Candy Chromatography

Have you ever wondered how many dyes are in your favorite candies? Candy chromatography is a method of separating and comparing dyes used in candy. It is a complex mixture, without having to taste it. The word chromatography is broken into two Greek words, ” chroma” meaning color and ‘graphein’ meaning to write. It works because the components of the mixture will be different in how much they “stick” to

Reading If you want to check how many solutions

Reading this chapter was really interesting and I definitely would say that I learned something new, for example; I didn’t know that a muslim mathematician named this algebra,  al-jabr and that it translates to restoring. Now that I have a better idea about the quadratic formula, I feel like as long as you know the standard form and you are able to remember  or just recognize the quadratic formula, would

import degrees latitude y1 :float degrees longitude -output

import pandas as pdimport osfrom datetime import *import numpy as npfrom math import sin, cos, sqrt, atan2, radians, log, acos, asin, degreesfrom collections import Counter, defaultdictimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltfrom copy import deepcopyfrom itertools import chaindef roundTime(value): “”” -input value :str string of timestamp -returns dt :datetime -description rounds the time to the nearest minute “”” dt = datetime.strptime(value,”%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S”) if dt.second >= 30: dt = dt + timedelta(minutes=1) dt =

import static void giveintro() { System.out.println(“This program reads

import java.util.*;public class Gradanator { public static void main(String args) {    giveintro(); Scanner console = new Scanner(; double Midterm = Testscore(“Midterm”, console); double Final = Testscore(“Final”, console); double Homework = Homeworkscore(console); Overallgrade(Midterm, Final, Homework); }    public static void giveintro() { System.out.println(“This program reads exam/homework scores”); System.out.println(“and reports your overall course grade.”); System.out.println(); }    public static double Testscore(String test, Scanner console) { final int max = 100;   

import double finalexam, double homework){ double percentage =

import java.util.*;public class Gradanator1 { final int MAX = 100; public static void main(String args) { Scanner console = new Scanner(; intro(); double midterm = calcTest(“Midterm”, console, 100); double finalexam = calcTest(“Final”, console, 100); double homework = calcHomework(console); reportGrade(midterm, finalexam, homework); } //introduce users to the program public static void intro() { System.out.println(“This program reads exam/homework scores”); System.out.println(“and reports your overall course grade.”); System.out.println(); } //ask the user what test

WHIST Q&T Quiz 2-1

The arc of rich soil between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. Fertile Crescent Made farming in ancient Mesopotamia possible. Irrigation and drainage ditches. Independent city-state in Sumeria. Uruk Collection of laws devised in ancient Babylon. Code of Hammurabi Sumerian writing system. Cuneiform The term for a large political unit or state, usually under a single leader, controlling many peoples and territories is _____. Empire The Mesopotamian religion, which

Nicolette may see on the news. Some of

Nicolette SandoneJanuary 16, 2018Math Seminar  Mathematicians Find Wrinklein Famed Fluid Equations Response             Inmath, it is essential to understand how math relates to everyday life. Anexample of math equations that are important are called the Navier-Stokes.These equations help model weather, ocean currents, and several othermovements. This equation consists of using velocity, pressure, temperature, anddensity of a moving fluid and how they relate. The history of these equations stem from Euler equations by

Polynomial and Factored Form

Introduction to Polynomial Functions Activity 4: Factor and Remainder Theorem Content In the last activity, you practiced the sketching of a polynomial graph, if you were given the Factored Form of the function statement. In this activity, you will learn a process for developing the Factored Form of a polynomial function, if given the General Form of the function. Review A polynomial function is a function whose equation can be

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