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Last updated: April 27, 2019
The science of studying the earth and its physical history is called
We must make sure our philosophy be based on
scientific facts and the Bible.
Scientific investigations prove the truthfulness of
The system that is used for finding scientific truth is called
the scientific method.
An experiment is a series of tests to
prove or disprove a hypothesis.
Conclusions made without evidence are
For an experiment to be valid, it must be confirmed by
A well designed experiment will not always be able to establish the accuracy of any and every
A hypothesis is an
educated guess
Testing a scientific hypothesis helps you determine if
your idea is correct.
Reasoning and observation support a theory
although it may not be experimentally verified.
A proposed explanation of why something occurs
is a theory
A literature search is always part of a
scientific investigation.
Recorded observations are called data.
Data can help us draw conclusions from our research.
Evidence” is not necessarily proof that an idea is

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