Section In this case, people might face effect of

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Section 1IntroductionCurrently development of urban areas is increasing and noise pollution is the consequence of the construction of essential buildings to expand city areas. Noise pollution is unwanted sound which affects on human health and environmental quality. Usually noise pollution is generated by anthropogenic activities, such as industrial places, highway, railway and building (Berg and Nathanson, 2017). That is why building engineering is taking an opportunity to reduce this noise pollution in apartments which can affect to person health. The topic of the research is focused on the effectiveness of the reducing noise technology and comparing two ways of the preventing noise.As a student following a physics pathway and interested in civil engineering, development of the technology to mitigating noise pollution is substantially important, because a tremendous amount of citizen could live in cities.

In this case, people might face effect of the noise pollution, such as influence on their hearing mechanism, annoyance and acoustic privacy (Mackenzie and Cornwell 2013, 714-727).Barrier and sound absorber technology mitigation tool is likely to be a more efficient noise reducer compared to constructing and designing buildings. Even though this method requires minor capital resources and time consumption, it leads to changes in design of an urban area. Research questions:What are the major sources of noise pollution?What is the main factor which can control noise pollution?Which method is more effective and cheaper?Does the technology to reduce residential noises in apartments have an ability to be competitive to other methods to solve noise pollution?Can this technology be evaluated?Section 2Outline of main Ideas1.    Describe how noise affect to the human health    1.1.

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Source of noise (Berg and Nathanson, 2017)1.1.1.   Effect to human body (Singh and Davar 2004, 186-187)1.2.

Controlling noise1.2.1.   Organisations to prevent noise (Chiras 2013, 429)1.2.2.   Necessity to human life (Chiras 2013, 429)2.

    Estimate the methods to control noise and required area2.1. Design and planning  (Mackenzie and Cornwell 2013, 758-763)2.1.1.

   Requires some area to construct2.2. Barriers and sound absorbers (Mackenzie and Cornwell 2013, 763-768)2.2.1.   Needs suitably matched areas2.2.

2.   Can be placed on buildings and roads3.    Evaluate the cost of their implementations:3.

1. Design and planning (Mackenzie and Cornwell 2013, 758-763)3.1.1.   In urban area cannot replace old buildings3.

1.2.   Useful only in expanding urban area3.2. Barriers and sound absorbers (Mackenzie and Cornwell 2013, 763-768)3.2.

1.   Useful in old city areas3.2.2.

   Not requires a lot of materialSection 3Reference listBerg, Richard E., and Jerry A. Nathanson. 2017. “Noise Pollution.” Accessed January 15, 2018., Daniel D. 2013. Environmental Science. Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Mackenzie, Davis L., and David A. Cornwell. 2013. Introduction to Environmental Engineering. McGraw-Hill.Singh, Narendra, and Davar S. C.

. 2004. “Noise Pollution – Sources, Effects and Control.” Journal of Human Ecology 16 (3): 181–87. doi:10.

1080/09709274.2004.11905735.Annotated sourcesSource 1 Source 2Chiras, Daniel D. 2013.

Environmental Science. Jones and Bartlett Learning. The author of this book has a Ph.D in physiology and he is founder and director of The Evergreen Institute’s Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building where he teaches classes. The fact that Daniel D. Chiras is the author of the 30 books related to the environmental education, natural resource conservation and renewable energy affect the tremendous knowledge of this writer. The book was published in 2013 by Jones and Bartlett Learning, which is leading provider instructional and performance management solutions in the world. The author’s article about the sound and main finding in this article are controlling noise by using design and constructing supportive technologies.

The limitation of the source is lack of the solutions in the urban areas overall. The author provides examples of the preventing noise pollution only by the person but not by the government and local governing body. This book will be used for determining controlling noise and methods that requires reducing noise pollution. Source 3Mackenzie, Davis L.

, and David A. Cornwell. 2013. Introduction to Environmental Engineering.

McGraw-Hill. The lead author, Ph.D, is an Emeritus Professor of Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University. He is a member of American Society for Engineering Education, Association of Environmental Engineering and other professional organizations. This book was published in 2013 by one of the “big three” educational publishers named McGraw-Hill Education company in America.

Introduction to Environmental Engineering, fifth edition, contains the fundamental and engineering science for sophomore-level course. The chapter in the book called noise pollution contains effects on people, noise sources and controlling them. This source importance is providing complete using of methods to preventing noise

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