School serves as their second home wherein moral

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Last updated: September 6, 2019

School is a very important part in every person’s life, becauseit serves as a preparatory stage in entering a new chapter of life – thefuture.  It is a meeting place forstudents and teachers. It is a source of opportunity for study and discipline.And it widens the perspective and outlook of the students. School serves astheir second home wherein moral values, behavior as well as virtues such assincerity, perseverance, truthfulness, tolerance, and obedience are beingtaught. It develops each and every student as an individual to their fullestpotentials.

It equips everyone with knowledge, skills, and abilities and howthey will perform well academically in every subject.Students’ academic performance serves as a basis on how well theyare doing in every subject area that deals with their studies. As stated by JanelleRegier (2011), it plays a vital role since it is strongly connected with thepositive product that students value. They are responsible for economic andsocial development of the country that will become leaders and manpower in thefuture. But as the time goes by, students do not care if they will perform wellor not in subjects like Science, Filipino or English, especially inMathematics.  That is why it is a hugeconcern not just only in school but also in the society nowadays. According to Edson Tandoc (2012), based on the global survey ofthe World Economic Forum (WEF), Philippines ranked 115 out of 142 countries interms of quality of Math education. Filipino students are struggling and havinga difficult time in appreciating the creativity of Mathematics even with simplecalculations.

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They are thinking that Mathematics is boring and hard, andfrequently hearing them saying, “Where am I ever going to use this? I will notuse them after the test.” They also look Mathematics more on numbers, equationsand signs instead of understanding them that leads to afraid of trying.There are various factors why students are performing poorly interms of academics in Math. This research has gained a lot of significantattentions coming from previous researches and it is still being considered asa serious and widespread problem up to this day.

By this research, the researcherswill identify the causes of this phenomenon and the possible solutions toaddress this issue.

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