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Spielberg, the director of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ chose not to have music during the entire battle. Spielberg chooses not to have music in order for you to hear the screams of men dying as they bravely fight for their country. You can hear the shear amount of bullets ripping through the sea air. This is to give the film a bigger impact on the viewers. This differs completely from the older film ‘Longest Day’ which the director decided to have music at all times during the entire battle at Omaha Beach.

The music is victorious and doesn’t show the true massacre on Omaha Beach. The music was victorious to exaggerate the strength of the Americans.Spielberg depicts the Nazis in an inhuman way. The shots of the Nazis are very dark. Only their hands feeding bullets into the machine guns are shown. Spielberg chooses not to show the Nazi men’s faces to increase their evilness.

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If the audience sees them as human the bloody battle on the beach will have less impact. Showing them as faceless beings makes the Nazis seem dark and evil, intent on slaughtering the Americans. Darryl F.

Zanuck, the director of ‘Longest Day’ depicts the Nazis in a human way. All of the shots of the Nazis show their faces and their emotions. The Nazis are running all over the office answering phones and giving orders.

Zanuck chooses to show the Nazis faces to show an unbiased view. The film tells you that the Nazis were not the super power you thought they were.Spielberg shows the leaders as just men and not leaders.

When Tom Hanks lands on the beach he is confused and disorientated. He temporarily appears to be slightly deaf when the men are shouting at him asking for orders. This is filmed liked this to show that it doesn’t matter who you are. Showing the leaders as soldiers on a battle field makes the Americans feel small and unorganised.In ‘Saving Private Ryan’ there were much violence and savage deaths.

During the film you see men on the beach with their internal organs hanging out and the sea is a red colour. Spielberg decided to have this level of violence to show how evil the Nazis are. It is showing you that the Nazis don’t hesitate to kill men just like they are.

The soldiers in Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan’ are feeling sick to the thought of the deaths and how many of their friends are going to come home after this bloody battle. As the landing boats are coming in to the beach, men are being sick and one man was kissing his religious cross hanging round his neck. However, in the older film, the soldiers are just soldiers and you don’t see much of them.In the modern film the camera angles and lighting are very similar to that of the older film. Both of the films have a panning shot which is where the camera is at the same level as the men and moving up the beach along with men.

The lighting is dim. There is a lot of smoke in the air.This concludes that the ‘Longest Day’ by Darryl F. Zanuck was not as realistic as Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

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