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  Ryan Nicholas Aw JunYouS10171877GT101 WRITING FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES (AY 2017/18)PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT (60 MARKS)  Proposition            This proposal aims to increaseawareness amongst the current youth for Willing Hearts’ mission, which is toprovide support for the underprivileged, the needy, as well as other marginalisedmembers of society through various social media campaigns. In addition to that,having a partnership with Cooking Mama, to release a game based on the commemorativecookbook (“Willing Hearts 10th Anniversary”) that was published. PrefaceWilling Hearts has limited success in terms of outreach towards youth,specifically.

The publicity efforts of Willing Hearts have been aimed towards ageneral audience, limiting the particular interest garnered from youth. Our socialmedia activity is rather stagnant, and that is not beneficial as most youthengage in social media activity. Thus, we are missing out on an outlet where afurther reach to youth is available. The social media activity of Willing Hearts has been passive and limited.We have been primarily post on Facebook (WillingHeartsSingapore) amongst theother social media that is used, which is not very effective as it does notfully cover the platforms that youth are on. We have not promoted thecommemorative cookbook enough on our social media pages, and that limits theexposure of the campaign.

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 In order to increase awareness about our organisation, here is a list ofactions that can be taken. A series of campaigns on social media and otheroutlets, which would help increase traffic on relevant social media pages.Starting with re-applying the social media campaign that was started for us bySaatchi & Saatchi (#bored), as well as start a YouTube channel, where wewill be able to post personalised videos from the organisation, and reach amore targeted audience. Secondly, a partnership with the creators of the gameCooking Mama, where we can promote the commemorative cookbook. Through thegame, we can also raise awareness of the organisation and donate to help themas well. Finally, #FindTheIngredient, which is an advertisement where the userwould see the advertisement and they would realise how the unfortunate areunable to acquire the basic ingredients, and urge the user to go down toWilling Hearts and lend their services to us. This proposal aims to increaseawareness amongst the current youth for Willing Hearts’ mission, which is toprovide support for the underprivileged, the needy, as well as other marginalisedmembers of society through various social media campaigns, as well aspartnering with Cooking Mama, to release a game in conjunction with thecookbook released. PositionWilling Hearts is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that targets a widerange of audiences, including people of all ages (Willing Hearts).

Ourorganisation has always been targeted to people of all ages, and we acceptvolunteers from all walks of life, regardless of age as well. Therefore, ourpublicity outreach has to be very broad and general, and that brings with itthe consequence of not having much of a personalised message to different agegroups. Willing Hearts’ social media presence is not prominent. We have aFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram page, but not a YouTube channel, and theseplatforms are not regularly updated. This is not beneficial for our cause,since a low level of social media activity would not gain much interest amongstyouths for our cause.

Our following on our Twitter (WillingHeartsSg) andInstagram (willingheartssg) accounts are considerably low as a whole as well.This can be attributed to the stagnant activity on the two social mediaplatforms. On the other hand, the organisation’s social media standing onFacebook (WillingHeartsSingapore) is considerably higher than on our Twitterand Instagram. However, that being said, the traffic on Willing Hearts’Facebook is made up of mostly middle-aged people. We do not have that manyposts on our feed by youths.  Willing Hearts’ have very limited campaigns to promote our organisationand our cause.

For example, Willing Hearts released a commemorative cookbook fortheir 10th anniversary (“Willing Hearts 10th Anniversary).This cookbook features recipes by renowned chefs in Singapore. The funds fromthis cookbook would go into covering the cost of the utilities used at WillingHearts, and also to promote awareness for our organisation. Willing Hearts hasdone a social media campaign as well, which was managed by the advertisingcompany Saatchi & Saatchi (#bored). This was the social media campaign “#Bored”.This social media campaign has made use of the platform Twitter to help us getmore volunteers and spread the word about our organisation.

We searched for thehashtag “Bored”, on Twitter, and found Singaporeans who were bored and hadnothing to do, and we responded personally to the tweets where we invited themdown to volunteer and help out.  Problem / PotentialWilling Hearts has a very low presence on our social media platforms.This hinders our outreach to the youth demographic and would make it moredifficult to elicit responses from them. Willing Hearts’ social media pages aresorely lacking in terms of activity and presence. According to a study ofSingaporeans and their social media activity by Rock Publicity (“The State ofSocial Media in Singapore”), Singaporean youths have high traffic on YouTubeand Twitter as well.

However, Willing Hearts’ social media activity does nothave enough social media output on those platforms to congruently reflect whatSingaporean youths actively use. Our Facebook page is the most active amongstthe three, but it is not the most optimal to have all our social media activityon one platform. On the subject of social media platforms, our Twitter (WillingHeartsSg)account was last updated in August 2014, and our Instagram (willingheartssg) onDecember 2016. This is not a boon for us, as youths typically gravitate towardsnew media platforms, and we could have seized that opportunity to make ourselvesmore prominent on the platforms that youths are more active on.

 Willing Hearts has not utilised availablesocial media platforms to its fullest extent. Following the fact that we do notregularly post updates on most of our social media platforms, and we do nothave a YouTube channel either, which would be beneficial in spreading the wordabout our organisation, through promotional videos and partnerships with othercompanies.  Willing Hearts’ recent campaign about our 10th anniversarycommemorative cookbook (“Willing Hearts 10th Anniversary”) could bepotentially more successful if we had made full use of their social mediaplatforms to advertise it. After the “#Bored” campaign was launched by Saatchi& Saatchi for Willing Hearts, there was a surge of volunteers who went downto offer their time to help the underprivileged. Willing Hearts’ publicity wasupped because that campaign had made use of social media that was popularamongst our audience. However, after that campaign was had ended, our regularupdates on Twitter came to a halt, which was where the campaign had takenplace.

