Science Automobile Aerodynamics, Renewable Energy and Addictive Manufacturing.

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Last updated: August 19, 2019

Science byall measures has made a huge impact on my life. The ability to involve sciencein determining the solution to a problem has always fascinated me sincechildhood. Hence, I opted for science stream and completed my higher secondaryexamination securing 89.

4%. During my higher secondary. I developed a passiontowards Mathematics and Physics, the concepts and their application requiringcreative thinking and problem-solving skills.

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This was the turning point of mylife, I decided that machines and their mechanisms would always draw myinterest and was my passion. Under graduation in Mechanical Engineering was theway forward and hence I secured a seat in this discipline in Vellore Instituteof Technology. During my undergraduate years I have acquired strongfundamentals on basic engineering courses like Material Science, Materials andInstrumental Techniques, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, CAD/CAM,Automobile Aerodynamics, Renewable Energy and Addictive Manufacturing. MaterialSciences captivated my interest during my Undergraduate study. This fascinationled me to work on a mini project ‘Design and Analysis of Brake Pedal’ with twoof my friends. We worked on comparing the stress and deflection of differentcross-sections involving materials namely Steel, Aluminium and Poly Amide Glassfibre (PA66 30%GF). The I-Cross section gave better results compared to theother cross-sections and hence it was used in constructing Brake pedal. The Usageof polymeric composite in brake pedal gave better results in terms of minimalstress, weight and optimum deflection but reduced its application owing to itshigher price when compared to the others.

This project was well appreciated bythe management and we received a certificate for securing 100% marks. It wasduring this phase little did I know that I would find my niche in materialsciences. Due to myincreasing inquisitiveness on materials I started to work with Dr DevendranathRamkumar, Professor Head of the department Manufacturing, Vellore InstituteTechnology for my final year project. The project was carried out acknowledgingthe Industrial problems occurring at high temperatures applications such ascracking in hot water piping and occurrence of corrosion at weld interface etc.A detailed research on ‘Effect of fillers on Ti-stabilized stainless steel’ wasperformed. Titanium stabilized austenitic stainless steel AISI321 is used asthe parent metal due to its high resistance to Intragranular corrosion andincreased creep strength attributable to the formation of Titanium carbide athigh temperatures. Pulsed current gas tungsten arc welding was performedemploying two niobium added fillers ER347, ERNiCRMo-3 and a molybdenum addedfiller ERNiCrMo-4. Due to its advantages pulsed current GTAW was employed overthe convention GTA welding.

The results recommended the usage of a Niobium freefiller ERNiCrMo-4 for high temperature applications due to its bettermechanical properties and absence of secondary phases. It is aimed to bepublished as a Journal Paper and is currently under review. Working on aresearch paper has given me an insight on how much of an impact I had on anindustrial level. It has given me opportunities to come up with my own ideasand its validation through experiments. I felt elated when I came out with asuccessful outcome and that was the driving factor for my decision to pursue myPost Graduation in a completely research oriented environment During myundergraduate years I have developed immense liking for Artificial neutralnetworks. I’m currently working on a project regarding the back propagation ofartificial neutral networks under Dr N Subba Reddy, Associate Professor,Department of metallic and materials engineering Gyeongsang NationalUniversity, South Korea. The project is ‘Calculation of minimum spoutingvelocity using Back propagation of Artificial neutral networks’.

As there arescarce studies, the idea of involving the usage of Artificial neutral networksin materials and composites fascinates me to work on this inkling.  I have undergone a short implant training in Alstom Rollingstock, Sri City. The purpose of was to understand very fine details ofproduction and manufacturing of Metro Trains. It was also aimed at exposingmyself to the process of various production techniques. I was put in charge ofvarious stations and It has led me to understand the importance of the materialsand welding techniques employed and its usage in transportation and their cost-factors.

During my internship I have come across issues regarding rusting of unusedparts such as brackets, nails etc I have given my suggestions which was receivedwell and was implemented by the management. Safety and 5S being the primaryconcerns led me to develop Foot prints involving cad drawings of variousstations.  Cranfield University has always pioneered the research in myfields of interest. Being a prospective student for new challenging ideas, Ibelieve that an opportunity for higher education in Cranfield would be a uniquefortuity to test and prove my ability and to enrich and broaden my keen withtransition to a new setting.

I strongly feel that Master of science inAerospace Materials can provide me an opportunity to come up with superior ideasand implement them and aspire my dreams. Courses in Aerospace materials have enthralledme and I believe I will be an asset to your university as it is to me. I amfully aware of the fact that pursuing this course requires a high level ofintelligence, dedication and immense sacrifice. I am confident that I have thecapability to contribute positively towards your esteemed University and withgreat hope, I eagerly wait for your benevolent act of accepting me into yourfold and granting me an admission in my desired course.  

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