Seaward, a Boundary-less Firm at General Electric. The

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Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory. Life ScienceJournal, 14(5).ReferencesThe case study illustratesthe Birmingham Fitness Gym, a much known fitness centre situated in the heartof Birmingham. However, the case study has analysed that due to the change andexpansion of gym members, the employees were quite disturbed and were exposedto stress which was badly affecting their work behaviour. Moreover, the reportcomprises of motivational theories and steps to cope up with stress and stepsto improvise leadership styles that will help the BF gym to make a healthystrategy to enhance the organisational behaviour in an effective manner.

Conclusion Moreover,the leaders must be active in building good relationships with the employees toknow the real strength and weakness of the employees as this could make theleader to help the co-workers to cope up with their weaknesses. Last but notthe least, the characteristics or trait that every leader must have is he orshe must be humble as modest behaviour makes a great leader and through thisthe employees will trust in the vision and words of the leader that is highly mandatory(Munnich and Schmit, 2017).Thereare some recommendations to improve the leadership style and skills of theemployee as it is important to enhance it and it directly affects the organisationalbehaviour of the employees. In order to become an effective and a talentedleader, it is important for the employee to find passion to inspire other employees,improve communication skills as the leader is always positive and lessaggressive that makes him or her a good communicator (Rock, 2014). Recommendation to become betterleaderTheautocratic leadership style leads the manager to become extremely dominant thatmakes the employees feel that there is no such respect of their opinion. Thisdominancy is not good for the organisational environment as it makes theemployees behaviour unsatisfactory 2010). The employees in the BF gym werenot happy with the autocratic leadership style of Philip as it made them tobecome less responsiveness in the meeting.

Autocratic (Philip)Participativeleadership style is sometimes called democratic style as in this style andapproach, the team members have a right to speak up their problems and issuesand they are allowed to give suggestions (Cummings et al., 2010). Kate seems to be participativeas she invited all the group members to openly negotiate with her in order tosolve the problems and in order to decrease the turnover rate to make the organisationalenvironment sustainable and healthy. Kate ensures the employees that they cangive their opinion and she will respect their opinion and will take correctiveactions to improve the situation. The participative behaviour of Kate motivatesJane to give a creative idea to resolve the problem.

Participative (Kate)Fordiscussing the problems in the organisation, Kate had invited the employees inthe meeting so that they can put their viewpoints with respect to the presentsituation of the organisation. While only two of the employees speak up in themeeting that were Jane and Philip consequently Kate and Philip showed theirleadership in coming up with the problem. The leadership style that Kate showedwas participative while Philip was bit dominant and showed autocratic style ofleadership. Leadership Style of Kate and Philip The above described steps are some of the healthyapproaches that could lead the management and the employees to implement stressmanagement in an effective manner to enhance the organisational behavior. Onall of the above steps, the most important step that could decrease the stressfactor in the gym is negotiating with the employees. The case study describesthat during the meeting all of the employees were not participating activelywhile there were two employees who showed their leadership skills which is notacceptable as by not negotiating with the upper management the problem couldnot be solved.

  ·      Negotiateopenly with the Supervisor (Bird, 2018)·      StayCalm and relax ·      Beactive ·      EstablishLimitations·      Buildup Healthy Response ·      Followthe StressorsThere are some of thefactors that could be managed to deal with stress in the organisation however;some effective points could let the management of the gym to deal with thestress in an effective manner. Those steps are:Dealingwith Stress ·       Lessparticipation in changing the routines and alignment of tasks·       LessFlexibility in the environment·       Biasnesswith the employees·       BureaucraticStructure in the organisationThere are so many reasons that have made the employeesdiscourage from the work and they started to get into chronic and acute stress.Stress factor does not always work negatively as sometimes it makes theemployees to work with more energy while sometimes it affects the behavior ofthe employees in a worst manner. Stress prevents your body and brain to workand this cause the employees to become ineffective in the organisation(Seaward, 2016). Some of the stress factors in the BF gym are:StressFactor at BF gym·      Unfairtreatment with new appointed employees ·      Lessparticipative environment·      Unchangeableand fixed Routines·      Changesin the gym by expanding the amount of members in one class ·      Boredand uninspiring environment Birmingham Fitness gym was lagging behind with themanagement perspective due to lack of motivation to the employees. Above statedmotivational charts are the main elements of influencing the employees and onemissing factor discourages the behavior. Some of the reasons due to which theemployees were not motivated are:Reasonsof Lack of Motivation at BF Gym  ·       AdministrativeQuality (Band, Shah, Sriram and Appliances., 2016)·       Financialpayment and compensations ·       Assuranceof Job Security·       Presenceof Flexibility in the working environment ·       Interpersonalrelationships·       ManagerialStructure of the company·       Policiesand procedures of the companyThere are some of thehygiene factors described in the Herzberg Theory of motivation that eitherleads the employee behaviour towards satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Thoseimportant actors are:Herzberg Motivation Theory is another motivation theory for employeeswhich is a two factor theory that defines the aspect that leads to jobsatisfaction and dissatisfaction. Moreover, according to the theory, there aredifferent factors associated to the job satisfaction and dissatisfaction(Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl and Maude. 2017).HerzbergMotivation Theory Thephysiological needs are one of the basic needs without which the employees aredeprived off including food, thirst and sleep. While other steps leads tosafety needs that describes the security of the employees, social needs inwhich the employees needs to engage with their loved ones, self-esteem needs inwhich the employees have a desire of gaining self-respect andself-actualization that develops the potential of employees. After the advancingon these steps, the employees can be motivated towards their work (Botana andNeto, 2015).Maslow’shierarchy of needs is a motivation theory that is very useful for the organisationsto satisfy every need of the employee in an effective manner. The theory statesall the important needs of the employees that includes physiological needs,safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs.

