Sculpture materials such as stone, wood, clay, metal

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Last updated: July 25, 2019

Sculpture is an artwork that is totally differentcompared to other type of public art.

Sculpture has its own signatures that areincluding its height, width, and also depth. Sculpture can be viewed from allpart of it and meaning behind it can be created or enhanced based on theviewer’s perspectives. The challenges part for the artist has given a newperspectives and also opportunities form of expression.

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Sculptures can becreated from a variety of traditional materials such as stone, wood, clay,metal and recycled objects as well. Materials have plays important role to expressand delivered the meaning of an artwork. For example, there are one types ofpublic art identified in Bukit Bintang, City Centre of Kuala Lumpur  including urban sculpture. One of thesuccessful project applied 3-D art form in that particular area.                                               Photo 2.0 : The Crystal Fountain, known as public artsculpture at the entrance of Pavillion Mall Kuala Lumpur( Source :, sculpture has become more well-known of commonappearance of the art.

The creativity and efficiency of sculpture was relatedwith the passion for the three-dimesional of human artwork and its life circleneeds. According to prehistoric times, sculpture was assumed as an art of solidform, mass and its excellence were related to its specific term (Herbert Read,1964). Sculpture may be valuable that satisfies certain event to representthrough it symbolize, shape, decoration, details, personalization or memory tomake a place more familiar and identifiable. For example, a piece of artwork by Petrus Spronk, placed inMelbourne, Australia. It looks buried underground and symbolizes the devolutionof civilization in the present day.

It is also known as a wide public artproject in 1992.              Photo 2.0a : The ArchitecturalFragment byPetrus Spronk ( Source : /) Empowerment of sculpture artwork becomes part ofour culture and society for many times.

Art has turned into tourist attractionsover the time. For example, art has become attention starting from the busystreets until to small corners of the world. It takes place of people heart by encouragingpeople to explore more. 

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