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3. 4. VanadiumSeparationThe alkaline leachateof the roasted concentrate was subjected to the precipitation of silica andalumina; it was then left to stay overnight to allow the crystallization ofsodium sulfate as a purification step. The filtrate was divided into two parts;the first was used for the direct precipitation of vanadium, whereas the secondwas used for the ion-exchange separation.3.4. 1.Precipitation of silica and aluminaThe alkalineleachate of the roasted titanium concentrate of 79%TiO2

Theparticles of banana peels were

Theparticles of banana peels were mixed with orthophosphoric acid H3PO4in 1:1 proportion (g:ml) for chemical activation and kept for 24 hours. Theaverage particle size by sieve analysis of banana peels activated carbon (BPAC)was found to be 0.3 mm. The surface area of BPAC was found to be 706.49 m2/g. Fromthe proximate analysis, the moisture content, ash content, volatile mattercontent and fixed carbon content were found to be 7.85%, 22. 89%,

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Do we get the highest voltage by combining the highest and lowest reactive metals

Atoms are the basis of chemistry; they are the building blocks for everything in the Universe. Atoms of hydrogen are the simplest and lightest, and atoms of uranium are the heaviest that occur naturally. All atoms consist of a central core called the nucleus, which possesses a certain number of protons and neutrons of positive charge surrounded by a cloud of electrons, each of which has unit negative charge. Their

Introduction/Background: mixture depending on what the desired result

Introduction/Background:            Acid-BaseExtraction is one of the most useful separation techniques in organicchemistry. This separation is composed of a solvent-solvent extraction.”Extraction results from the unequal distribution of solute between twoimmiscible solvents.” (Solomon, 2010) The purpose of this type of extractionfalls in the usage of the acid-base properties in organic compounds and theisolation of the same when they are present in a mixture. A separation of amixture of an acid, a base,

Determination of the relative atomic mass of lithium

As part of my AS chemistry unit, I was given an assessed practical to do. The aim of this practical is to determine the relative atomic mass of lithium. I will do this by the combination of two different methods.Method 1: – By measuring the volume of hydrogen producedMethod 2: – By titrating the lithium hydroxide producedMethod 1I set up my experiment as previously shown with the correct size equipment

To find out what effects the weathering of the limestone building

To do this experiment safely, I will ensure that my group and I will wear goggles during the experiment and do not mess around or run around the class. It will be better to stand up and not sit down and lastly I will make sure that my group do the experiment right so there will be no mistakes.FAIR TEST:The experiment will be done as a fair test, because all

Structures and Functions of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Lipids

Carbohydrates belong to the four classes of macromolecules that the human body needs.   They have the chemical formula [CH2O]n where n is a numerical value from 3 to 6.  The main function of carbohydrates is to store energy. Usually, carbohydrates are made up of one or more monosaccharide (chains of sugars). The factors that determine the composition and structure of a carbohydrate are the length of the chain, manner

Trends in the periodic table

This experiment, through calculating the density of four samples and determining the solubility of the alkaline earth metal salts, investigated periodic trends in density and solubility. For the density experiment, each sample was weighed accurately with a balance and the weight was recorded in a table. The volume of each sample was then determined by dropping the sample in a known volume of water. The new volume was then subtracted

Medical accurate analytical results for their patients and

Medicalscientists in the clinical chemistry laboratory work predominantly with highlyautomated in vitro diagnostic methods to detect and measure any biochemicalchanges in the body. It is the detection and understanding of these changes thatis necessary in the evaluation of patient health and diagnosis of disease. Itis the role of the laboratory to provide accurate analytical results for theirpatients and are required for compliance with international regulations.  The introductionof new instrumentation and analytical

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