Annotated Bibliography “Chemistry (1979). ” World Book Science Year. 01 Aug. 2009. eLibrary Science. Web. 07 Oct 2011. . This source is credible because it was from a website that the school offered. This is more reliable than Wikipedia because people can’t write whatever they want. This source is reliable because the author got the information from official sources. “Chemistry (2001). ” World Book Science Year. 01 Aug. 2009. eLibrary

Unless that everything is as it is. Through basic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know about the religious spectrum that is life. Either you believe in a source of creation or you don’t. Being an atheist means you don’t believe in a god or gods but that everything is as it is. Through basic science and evidence, atheist are prominent followers of the “I need to see it to believe it” mindset. Many Atheist will

En Kurt Lehovec, Carl accardo y Edward Jamgochian

Eneste trabajo vamos e explicar la historia del led desde su descubrimiento en1907, su desarrollo comercial, los diferentes tipos de leds, además de susaplicaciones iniciales y aplicaciones actuales.  1.1.       ¿Qué es un Led?UnLed es un diodo emisor de luz. Es una fuente de luz constituida por un materialsemiconductor dotado de dos terminales. La característica principal de los ledses convertir en luz la corriente eléctrica de bajo voltaje que atraviesa suchip. Desde

Almost the circuit breaker reached to its maximum possible

Almost every modern civilization field, there isthe need of electrical energy which has resulted in a considerable high ofelectrical power utilization. To reach the large electrical energy demand, thesize of the power generating stations has become large. Now days, in manycases, the generating stations are connected among themselves by interconnectednetworks (power grids) and makes the utility systems extremely large. Modernelectrical power grids also have put forward to go for increased

?n in a small , positively charged region

  ?n the early twentieth century ,Rutherford showed that most of an atom’s mass is concentrated in a small , positively charged region called nucleus. English chemist and physicist Ernest Rutherford  studied the effects of striking thin gold foil with alpha particles. Alpha particles are helium atoms that have lost their electrons and therefore they  are positively charged. Rutherford reasoned that the way alpha particles traveled through the gold foil

Investigation To Find the Speed Of Sound

According to the graph, an increase in the distance causes an increase in the time. This shows that they are directly proportional to each other. There is a very strong trend in the graph, which shows a strong positive correlation. I can tell this because I have drawn a line of best fit. There don’t appear to be any major anomalies since all the points are either directly on the

Various making use of data related to the

Various data miningalgorithms have been applied by astronomers inlike most of the different applications in astronomy.But long-term researches and several mining projectshave  been made by experts in this field of datamining making use of data related to the study ofastronomy because astronomyhas created numerous magnificent datasetsthat are flexible to the approach along withnumerous other areas like as medicine and high energy science of physics.Instances of some numerous projects are the SKICAT-Sky Image Catalogingand Analysis System for catalog formation and analysis technique of the catalog from digitized sky surveys importantly the scans given by the second Palomar ObservatorySky Survey; the JAR Tool- Jet PropulsionLaboratory Adaptive Recognition Tool used forrecognition of volcanoes formed in over 30,000 images ofVenus which came by the Magellan mission; the following  andmore general Diamondand the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Sapphire project work.  Object classification  Classification is an crucial preliminary stepin the scientific method as it gives a way for arranging informationin a method that may be used to makehypotheses and compare easily with models.  Thetwo most useful concepts in object classification arethe completeness and the efficiency, also known asrecall and precision. They are

TIME left behind. You won’t notice this effect

 TIME TRAVELLINGWhat do you think about timetravel?  Can we go in past or infuture?  If it is possible then, how? Itcan be explained by the concept of time and space fused together in a four-dimensionalspace-time continuum, with time as the “fourth dimension”. While mostpeople think of time as continuous and that which can move forward in thefuture, the great physicist Albert Einstein showed that time is relative, itcan vary for

MaterialsBurette5 do and like poles repel, just like

MaterialsBurette5 beakersStopwatchTap WaterDistilled WaterVinegarSaltSugar2 strong permanent magnetsMeasuring cupProcedurePour exactly 200 milliliters of tap water into the measuring cup and then transfer that into the burette.Use the stopwatch to measure the seconds it takes for the 200 milliliters of tap water to flow out of the burette. Repeat the whole process for the burette without the magnets 9 more times for a total of 10 trials. Then take the average of the

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