Global Environmental Issues

Deforestation is a massive clearing of the Earth’s forests. Each year, strips of forest equivalent to the size of Panama are cut down and cleared. If these mass clearings continue at the rate they have been, all of the rain forests across the globe could cease to exist within one century. One major cause Of deforestation is agriculture. When farmers need more room to plant crops, or more space to

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The IoT is the network of physicalthings or objects which are embedded with network connectivity, software electronics,and sensors, this enables these things to collect data and exchange data. IoTallows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing networkinfrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration between thephysical world and computer based systems, and resulting in improvedefficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. IoT is a decentralized system ofcooperating smart objects 1. Telecommunication

Antibiotics resistance to antibiotics. Concerns over the increasing incidence

Antibiotics act a vital role in modern agriculture and livestock as wellas in poultry industries and their use has been on the rise in many developednations. The major uses of antibiotics in recent years is to enhancegrowth performance, improve gut health, reduce sub-clinical infection,anti-inflammatory, control diseases and support intestinal health in livestockas well as poultry by preserving microbial populations in check resulting inenlarged nutrient availability (Levy,1992; Engberg et al., 2000).

One different spatial and temporal scale depending on morpho-climatic

Oneof the most serious and continuous environmental problem is soil erosion andland degradation particularly in third world country where agriculture is themain economic activity.  More than 50% ofthe total area of India is affected by land degradation resulting from soilerosion (Sehgal and Abrol 1994). It is now established fact that each year morethan 75 billion tons of soil is removed from agricultural land due to erosion(Pandey et al. 2009). Broadly

Abstract:Thispaperstrivestodeveloparobotcapableofperformingoperationslikediggingthesoilandseedsowing.ThispapergivestheideaofE-yantrarobotwhichisusedfordiggingandsowingseedsprocess.E-Yantraistheroboticplatform whichisdesignedanddevelopedbytheIIT,Bombayforlearningandeducationpurpose.Themaincomponentusedinthee-yantrarobotisAVRAtmega2560microcontrollerthatsupervisesandcontroltheentireprocess.Initiallytherobotdigsthesoilandthendispensetheseeds. Thisapplicationworksontheprocessofinternetofthings(IOT).Atpresentmostofthecountriesdonothavetheskilledmanpowerintheagriculturesectorthataffectsthegrowthofthedevelopingcountry.Thefarmershavetoupgradetheirtechnologyfordiggingandsowingseeds.Thisprocessalsoeliminatestherequirementoflaborsinthefarm.Byusingthisapplicationseedsareprotectedfrom damageandalsogiveshighsowingrate. Keywords:E-yantra,IOT,Atmega2560,diggingandsowingseedI. IntroductionToday India’s record of progress inagricultureoverthepastfewdecadeshasbeenquiteimpressive.Inthesedaystherearevariousseedsowingmachinesdevelopedbutthereisnosmartnessofworkdone.Manualmethodincludedispensingtheseedsbyhand.Inpreviousdaysdiggingtheholeanddroppingtheseedsbyusingbullocks and tractors are done, which takevarioustime. Sincetheseprocessrequireslongertimeandhencelargenumberofhumanpowersarerequired foragricultureprocess.Ifskilledhuman powerisnotavailablethen alsoitmaycausesvariousproblemsinseedplantation.Indiais agrarian economies and most of ruralpopulationsdependonagriculturetoearntheirlivelihood.Agriculture isthe largestlivelihoodprovidedinIndiamostlyintheruralareas.Thefarmersarein need ofseedsforploughing.Theseedsareavailableinpackets manufactureofsuchseed packets. The robotic systems play animmense role in all sections of societies,organizationandindustrialunits.Theinnovativeideaofthispaperisthatsoilisdigandseedsaresownautomaticallybyusing e-yantra robot so that it reduces the

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Sur le grand plateau de l’Afrique de l’Est, se trouve un beau petit pays appelé Rwanda, juste à côté du grand fleuve Nil. Le pays a une superficie de 26,338 kilomètres carrés, la langue officielle du pays est le Kinyarwanda, et il a une population estimée à 8, 722 000.L’agriculture est très abondante au Rwanda. Plusieurs rwandais vivent de l’agriculture car la région est très favorable à l’agriculture. Son sol

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