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Last updated: January 29, 2019

Networks are the arteries of modern business and are vital for sharing information and communication both inside and outside the organization. In today’s fast-changing and often risky business environment, it is critical for IT to effectively secure systems – a process that is both costly and time-consuming. At the same time, IT managers are expected to enhance worker productivity and implement new technologies that drive competitive advantage for the business.This project describes how, by adopting an organized approach to security,  IT managers will spend less time cleaning up messes and more  time helping their organization meet its goals.This project will also look at some history of networking, as well as an introduction to TCP/IP and internetworking.

We go on to consider risk management, network threats, firewalls, and more special-purpose secure networking devices. This will help me to identify and evaluate the network security needs of the company in question.Objectives1.

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      Research and evaluate network security considering methods that could be used to protect corporate systems2.      Research and evaluate network systems strategy and evaluate the company’s systems against current best practices3.      Review current company policy and procedures4.      Analyze, design and develop methodology to improve network security within the company.5.

      Produce set of recommendations based on the methodology to improve the company’s network security.6.      Evaluation of the project and the application of the research7.      Produce a dissertation.ConstraintsAvailability of the sponsors or any other constraints you might envisage.ResourcesAccess to network security materials, books and journalsPCReportingTo the sponsorKeep in contact  via e-mail with University supervisor

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