Seeing as how the “#Bored” campaign had led to much success in terms ofspreading awareness of our organisation to people who would otherwise be lazingtheir day away, our organisation could pick up this campaign again and apply itto all of the social media platforms that we have.  PossibilitiesFirstly, Willing Hearts could increase the traffic on our own socialmedia outlets, especially those that are popular amongst youth. Willing Heartscan reapply the “#Bored” campaign to our existing social media platforms. Thisway, we can pick up more followers on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, as weare utilising the platform that more of the current youth generation are using.Also, since our Facebook page is the more successful social media platform thatwe have, we should make use of that platform and reach out to more people usingthat hashtag. This move would help us reach out to more youth, as we would beusing the language and platforms that youth use regularly.

Thus, according tothe Cumulative Effects Theory (Dominick), social media users, in this case,youth as our target audience, would see this campaign going on, and although itmight not have immediate effect, with repeated exposure to this campaign, theuser would become more interested in the campaign and actually check out thewebsite and the likelihood of them going down to volunteer would increase. Followingthat, Willing Hearts can start a YouTube page as well. There, we can put uppromotional and informational videos for our organisation, as well as do weeklyfeatures of our volunteers, covering topics such as why they choose tovolunteer and what they have taken away from the experience. This wouldincrease awareness for our organisation as it is another social media outletthat is frequently sought after by youths. Secondly, Willing Hearts can partner with the creators of the gameCooking Mama, and come out with our very own version of Cooking Mama, localedition. Since Willing Hearts is an organisation that mainly helps theunderprivileged, the needy, as well as the marginalised by providing them withmeals, we can come up with a cooking app where we can incorporate the recipesthat were featured in the commemorative cookbook in the game. We can evendemonstrate alternatives for the ingredients used. For example, somealternative ingredients for vegetarians.

Another feature that can beincorporated is that in the game, there can be some fun facts for the player toread when they are waiting for the game to load. These fun facts can includehow the underprivileged are not able to afford basic ingredients such as riceand oil on a daily basis. These would have a more resounding effect on the players.Using this impact, the Willing Hearts’ symbol can be prominently placed in thegame so that players know that it is in partnership with Willing Hearts.

Theywould be more inclined to go to the Willing Hearts website to find out moreabout how they can help the underprivileged after reading the few fun facts. Thisgame can be made available as a Facebook game, so that players can share thegame with their friends. This could also help in getting funds for ourorganisation. For instance, for every level cleared by 100 people, 100kg ofrice would be donated to Willing Hearts by the creators of Cooking Mama. Thiswould spark interest in people and would naturally help to gain publicity,especially if made available on a social media platform. Thirdly, Willing Hearts could come up with an interactive advertisement called#FindTheIngredient that runs on social media platforms such as Instagram andYouTube.

This advertisement would be 10 seconds long, where it would display avariety of ingredients and have the user find the proper ingredients needed fora certain dish. If they get the ingredients correct, there will be a pop-up forthe commemorative cookbook will appear, as well as a link to volunteer atWilling Hearts. Using this advertisement, the users are aware on theingredients that go into making a simple dish. When they are finding theingredient, the price for each ingredient would be shown as well. After theuser finishes the advertisement game, they would be notified about thestatistics about how the underprivileged and the needy are not able to affordthese basic ingredients on their daily lives. This would spur them tosympathise with the unfortunate.  ProposalThe partnership with the creators of the game, Cooking Mama is the mostviable amongst all the campaign ideas.

This is an interactive medium wherebythe audience are able to interact with part of what the organisation is about,and it helps in donating to the organisation as well. Also, making it localedition would get more attention, as locals would be more interested in makingdishes that they usually eat, or see often in their home country. Also, sincethis game is to be released on Facebook, the game would spark interest on theonline community, and since there is where most of Willing Hearts’ social mediaactivity, it would be a good place for us to start as well.

 The move to increase traffic across all social media platforms thatexists holds little promise of success. Since our traffic on the other socialmedia platforms are low, and Facebook is already established as the main socialmedia platform being used, it would be wise to continue using it as our primarysocial media platform, as our primary audience base has been set on Facebook.Trying to build up our other social media platforms would require more time anddoes not guarantee profit in terms of user traffic on the other sites. Thismove could be incorporated into the game campaign, where the other social mediaoutlets are marketed into the Cooking Mama game, which has the potential ofincreasing efficiency of promoting the presence of the other social mediaoutlets without it being a stand-alone campaign on its own. The advertisement campaign of #FindTheIngredient does not guaranteeprofit in terms of awareness for our organisation. Social media users tend toalways skip ads, or pay no attention to them. This would not bode well in termsof gaining popularity, and it does not promise that the audience who are exposedto this will consider going down to Willing Hearts even after they complete theentire game, as they might have more things on their hands, and that will endup with wasted resources on the campaign. Since this campaign does not tie inwith any trends, or anything that has been raved about on social media, thetarget audience, youths, may not find it interesting and would not pay anyattention to it.

This campaign is not much of an original idea, and youthsthese days look for original content. Then again, on that notion, youths deemoriginal content valid and interesting if it has an element of fun. This is notentirely beneficial, since focusing on the element of fun would divert thefocus of the entire campaign, which is to raise awareness about Willing Hearts,and have more people go down and volunteer.   Work Cited “#bored?Volunteer with Willing Hearts.” Saatchi& Saatchi, 23 May 2013, http://saatchi.ru/en-us/news/bored_volunteer_with_willing_hearts/.Accessed 25 Jan.

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