Scarlett suffer every time like women has to

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 Scarlett CaseQ:1     Was the response of the HR representativeat the end of the case appropriate? If you arethe HR department, how are you going to deal with Mr. Brighton one ofthe senior partners in this case?Ans.    According to my viewpoint, the decision of Mr.

Green, who was HRrepresentative was not good at all. He isrequired to be taken into consideration both parties but he had given specialimportance to Mr. Brighton while he was taking a decision and convince Ms. Scarlett to give little stress onthat situation which she had faced due toMr. Brighton. If company appoints me asHR department then firstly, I must have taken a complaint made by Ms. Scarlett and then seriously act upon the situation,view the laws related to sexual harassment policy, taken the case promptly andhave taken quick strict decision atthe time of the first complaint made by Ms.

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Scarlett to avoid suchtype of offense in future. Q:2     What are the main sources of conflict inthis case?Ans.    There are various sources of conflict inthis case, such as male-dominated societyas well as voting on seniority basis where the decisions can be biased as inthis company partnership business modelwas used where majority voting was by senior partners. Moreover, In male-dominated society, women suffer every time like women has to face sexualharassment and they have to listen everyone before taking  final decision as well as they faced bad treatment by others as Ms. Scarlett faced bythe people in her organization by her boss Mr.

Brighton and HR representativeMr. Green Q:3     What is the role conflict between the HRrepresentative Mr. Green and Mr.

Brighton?Ans.    The role conflict between the HRrepresentative, Mr. Green and Mr. Brighton is the situation that directly influencesboth the parties such as when HR representative Mr. Green asked Mr. Brightonnot to worry about the complaints which weremade by Ms.

Scarlett. Moreover, the words used by Mr. Green to Ms. Scarlett wasnot to take everything in an over-whelmedmanner.

So, Mr. Green is the HR representative who directly influenced thesituation on both sides.Q:4     What is Ms. Scarlett’s  conflict response style? The HRrepresentative? Mr. Brighton?Ans. Q:5     Consider the five styles of conflict management(forcing, avoiding, accommodating, compromising,and collaborating). Which one is the most effective in this situation and why?Ans.

The fivestyles of conflict management are forcing, avoiding, accommodating, compromising and collaborating1.      Forcing- Forcing is the situation when one make resistance to other partiesactions. It is also known as competing.2.      Avoiding- This is asituation when low importance is given not only other parties interest but alsoto your own interest.

In other words, avoidance means behavior either to denyor resist to involve in a contract. For example when some person tries tobecome over-polite.3.      Accommodating-  Accommodatingis a situation when there is co-operation among team members but every personworks hard to achieve their own goals, motives, and expectations. It is very helpfulto make a long-term relationship with team members because sometimes one personhas to sacrifice his own goals for the benefit of another person.4.      Compromising- Compromisingis the situation when one is trying to resolve the differences to reach the best solution.

5.      Collaborating- When thereis a cooperation between parties to reacha best possible solution. Q:6    What possible long-term and the short-term solution could be used to solve thisproblem?Ans.    There are a lotof solutions which could be used to solve this solution which was not taken bythe head of the HR department(Ms. Green).

If wetalk about the short-term solution, he should use the formal investigation,should act seriously and promptly, should listen to Mr. Scarlett’s views and makeconversation with other colleagues. On the other hand, he should make strategies,read laws related to sexual harassment and policies related to this policy aswell as should take a strict decision so that these types of problems could notarise another time.

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