Dynamic and considered when estimating the strain. The

Dynamic Data Acquisition Latta, Christopher Section 1424     January 30, 2018  Abstract—This report records and analyzes datacollected using an Out of the Box Data Acquisition Device (DAQ). A DAQ andLabVIEW were used to dynamically acquire reference and floating terminalvoltages. The data determined that the smaller the sampling window, the lowerstandard deviation and uncertainty error. A strain gage was used in aWheatstone Bridge configuration to estimate the strain in an object. Alluncertainties

Poet’s Toolbox

metaphor a comparison of two unlike things not using the words like or as. simile a comparison of two unlike things using the words like or as. hyperbole exaggeration personification using human qualities to describe something that is not human. anthropomorphism a form of personification in which actual human characteristics are given to anything human. The thing becomes a character. alliteration the repetition of the initial letter (or sound) in

Organizational Cummincations

Organizational Communications Name: Course: Institution: Lecturer: Date: Organizational Communications The bar charts and the pie charts are both a form of visual communication used in data presentation. They differ in the type and magnitude of the data that they can present. Many people prefer using charts because they find it easy to obtain the information they need. There are different types of charts. The type of chart that is most

Nokia Buys out Siemens

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Nokia Buys out Siemens In the joint venture of the Nokia Siemens Networks, the Finnish mobile phone company Nokia is set to take over the 50% share owned by the German multinational conglomerate Siemens. Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate that the stake is to cost $ 2.2 billion which is equivalent to ˆ1.7 billion or ?1.5bn. This is in light with the recent

M & M Project

M & M Project Report 1 M & M Project Report Jaquetta McGee Strayer University M & M Project Report Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide a written report of the five part M&M project. Part one was sampling. We were to purchase 3 bags of M&M and record the color counts of each bag in an Excel spread sheet. For part two we calculated the sample


Annotated Bibliography “Chemistry (1979). ” World Book Science Year. 01 Aug. 2009. eLibrary Science. Web. 07 Oct 2011. . This source is credible because it was from a website that the school offered. This is more reliable than Wikipedia because people can’t write whatever they want. This source is reliable because the author got the information from official sources. “Chemistry (2001). ” World Book Science Year. 01 Aug. 2009. eLibrary

The thick black smokers. Deep-sea volcanoes can be

The cold volcanic glass. The spewing bacteria. The thick black smokers. Deep-sea volcanoes can be very cool but also very dangerous to people like you and I.                                Obsidian   Volcanic glass is called, obsidian. Obsidian is caused when lava or magma cools rapidly when it encounters deep, cold ocean water. Obsidian is low in the ocean water, and ancient glasses are very rare to find. There are only a few ancient

Chapter collapsed because of its gravity, it spun

        Chapter Two :         The Sun              By : C. Page, K. Contresas                      A. Lopez, H Mikel               Many Scientists think the sun and therest of the solar system formed from a giant, rotating cloud of gas and dustknown as the solar nebula and believe the sun to be approximately 4. 6 billionyears old. As the solar nebula collapsed because of its gravity, it spun fasterand flattened

Tthe a mean (±SE) mass of 3.44 g

Tthe weight of the front part of the body, and ensured the centre of mass stayed above the feet. Birds are however, subject to balancing constrains due to the absence of the large tail (Gatesy, 1995; Gatesy and Dial, 1996); theropods could move their entire limb beneath the acetabulum with no loss of balance, but extant birds require, knee flexion, and horizontal femoral orientation to keep push the feet forward

Collagen vs. Haemoglobin

Collagen vs. Haemoglobin BY Willscnm Haemoglobin’s quaternary structure is four polypeptide subunits (2 alpha and 2 beta chains) whereas Collagen’s structure is 3 polypeptide chains wound around each other like rope. Haemoglobin has a prosthetic group – each chain contains a haem group (Fe2+) but collagen has no prosthetic group. Hemoglobin is made of a wide range of amino acid constituents in its primary structure whereas approx 35% of collagen’s

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