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Last updated: July 15, 2020

1. Acquisition Section – The aims of the Acquisition are Selection. Ordering and Accessioning of books in Accession Registers.

The library procures those books which are recommended by the instructors / Scientists of the university. Further Chief Librarian besides takes enterprise in choosing books of general nature and text books. The list of recommended books is placed before the Primary Purchase Committee ( PPC ) entirely for choice of books and periodicals. Orders are placed when the PPC approves the list of books and diaries. 2. Processing Section – Processing Section undertakes two critical maps. viz.

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. ( a ) Categorization and ( B ) Cataloguing ( a ) Classificaton — Class Numberss are given to the books harmonizing to the Dewey denary Classification Scheme ( DDC ) . ( B ) Cataloguing — Books are catalogued harmonizing to Anglo American Cataloguing Rules -II ( AACR-II ) . For each book three entries are prepared.

3. Circulation Section – The map of the circulation subdivision centres round issue and return of the books. The loaning period without mulct is one month. The over due all right rupee one per twenty-four hours is charged on every book issued beyond the lending period. 4. Current Periodic Section – Current Periodical Section is located at the land floor.

In this subdivision. diaries which are subscribed to the library for the current twelvemonth are displayed. 5. Mention Section -Reference books are non issued. but readers may confer with it within the premises of the Library. The mention books are shelved in three different Halls.

Reading Hall – I: For current information. Reading Hall —II: For books on Agriculture and allied topics. Reading Hall– III: For books on Home Science 6.

Text Book Bank Section – There is a separate Text Book Bank ( TBB ) Secton in the Library. Books from TBB are issued for one semester against a nominal charge of Rupees 2 ( two ) for each book.7. Reprography Section – The installation to photostat is besides available in the library against a nominal charge of 75 paise per papers. 8. Exhibition-cum-Conference Section – In this subdivision aggregation of books / paperss of a few eminent scientists are available.

Informations sing different classs inside and outside the state are besides found here. 9. Stack Areas – The library is proud of holding big stack countries. Side by side. the installation for reading is besides available in this stack room 10.

Back Volume Section – A big figure of edge old diaries are available in the Back Volume subdivision.These diaries are arranged alphabetically by rubric. 11. Computer Unit – Computer unit is the latest add-on. Preparations are about to develop this subdivision. SectionAbout The Stacks— The Dewey Decimal System ( 000. 00 ABC ) The tonss are by and large considered the NON-FICTION subdivision of the library. Here.

books are classified and arranged by figure in the Dewey Decimal System. The general classs for Dewey are below: 000 Generalizations 100 Philosophy & A ; psychology 200 Religion 300 Social scientific disciplines 400 Language 500 Natural scientific disciplines & A ; mathematics 600 Technology ( Applied scientific disciplines )700 The humanistic disciplines 800 Literature & A ; rhetoric 900 Geography & A ; history This is non a subdivision pupils “browse”—it is hard to turn up a book if you don’t cognize its figure! Reference—REF The 2nd Dewey section—usually non for general check-out procedure. Oversized—OvzThis is the 3rd Dewey subdivision. where books that are excessively big for the shelves in the tonss are located. In-house readers normally know that the Guinness Book of World Records is on the first shelf of this subdivision.Biography—B 92The life subdivision is placed merely before fiction. Here. you find books on a specific individual.

organized alphabetically by last name. Short Stories—SCLocated between Biography and Fiction is the Short Story Collection.Books that are merely made up of short plants are located here. Fiction—FThe fiction subdivision is alphabetized by author’s last name. Books by each writer are so organized by rubric. Graphic Novel—GrNvlThis aggregation is the “Not for Checkout” aggregation.

We try to maintain a assortment of cartoon strips. manga. and particular artworks for your in-house usage. If you’ve ne’er read something like this. inquire a bibliothec for suggestions! Different stuffs used in the library 1.

magazines 2. newspapers 3. mention books 4. encyclopedia 5.

lexicons 6. books movies 7. computing machine terminuss 8. audio-visual equipment circulation books.

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