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Last updated: February 12, 2019

Secularism in France is an idea based on three main principles: having the freedom to your own beliefs called the freedom of conscience the separation of public institutions and religious organizations, and the equality of all before the law. whatever their beliefs or convictions. It is known in France that the ideas of secularism are pillar and very important to the Republic. If you are against these, ideas, it means that you are against the Republic of France and what is stands for. The principles of secularism say that it protects your ability to freedom of expression and says that no religion or religious belief can be privileged or discriminated against. I am against the policy of not allowing French young people especially girls to wear their religious clothing like hijabs and turbans because it is a form of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression comes in many different forms; where it is verbally or physically, I believe that Republic is contradicting itself not letting these muslim girls express and dress themselves the way that they please.

The law made in 1905 separates the ideas of the church from the State, but does not discriminate against religions and groups of people. Though it puts importance on freedom of conscience, it doesn’t mention the wearing of religious clothing in schools or public buildings. One of the most important parts of the motto of the French Republic is égalité. Equality lies behind the French policy towards immigrants – welcomed as equals, but only as long as they become like the French, adopting French language, culture and values. So, I think that since equality with all people is valued within the country, this value should be applied to the lives of many muslim girls in france right now.

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In protest to Frances unfair laws, thousands of French women and schoolgirls took to the streets, demanding the right to wear headscarves in schools. Every year around 150 Muslim girls risk expulsion from their schools because they insist on wearing a headscarf, which I believe they have the right to. It is very hard for muslim school girls because it is like the rules of laicite are against them. The directors of the schools and most French people say headscarves are not just cultural emblems: they proselytise, thus upsetting the neutral balance of the classroom, essential for the “serene transmission of republican values. “Almost 10 years after France banned girls from wearing veils in state schools in 2004 (along with other religious symbols such as crosses or turbans) the Muslim headscarf is once again being pushed to the top of French political debate”.

Not only scarves, but crucifixes, and skull caps are included in this discrimination.Overall, I believe that France is hypocritical about its laicite policy and the lives of schoolchildren. If secularism claims to respect equality, I feel that it is correct only if it is equal in all parts of France, whether it is the general population or innocent schoolchildren.

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