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Initial thoughts were based on recent economic events – the credit crunch, downturn ND what led to its occurrence. I wanted to asses to what extent the credit crunch can and will affect the micro-banking sector across the globe. Doing a bit of research on the above, diverted my train of thought towards viewing micro-banks as Immune to the global financial crisis. I wanted to Investigate what about the micro banking process would cause this immunity.

It became apparent that the above Idea Is not black and white, as micro banking Is no longer 100% Insular in developing countries.In fact further investigation needs to be done to determine if ever was (completely insular) and wheat rent balance is potentiometer’s t micro banks and all ethos, which have external influences, such as ownership/ control by large global organizations. This led to the initial topic for the dissertation going towards the following: Investigate in great detail, the extent to which the ways Miff are funded affect their primary objective of improving poverty in communities. Is going to thoroughly compare and draw conclusions on externally funded and intimately funded Miff.

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It will aim to prove that domestic funding is more desirable. Doing so by highlighting in great detail, the ‘drawbacks’ of external ending, the direction in which it is going in terms of serialization, the way large commercial banks are getting involved, how the credit crunch could see ties cut down drastically (in which case domestic funding becomes apparent as a more reliable option). I intended to base my arguments around Dimmed MFC, as a small domestically funded MFC in Delta state, Nigeria This bank and the community which it provides a service will be at the centre of my case study.I made the decision to have an extensive interview with its CEO, looking to get detailed information on the reporter mission of the bank and what strategy will be used to achieve its goals. With this interview, I also wanted to his view on the subject matter of funding, and listen to his point of view on why he believes (if he believes) that internal funds are better. I will also be very keen to find out if he thinks that other communities such as Dimmed across the county can achieve what has been done in this situation.The oft of May 2009 was major milestone in writing my dissertation proposal. It had transpired, after the fuss draft was reviewed by the dissertation futon, that the assertion topic selected is not appropriate for several reasons.

It was revealed to me In ten Loose rotation workshop Tanat an Investigation Into Autumnal AT would certainly require more data than I planned to accumulate. In fact case study would have been entirely useless. It became apparent that the research questions asked were impossible to answer considering the amount of information needed to answer these questions.A total change in direction became imminent and considering the time left to submitting the proposals (2 weeks), I became very pressured realizing how much more work needed to be done. After to of careful thinking and still wanting to carry out a case study, the ideas for the dissertation topic suggested was as follows: ‘A feasibility study into starting up a successful MFC in a rural area in Nigeria”, I was smelly happy to be able still to carry out a case study, and it transpired that this topic is more appropriate, as there is potentially a lot of detail, and lots of issues to consider.

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