it into. It would cost her a couple hundred out of her pocket. She stated “Youhave to be a fighter if you want to get it”, mom at Lyle Torrent (2018, January24). She told me she fights and gets the things she needs, but it’s a monthlybattle and not everyone is a fighter like her. She also has Blue Cross Blue Shieldand Meridian to her advantage too.

A lot of the disabled population has Meridianwhich can both be a good and bad thing. Public insurance can prevent them fromworking or less, they will get more benefits, but not all they need necessarily,Blake, para. 10,11 (2017). If they don’t fight for their benefits then they won’tget everything they need and those are the ones I’m concerned about. CONCLUSIONEnding the insurance safeharbor could be a way to reconcile the ADA with the ACA, embrace public supportfor antidiscrimination in healthcare financing, and fight stigmatizing notionsthat the disabled are somehow less worthy of mutual aid in healthcare. It isworth further consideration as to whether repeal or modification is possible,and what the ramifications of such a repeal might be, Blake, para. 39 (2017).My Input            After watching the kids excel today and seeing the strugglesthey go through and reading about the discrimination online I believe theending safe harbor would be most beneficial.

The ACA could be tweaked to whereit would include the disabled without discrimination. I think awareness of thestigma is what will make people come to terms with it and abolish safe harboror at least change it. The disabled deserve to live comfortable just like anyother person and making it harder or nearly impossible I believe isdiscrimination.

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