According to an effective hierarchal, representation all needs are important tobe fulfilled and the absence of one need can discourage the employees thatdirectly affect the progress of the organisation (Metzler, 2017). Maslow Motivation TheoryMotivation Theories Asthe structure of BF gym is bureaucratic, there was a well-built chain of orderand specialisation but the employees were still dissatisfied because they werenot feeling comfortable in doing their duties. Lack of flexibility and opennesshas made their behaviour bored and disruptive due to which they were unable tothink creatively to make advancement in the gym. Thebureaucratic structure of the organisation makes the company’s environment verystrict and rigid that reduces the innovative and creative side of theemployees.

Due to this, the employees exert limited efforts in the organisationand do not think innovatively and out of the box to promote advancement in the organisation(Metzler, 2017).Lack of Creativity and AdvancementDueto the implementation of Bureaucratic structure in the organisation, theemployees of the company feels less flexible and open to speak up forsomething. However, the responsiveness rates of the employees becomes low whichis a drawback for the company as the employees will not be productive if theyare not granted flexibilityLack of Flexibility and Openness Some of the disadvantages of Bureaucraticmanagement in the organisation are:Thestructure that was organised through bureaucracy always influences the level ofinterest derived from the task as every department has set up some of therules, regulation and structure that lead the employees to perform particulartask according to his or her ability. This advantage influences the organisationin a broader perspective especially when the company is expanding or appointingnew employees (Potts, 1992).SpecialisationImplementationof Bureaucratic structure in the organisation leads to a well-built chain oforder that makes their business structure stable.

In this structure, the chainof order starts from the upper hierarchy that includes the president, achairman who orders the middle managers to plot the duties to other staff members.While, everyone is strictly liable to the one who is giving order and thismakes the environment of the organisation stable and steady.  Well-builtchain of orderSome advantages that theBF gym gained by imposing the bureaucratic structure are:Thecase study analyses the fact that the management structure of the gym wasBureaucratic and the employees were not satisfied with their duties as theirschedule and tasks were same from past several years that had made them boredand disruptive. In a bureaucratic structure of organisation, there is a strongdominancy of upper management that leads to severe boundaries and lessen theflexibility in the organisation. This structure is sometimes effective for theorganisation but sometimes it makes a bad effect on the behaviour of theemployees that directly impacts their work in the organisation (Hanks, 2018). Advantages and Disadvantages ofBureaucratic Structure at Gym Discussion Kateis the head of BF gyms and manages the behaviour of employees while analysingthe situation of the gym every week to evaluate the functions of the gym.

Presently, Kate analysed that many of the employees are not satisfied with thejob and are giving up on the jobs and this makes Kate worried. She decided tolook into the matter seriously to know the real cause behind the high turnoverrates of employees. There were 5 employees who were distressed and theirbehaviour towards the work had changed unfavourably and those are Philip, Jane,Jo, Robin and Nick. Kate decides to organise a meeting for the employees toknow their view points and to know some recommendations and solutions to copeup with this issue. In the meeting Philip and Jane speak up for the issue whilePhilip sounds to be very dominant in the meeting and the idea of Jane looksvery participative. Other group members look very disinterested and tiredduring the discussion (OB, 2018).Thecase study elaborates about the Birmingham Fitness Gym which is one of thepopular fitness centres for the people of Birmingham city.

However, it is astandard sized fitness centre that aims to provide best healthy benefits to thepeople. The gym is located at the middle of the city so that everyone caneasily approach it. Moreover, friendly staff members and social atmospheremakes the reputation of the gym better than other fitness centres. Themanagement of the gym is distributed in an efficient manner; about 50 employeesare giving their time to serve in this gym that includes personal trainers,instructors of class, administrative authorities and lower staff (OB, 2018).Introduction     20/01/18 Candidate number 623091 Analysing OrganisationalBehaviour Issues: Birmingham Fitness Gym ModuleLeader: Pascale DaherModuleName:Introduction to Organisational BehaviourModule Code: BH1124Academicyear 2017/2018

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