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Last updated: September 18, 2019

Seeking to obtain position asa Nursing Tech at ABC company to pursue my goal of serving others abundantlyin the medical field. HIGHLIGHTS AND SKILLS                           ·    StrongInterpersonal Communication Skills·    WorksWell Under Pressure and Stressful Environments·    Proficiencyin Filing, Organization and Computer Software·    RecognizedFor Bringing Efficient Solutions·    Knowledgeon Holistic Wellness and More Non-Medicinal Healing·    AdaptiveTo Unfamiliar Circumstance Or Environment  EXPERIENCE01/2013-01/2015C&M Health Services, Sugarland TXAssistant·    Regulated smooth flow of patient visits by usingcomputer software to notify staff upon patience arrival. ·    Communicated withmultiple hospital facilities to schedule patient treatments and lab testing.

·    Followed up withpatients to discern progression.·    Protected patient’s confidentialityand privacy05/2009-05/2012Premier Assisted Living Homes, Houston TXNurses Aide/Secretary·    Maintained detailednotes on patient’s medical history, took patient’s vital signs and recordedprimary condition. ·    Scheduled appointmentsfor the patients and informed the doctor accordingly·    Analyzed and worked along side medical professionals in their work sphere, providing suggestions andinquiry  VOLUNTEER WORK05/2016-08/2016Women’s Aid Collective, Enugu Nigeria·    Notre Dame Catholic School – Paneled withwomen of company, bringing light to wellness, holistic healing and self-awareness.

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 EDUCATION01/2018-PRESENTWEST COAST UNIVERSITY, DALLAS TX·      Bachelorsof Science in Nursing 05/2013-05/2017TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN MARCOS·      Associatesin Pre-Nursing·      Vice-Presidentof Pre-Dent/Pre-Med Society

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